Let's Go To Lunch

Sam at Chilli's with HeatherHeather and I decided to go get lunch today, and the waitress was taking forever!

Can you see my "I'm not a happy camper look?" The lady apologized for not getting to us sooner and she told us that she had forgotten that we were in her area - Uh huh.

Heather starts the 8th grade on Tuesday. The best part is seeing your friends that you haven't seen all summer!

Funny Question

We just got back from watching "Bourne Ultimatum." I know it's kind of old, but I still wanted to see it. This was the make-up movie for her picking that sad movie the other day. She's officially cleared her debt!

Then she says this in regards to my blog:

her: Hey Sam.
me: Yes?
her: On your favorites, do you just put down just the movies you like?
me: [looking at her with this what the heck are you asking grin] Did you just hear what you just asked me? LOL
her: uh... [hides her face]

What ya doing for this long three day weekend?


Did you feel it? I didn't but I woke up so in a sense I guess I did. I wondered (for just a second)why I just suddenly awoke, then just rolled over. I read that there were actually two quakes (3.5, and a 3.4).

I wonder what people really fear the most: Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Fires, etc...So I guess it comes down to whether you want to know that it's coming or not.

Which natural disaster do you fear the most?

Late Night Laundry

Sam Doing LaundryI got back from "Easy Hour," and remembered that I needed to do laundry. I don't dislike doing laundry since the machine does all the work. Only thing is separating the clothes but even that's pretty easy.

The hangers are right above the machines so that everything is ready to go into the closet as soon as it's finished drying. This comes in handy, too handy at times, because I get lazy and just let them hang there until I need them. I'm sure that when I get a significant other, she'll tell me to put the clothes where they belong!

I've only had one washing accident, but I need to give Heather half the credit since she was helping me do laundry when she was four or five, and placed a BRAND NEW pink bath towel that my mom had given to her, into our whites. When the clothes finished Heather thought it was cool. I soaked the stuff until it all came out. un-timed, Day 16

Have you ever messed up your laundry?

Daily Stuff

Sam in the MirrorI didn't do much today, I was at Costco and got my tires rotated and balanced while I shopped/browsed inside, 20 minutes?. I ended up only buying the 5lb of fruit tray (FREE). I ain't saying how I got it, but I didn't steal it!

The guy couldn't find my keys so I had to hunt him down in the bays. I saw Cortez again. He said, "I'm not stalking you, ok! LOL"

I was supposed to go shopping for dress shirts today, but well, I was really lazy! One reason that I dislike getting long sleeve shirts is that if I buy the shirt that fits my neck, then the sleeves are too short. My friend said, just buy a larger shirt and have it tailored to fit.

Also have to make sure my workstation is set-up before Tuesday (my e-mail machine basically), even though I use my laptop since EVERYTHING is blocked on the workstations.
2x un-timed, Day 16

Is there a web-site you want to go to, but it's blocked at work?

Moon Question

With all the people looking at the full/eclipse moon lately, have you wondered what the odds are that someone you know is looking at it at aproximately the same time?

It's Signed

Contract I was on my way to go have some fish tacos and my friend Gabby calls me. We chat for a bit, and then I get the little beep that says call waiting. I told her that I HAD to take this call, and that I would call her back. She was okay with that.

The contract department told me that my contract was ready to be signed and if I could come and sign it today. Yes, of course. I'll be there in 30 minutes. I read all 16 pages and signed it.

I've been patient and it paid off. So, I start on Sept 4th in a new department and new floor (two floors up).

Wanna go celebrate with me?

Last Week

Sam's Sweaty Legs I couldn't think of anything for my 365, so in my uninspired mood, I saw my sweaty legs, and said what the heck...

And there is the cause of my funky "Asian Rice Farmer Tan," as someone mentioned in a previous post.

Starting on 4 Sept, I'm changing my running/walk time so my legs won't be getting any darker.

2x un-timed, Day 15

Lunar Eclipse

I was watching the moon rise yesterday on my run, and noticed how big and orangish it looked. I was ready for the eclipse having already tested the mirror lockup feature. If you haven't used it...use it for long exposures. My friend was witness to the little streak it will make without it. But, we saw the star streaks. And turn/set your "NO CF" function to not let you take a picture if you don't have a memory card in. :) I'm sitting at the top of that hill with a tripod, in the middle of the night when the realization hits. That's all I'm gonna say :) I feel like a dork! Next time...

Did you see the lunar eclipse?

Stuck in the Parking Lot

Sam stuck in parking lotI'm sitting in my car and put my car in reverse and there are two cars parked behind me and the women are chatting away. After a little bit and they haven't moved, I put my car in park and ask if they will move left or right and let me out. They gave me a weird look as if I were asking them for a million dollars.

They moved but had to give that little huff to let me know they were inconvenienced that I interrupted their conversation. I smiled and said, "Have a good day..."
2x un-timed,Day 14

You ever run into these types of people?


Empty Gas TankI was a little low on gas today so I pull into the Costco (2.639 per gallon) and after waiting a bazillion years, finally get a spot. I slide my AMEX card which is also my Costco card into the slot and I promptly get - "CREDIT CARD DECLINED!" Uh, what? It instantly triggers a memory where I played a prank on someone making them come to the front desk because their card was declined and the hotel needed another form of payment.

This wasn't a joke though. It was like someone was paying me back :) I cancelled the transaction, re-inserted the card and then paid with my VISA debit card instead. I later called the credit card company and straightened everything out; seems like auto payments don't always auto pay!
BTW, I hate the "Please say 'Cancel a card, Dispute a Charge, or Make a payment.'" prompts. I bypassed all that by saying, "CUSTOMER SERVICE"

You ever have your credit card declined?

The Freaks Come Out At Night

Sam's Moon Eye It's a full moon!!! I literally have my eye on the moon. I used the 300 mm lense with an 1.4 extender to bring the moon in tight, then I took a picture of my eye, and super-imposed the two and desaturated the eye layer. I think my eye needs to be bigger!

Took my friend out for her birthday dinner but she didn't eat! Sorry, no rainchecks!!! She says that I still owe her one, but it's not my fault that she oinked out with her girlfriend earlier! No problem, it made my dinner check smaller :)

Day 13

Do you like my moon eye?

Phone Out of Memory

Drinking Card Game Someone sent me a photo today and my phone said that it was FULL. I wondered what the heck. I promptly went to the pictures and saw that I had ton of photos but this one cracked me up the most.

You play this card and whatever two people you choose have to kiss! You can hold on to this card until the right time (enough alcohol consumed) or play it outright. You can use it to kiss someone YOU want because the rule never states that the holder can't be part of it. Another scenario is getting two people to kiss that would NEVER do this on their own...maybe two guys or two girls. LOL.

Anyway, I sent all my photos/videos to my e-mail, and now my phone is happy again ready to store images like this. :)

Do you play any drinking games?

Puzzle Guy

Sam Sliced Up Nothing terribly original here except that I wanted something different in my little project. The inspiration for this came when in the third grade a girl came up to me and ripped up a class photo of me and threw it at me while I was playing basketball during recess. I picked it up and put it in my pocket and it is now my flickr icon.

I took the photo and randomly cut out the pieces, I adjusted the layers slightly by doing a stroke, and shadow. Some of the pieces have a bevel either in or out then finally placed them on the original. I flattened the image and saved for the web.

Let me know when you guys get tired of this because this little project is actually harder than it seems, and I'm not too sure I can keep this up for another 350+ days. :)

The Break Up

Sam Running On my run today, I saw a couple talking by their car. I could see that the guy was crying and he was trying to keep the girl from leaving. I could only hear bits and pieces, but he said, "So, this is how it ends, huh?"

I circled around and ran on the other side of the street to give them "privacy." He was begging her not to leave, and she put her food in the car. I kept wondering if they would be there after each lap, and after the fifth lap, she was gone and he was left sitting on the curb crying.

So, should he have just let her go if she wanted to "leave?" If he did, then would she say, "You didn't fight for this relationship." If he didn't, then would he get the "You aren't listening to me, and are trying to control me?"

un-timed, Day 11
What do you think?

Heather Wants Pizza Hut

Pizza HutI picked up my daughter at her mom's house today so that we could eat some pizza at her favorite pizza place and then catch a movie before volleyball practice at the High School. She's going into the eighth grade so I'm sure she'll be ready by the time she gets into High School. Time is going to be the issue at the moment because she's made it on a softball travel ball team. I didn't want to say anything unless she made it. :)

Seems like Heather ate too many cinnamon sticks and didn't have room for that much pizza. Somehow I knew that was going to happen. More pizza for me, right?

I try to teach Heather something when I spend time with her to prepare her for those life situations that come up. Today, I told Heather that she shouldn't make decisions when she's upset. Just remember that, okay. It will come in handy one day. She laughed and repeated what I said so that I knew she was listening. She goes with the flow and every now and then will bring up something that I've taught her, told me how it has applied. Makes me feel good that she actually listened.

Sushi Anyone

Sam Driving to Lunch We were supposed to go to Harry's (Sushi Deli Too) for lunch and my friend says, "I forgot my purse. Can you treat me to lunch?" No problem. Since we only have thirty minutes, I drop her off in front and park the car. On my way to the restaurant, I run into one of the team moms at the door. We gave each other a hug and she told me to call her husband to get him out of the house. Pretty funny. Perfect timing as I get inside and sit down and our food is ready :)

Got my follow-up call that everything was going ok, still set for the same date. Later, I got asked to do a website (not maintain) for a church - Something simple. I said that I'd do it. As I'm driving us back, a team mom calls, and I got the eyeroll treatment from my passenger. Lucky she's not my gf. Tonight's run was pretty blah, especially having to fight with my sock.
Un-timed, Day 10

Ya like sushi?

Call Your Mom

I talked to my mom tonight for about an hour. I called to get her caught up on things going on in my life and get her advice. I was expecting a certain response but was surprised at what she said! After that I did my night run in the cool breeze.

Roller Coaster

No Trespassing Yes, I live that close to the Knott's Berry Water Park. Right over that fence is a sand volleyball court that nobody seems to be using. But the grounds crew smoothed out the sand, and got rid of all the weeds.

This just happens to be on the route that I take when I run during the day. Hmmm, I wonder if that water slide is working :)

I spoke with a couple of friends today around noon, and felt kind of bummed at the things going on, then I received an unexpected call from someone that wanted some info. It was weird how I could go from one mood to another within 30 minutes.

I went to home depot and bought a sprinkler head, since it's broken again. I think my neighbor shattered the top with his mower since he cuts his grass to putting green height. So, right now if I turn on the sprinklers, I have an old faithful right in my very own yard.
un-timed, Day 9

Google Sky

I've always been a big astronomy fan and I was glad to see that Google added Google Sky on to their Google Earth in version 4.2. I've been playing around with it and I like it. The photos attached to locations gives you some kind of bearing as to where the heck you are. Check it out!

Squiggly Lights

Blue Laser LightMy friend came over to do the route with me. I took the camera because I wanted to get a scenic downtown San Diego from the top of the hill but it was a little hazy. I ended up getting some squigglies while we were walking. I think this one looks like fiber optic cable...

Sam's InitialsI used the street light and the moon to draw my initials on the image. 2.5 seconds to draw the letters. Since I framed up the light and the moon, it only took me to do one letter to get my initials. :)

For the life of me, I couldn't get her initials. It just wasn't happening.

Random Lights

Nothing fancy here, just moving the camera around for 3.5 seconds. I wonder how many people out there actually see this when they are driving home?

You like my long exposure art?

The Hill

Sam running up the Hill I don't like this hill, and I've never felt this tired on one of those stair/tread climbers in the gym. Only time I do use the machines is when I'm waiting for one of the racquetball courts to open up and then it's a mad dash to see if I can get a court. As you can probably tell, I just use my LA Fitness membership for the racquetball. :)

Day 8

Canon Announces New Cameras

Canon 40D
Canon announces the 40D ($1300 USD) with full specs, also the 1Ds Mark III ($8000 USD). The 40D is an ACTUAL UPGRADE! Now includes the "liveview," 6.5 fps, 10+ megapixels and is the scaled down version of the 1D Mark III. ($3,500 USD), and the G9 ($500). I still use my G2.

The 1Ds Mark III, the flagship model with 21+ megapixels! I WILL try each of these new cameras out soon.

As you see can probably see it's now Canon 1Ds Mark IIIthe 1Ds Mark III, then 5D (Full Frame)...then 1D Mark III, 40D, and Rebel Series, in the separate line-ups. Anyone of these will get the shot you want, it's which one will do the task within your available budget. Let the drooling begin.

Don't you hate that as soon as you get a camera, then an upgrade is just released?

Night Run

I ran around the block tonight. I passed a couple holding hands several times. - awww. I ran without my shirt on because I'm still a little sore from the sunburn on my chest and back from running without my shirt during the day. But, my farmer tan is going away. :) Now, about my feet - dunno.

An old man was smoking on his balcony as I went by each lap, a couple was making out in their car for the entire time! They didn't even flinch after the second lap. Half moon going on tonight and very clear. A nice night for thinkin'

Here I sit after taking a nice shower with the A/C on and kicking back...I'm wide awake!!!

Nap Time

Sam Taking a NapI was tired so I took an uncharacteristic nap, and I put the cell phone to wake me up (30 minutes) so that I wouldn't sleep too long. Last thing I need is to stay up all night.

That glow on the bottom right is my laptop on the floor. I'm still tired...yawn.
Day 7

Nothing terribly exciting today for me. How about you?

Not Hungry

Going for a walk...Wanna come with me?

Foot Massage?

Do they have a name for this? Something similar to the "Farmer Tan?" Yes, those are my feet!
Day 6

I helped a my friend buy something for his girlfriend. It's her birthday in a couple of days and he didn't have a clue as to what to buy, so he asks me to help. The interesting part is that we had gone to dinner just recently and she gave him FOUR items to choose from. She didn't just come out and say it, but she did the woman thing and "hinted" what she wanted. I also noticed that she gave him different price ranges, too. :) Hmmm, maybe she invited me so that I could tell him...

Do you think that if it's not in someones nature, that they can change?

Night Run

Sam I was running out of time to do this for the day, so as soon as I got back from my run, I snapped a shot in the guest bathroom. It looks like the flash bounced around pretty good in there. Even with all the light you can see that I have really light brown eyes.

What color eyes do you like?
un-timed, Day 5

Busy Saturday

How Sam Pancakes How Sam eats PancakesHow Sam eats Pancakes

Dropped off Heather's softball stuff at her house for her tryout, then I headed over to get some pancakes. People think that I have an unusual way of eating them. I start by making a little hole in the center down to the bottom and filling it with warm syrup. I eat outwards until I reach the edges, or eat them all.

Went to go see a movie, and the person that selected it is soooo banned from picking another for a long time. I'm embarrassed to admit what movie it was, it was super bad...I mean really bad! :)

Had to mow, edge the lawn, and Cortez just happened to be doing a house inspection right across from my house. He comes over and we chat a bit - softball no doubt. I cleaned out the garage, and finally washed my car. As I was doing this the real estate lady from across the street came over and started talking to me. Maybe 10 minutes pass, then she gives me her card. The neighbor laughed at me since the lady said "bye" about 5 times.

This time I put less of the tire stuff on so that my rims wouldn't get all "dusty." Went to a party but left early because I just wasn't feeling social. That's it!

Do you think I eat my pancakes weird?

Restricted Call

Sam's HandIf someone knocked on your front door and you went to look, and didn't see anyone; would you open the door? You'll see why I ask in a second...

I was testing the 3200 (H) ISO setting on the camera, and the phone rang in my hand! What a trip. The number said "Restricted," and by the time that I took the picture, and put down the camera, the person chickened out or decided that maybe it was a little late and hung up. I won't normally answer a restricted/blocked call unless I'm expecting a call from someone I know.

Well, good night. I'm taking Heather's softball stuff to her house so that she'll have it in time.

So, do you answer restricted/blocked calls?
Day 4

The Homies

A friend was over this evening watching "Zodiac," and I bumped the DVD tower. On my lap fell this little vending machine character that I'd gotten from a taco shop many moons ago.

She is part of the Homies Collection, and has an official name. Regardless of her official name what does it look like she is doing? Or is it just me?

Incase you're really bored, she's part of set #5 in the Homies Collection.


Wanna Run with Me?

Before the Run I haven't been running No excuse, and no reason - I just haven't. Today, I got my shoes on and headed out the door. Yes, I put on my shoes at the door. :)

Since it was still light outside, I did the Water Park, Coors, hills and around back to Palm Ave (5 miles). The run was pathetically slow, but it won't take me long to get back into it. If it's dark then I'll run around the block.

Do you like to run?
un-timed, Day 3

I Dunno

Someone just sent me a link to a song tonight out of the blue. I guess this is like getting a song dedicated over the radio. I'd normally not listen to this type of song (Must be doing something right ), but since they sent it to me, then I listened to it...Thanks! I needed that.

365 Day 002

Poker/King's Corner @ Sam's House This serves two purpose tonight. I wanted to try one of those multi composite images and do my 365. Both accomplished.

I messed up big time on the image, but I think it still came out okay. Can you tell what it is? It's fairly obvious. But it was fun, and it didn't take that long.

I originally wanted to change clothes for each person, and maybe change the hair a little, wear some sunglasses, etc...But, something came up suddenly, and I didn't have time. Next time, I will make it better! Someone didn't know that if you click on the photos, it brings up a larger version. :)

What is your favorite card game and why?
Day 2

Random Question

How long does it take you to drive to work? What do you do while driving? Do you listen to the radio, a CD, MP3 Player? What do you think about? Something or Someone?

Sometimes I get surprised when I arrive because I was on total auto-pilot. I was aware, but time just seemed to zoooom by. That ever happen to you? When?

365 Day 001

365 Sam Day 1 I had previously mentioned that I'd been asked to participate in the 365 project and I said that if I did do it, that it would be after Nationals. So, the first thing someone did was call me on it.

They waited a week afterwards seeing if I would do it without prompting - I didn't. It was kind of late and another friend said just start tonight.

Here's a webcam shot for day 1. I'm uploading stuff to the server and wrapping up the league stuff...just watching the little bar move across the screen. Good Night.

Five Years Ago

Heather and Sam I'm organizing my photos and find these from August 2002. Check out little miss Heather leaning on my shoulder. The one of the left was taken at the Bronx pizza place from when we lived downtown.

At this point, Heather had just come back from Nationals and her sister's team had just brought home the National Championship. Heather was the bat-girl and had her own little uniform. I remember her going to get the bat after each and every game for the entire season.

Little would we know that five years later, she would have three National Championship trophies, huh?

I was excited because this is when the Canon D60 digital SLR with it's whopping 6 megapixel resolution was new.

I want a girl...

Desired QualitiesI saw this on the net somewhere but can't remember where. A click here and there and I got lost.

Has anyone seen something like this that says, "I want a girl..."

How many of you "girls" out there are looking for something like what this poster says AND do you think you'll ever find someone that fits the description?

How High?

Doesn't this look like fun? Jumping on the bed is always fun. This is at the Hampton Inn, while we were at Nationals.

I'm going through the bazillions of photos so that I can finally post them on the website and found this one. At one point she put a pillow on her head in case she got too close to the ceiling.

I know I'll never forget this Nationals! :)

End of Season

I received an e-mail earlier asking for help cleaning the snack bar and putting everything into storage. I responded that I'd help. What a sucker, huh?

On the way, I noticed an armada of construction vehicles near my house. It seems that you can't stop the inevitable. New apartments are going up nearby. I took this photo because it reminded me how as a kid I tried to stop them from tearing down my house (The Beyer Trolley Station sits there now) but to no avail. The best I could do was to let the air out of the tires. :)

We cleaned and took out everything except the frig, soda machine, and the steel table. Everything else was moved into storage. Three people responded in addition to the snack bar coordinators, but one left early.

It took us almost three hours to get it all done. I didn't feel well, but stayed till the end. After that we congratulated each other for getting it all done. I gave the ladies a hug and kiss, and said we would see each other soon.

I invited a friend to dinner and told them it was my treat. It was a cheap date since all they wanted was Starbucks. We talked until I finished then parted ways.

Tough Decisions

The decisions have been made. Whether they were right or wrong depends on who you ask, and when. Should that decision even have been made? Is it okay to change your mind? Or since a decision has been made is it a "So it is written, so it shall be," kind of thing? Does it show that things weren't thought through?

If you ask friends for advice, do they know the "whole" situation? Or only a sliver? This has a bearing on how they answer. So...

Who do you confide in? (Parent, friend, co-worker, etc...)

Puppy For Sale

Hey Buddy, You wanna buy a puppy? I saw two little boys holding up signs that read: "Puppys for Sale." Then I saw this guy standing there with the puppy in his arm. So, would you buy a puppy from a guy standing on a corner?

The puppy was hot and the guy was trying to show him to people as they drove by and smoke at the same time. There was another puppy in the basket, but a car was in the way so I didn't get the picture.

I went to the store to return something, and if you're a regular reader then you know what it was. The only problem was that it had a 15 day return, and today was the 16th day.

I got into the return line and looked over the people that would be handling the returns...Hmmm, how about Bob, the guy with the frown and looking like he hates his life. Or, maybe Tom over there, that looks like today is his first day on returns and he is gonna look for that low return rate. But over there, Susan is still smiling at 3:00 p.m.

Susan looks over at me and says, "I can help the next customer!" She examines every last detail and the product is perfect no blemishes, nada. But, she notices the 16 day. She looks at me and then talks to her supervisor, then a second later, its complete. Whew...

The USB Pole DancerI look around the place and look what I found while going through the book section! Yes, it's what you think it is...I was looking for someone to take a photo of me holding it with that "Look what I just got for Christmas grin! :)"

I think the buyer for this store had some fun and said, "what the heck!"

El Patio was good. Wanna go with me sometime?

Would you buy this gift (Candi the Pole Dancer) for someone?

Shopping for One

The refrigerator is empty! I needed to get stuff before I left but knew that the food would just spoil. Now I'm looking at it with the door wide open, and dreaded going just down the block to go get something.

They need to have single guy size, along with recipes for one! It seems everything is geared to the 4+ size family. I went into Vons and asked the lady if I could cut up the lettuce and just take what I needed since it was sold by the pound anyway. I explained that I wanted a BLT, but not for a week!

The lady smiled but I knew she really just wanted to laugh at me. No problem, I'm glad I made her day...I ended up getting the smallest one and grumbled (showing a smile, though) as I went to get the rest of the ingredients!

And that was the highlight of my lazy Saturday...

Wanna Watch 300

I bought "300" today on my way home. I think this might be the first DVD that I have purchased for myself ever! The rest have been gifts for other people.

Tonight was poker night but I got the weekly text message late so I hadn't planned on it. By the time, I did get messaged, I was was already watching the movie.

You get your copy yet? Or, did you get it on DVD Tuesday?

Nice Day for a Walk

Three of us decided to walk down to Hazelwood on the bay for lunch since it was a really nice day. I got my sandwich, potato salad and drink paid for me, and I was told that I had to take them to Ruth Chris Steak House on Sept 14th, which is across the street from Anthony's.

USS MidwayUh...did I get the short-end of the stick, here?

A new Commanding Officer takes over the base tomorrow and since the pier is all goobered up, they are doing the ceremonies on the USS Midway. Funny thing is that when I was kid, I spent some of my good-grade money on a model of this aircraft carrier, and then sailed it in a lake. I waited until it got to the center and then sank it with my Crossman 760. It shot pellets, bb's and darts.

Twin CondosI've been working down in this area on and off since I was 17, and the Train Stationskyline has changed. It would be nice to just live in one of those condos and just walk to work.

None of these were here when I first started as a kid, except for that train station.

The police have given plenty of jaywalking tickets on this street.

Would You

I snapped this at a stop light on the way home today.

Would you let your man have this hanging off your truck?

Which Arm?

Blood Donation Form Seems like each time I go back to the Blood Bank, they have a new form to fill out. Now, they fit you in a private little booth and when they draw the sample to test your iron, you get dragged into a closed door room.

They made an error and asked me to wait, but I told them that I had to be somewhere.

After a second, the lady comes back and tells me they can do my double donation in a second. I had 15.4 iron this time, down from 18+ last time.

New Blood MachineI noticed that they got a new machine. Sophia was laughing at me for Entering the Donor Informationtaking pictures of the machine. The interesting part is that no blood touches any part of the machine. Here it is all clean to the left.
At the right, she is entering all my information: 5'9" 180 pounds. Yes, I gained 5 pounds at Nationals. Not too bad :) I expected 10 but I'm not complaining. You can see my blood type there. Universal Donor.

Right Arm DonationThey got new squeezy things too. I'm getting better at taking pictures Blood Collectorwith my left hand and not looking through the viewfinder. In case you haven't noticed, cameras are right handed.

There was another guy smiling at me because he saw me taking a lot of photos. I actually have a little video somewhere when I did this several years ago. The blood looks really dark because there is very little plasma in it since it's all been taken out.

Karen and SophiaAtomic ClockKaren on the left - she did all the pre-work. And Sophia, the lady that did the sticking and all the other stuff on the machine.

I love that clock. The numbers are huge and it's an atomic clock.

The lights above it are attached to a button in the bathroom. If they light then someone pressed the emergency button. The red one is for the women, and the other one is the mens.

At the end, they laughed at me because I was told to apply pressure to the insertion point with my left hand and raise my right arm up. Sophia then said, "Let's see you try to take a picture now!" That's so messed up, even the guy started laughing!

They depleted my supply down to 35%, so I can't go back for another four months.