No longer together

I broke-up with my gf today. I told her in her bedroom and she wouldn't stop crying. Her brothers and sisters gave me the evil look but I didn't say anything. She asked me if it was because I didn't love her, then if it was because I found someone else, then if it was because she wasn't as smart, then she wondered if it was because it was my mom.

She called tonight almost within minutes of me getting home. I didn't know what to say. I know I'll see her tomorrow around campus again I wonder if I made the right decision.

New Volleyball Partner

Coach Daniels formed permanent teams today. He placed experienced players with new players to create even teams. There's a new girl and I asked the coach if he could pair us up. Of course, he didn't make it obvious and looked around for a bit and then said, "Hey Sam, why don't you and L.R.A, go over to court one and warm up." I owe him big time, I'll make a BW print of him serving the ball, it looks awesome.

I haven't decided what I'm getting my gf for her birthday, maybe the necklace. I'm going to ask her sister to wrap it for me since I can't wrap worth [BEEP]