Late Night Laundry

Sam Doing LaundryI got back from "Easy Hour," and remembered that I needed to do laundry. I don't dislike doing laundry since the machine does all the work. Only thing is separating the clothes but even that's pretty easy.

The hangers are right above the machines so that everything is ready to go into the closet as soon as it's finished drying. This comes in handy, too handy at times, because I get lazy and just let them hang there until I need them. I'm sure that when I get a significant other, she'll tell me to put the clothes where they belong!

I've only had one washing accident, but I need to give Heather half the credit since she was helping me do laundry when she was four or five, and placed a BRAND NEW pink bath towel that my mom had given to her, into our whites. When the clothes finished Heather thought it was cool. I soaked the stuff until it all came out. un-timed, Day 16

Have you ever messed up your laundry?


ira said...

lets see, My white tracks are brinddled with red spots from my gym t shirt!!

My white socks are dappled with blue from my scarf!
loL! :)

Mary Anne said...

Hooray for front load washer/dryer. We just bought ours last month.