Phone Out of Memory

Drinking Card Game Someone sent me a photo today and my phone said that it was FULL. I wondered what the heck. I promptly went to the pictures and saw that I had ton of photos but this one cracked me up the most.

You play this card and whatever two people you choose have to kiss! You can hold on to this card until the right time (enough alcohol consumed) or play it outright. You can use it to kiss someone YOU want because the rule never states that the holder can't be part of it. Another scenario is getting two people to kiss that would NEVER do this on their own...maybe two guys or two girls. LOL.

Anyway, I sent all my photos/videos to my e-mail, and now my phone is happy again ready to store images like this. :)

Do you play any drinking games?

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Lynn said...

Since that is your hand I assume, did you use it to kiss someone you wanted to?