The Freaks Come Out At Night

Sam's Moon Eye It's a full moon!!! I literally have my eye on the moon. I used the 300 mm lense with an 1.4 extender to bring the moon in tight, then I took a picture of my eye, and super-imposed the two and desaturated the eye layer. I think my eye needs to be bigger!

Took my friend out for her birthday dinner but she didn't eat! Sorry, no rainchecks!!! She says that I still owe her one, but it's not my fault that she oinked out with her girlfriend earlier! No problem, it made my dinner check smaller :)

Day 13

Do you like my moon eye?


Anonymous said...

wicked sam!!!

Sam said...

Someone else said it reminded them of the eye in the pyramid on the dollar bill.

MB said...

Kind of creepy!!!