And Who Are You?

Today I was out on my lunch break and as always seems to be the case, someone came up to me and said, "Hey Sam!!!" I looked at him and said, "Hello there." I have never not been able to quickly identify them and respond with the "Hey Bob, long time no see," or something to that effect. But I was at a complete loss. He was dressed just like the restaurant staff so my neural connections were going haywire.

He kept talking about my work and what I was doing and then he hit a key word and then bam, I knew who it was. That puzzled look went away, or so I was told by my friend, and I was able to hold a real conversation that said I remembered who he was. He now had a wife and child and they were on the way out. We shook hands.

The question is, how long do you go before you just flat out say, "I'm sorry but I obviously have forgotten who the heck you are?"


Could anyone really think that this would happen? Many thought that he would some how just 'escape.' That there were still enough supporters to make that happen. Or, would it be better to just have him spend the rest of his life in jail instead of being made a martyr?

It looks like the trial and punishment were swift. Today, the buzz that death would come in a matter of hours, and that the insurgents would cause wide scale violence against U.S. interests didn't stop the execution machine. Let's see how that ends up working.

Now, the only thing remaining is to see the 'proof.' The world wants to see the video, or stills from his final moments. I'm sure that CNN, MSNBC, etc... will have the censored versions and many will flock to the internet where all the grizzly reality of it all will be 'leaked.'

If this had been a 'pay-per-view' event, how many people would fork over money to see it live? Would you?

The Nail That Sticks Out

We were having a conversation about "thinking outside the box." I thought about the Japanese saying that goes something like this: "The nail that sticks out is hammered in." It seems that it depends where you are whether to be a conformist or venture out of the hammers range.

I've heard many speeches where they say, "Well, Bob thinks outside the box and he has made many innovations and brought new life and energy into this company." But on the other hand you get the person that wants to try something new or different and you get the "He bud, we have to do it this way!' Why you ask, "because that's how we've always done it." If it ain't broke don't fix it.

So which are you?

Jumping out of a plane

My friend Brandon asked if I wanted to go skydiving this Saturday. He is an avid sky diver and does many tandems. My heart rate jumped just thinking about jumping out of a perfectly good plane. He told me that he could even take photos with his mouth shutter-release, and that another guy would shoot a video (about six minutes) of me screaming like a girl! I was warned that I better not pee on him.

The closest that I have come to doing anything like this is going on the parachute drop at the amusement park. I was told that the anxiety goes away once you get to the top and the actual fall is the easy part.

What do you want to do that is completely out of your comfort bubble?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed or are enjoying this festive day. Thanks for the presents, too :) I usually don't ask for anything so, many of you get frustrated when it's gift giving time with regards to me.

I got some more online entertainment and can join the rest of the Battlefield Warriors, and while playing I will wear my "Man Slippers" (Most suprised!!!) that I have been wanting since last year but was told that they were seasonal. Cookies, chocolates, and all the other edibles will hit the spot after I wait to respawn :)

I'm a simple guy so I'm happy getting my watch band replaced. The band had finally frayed and split. Still one of my favorite watches. Nothing fancy just a dependable timepiece.

Going to put flowers on my Mom and Dad's gravesite today, to let them know that they are still in my mind, then going over to have dinner with some friends. Yummy.

Crazy Christmas Parking Lots

I pull into the mall today and conclude that the only parking spots are going to be in the far outskirts of the universe. I steer directly to the open spots in the boonies. A lady passes me and continues to circle the lot looking for the clergy parking. As I park and head into the stores, I see the same lady still circling. I wave to her as I she passes.

Zap forward a couple of hours...I'm finished and open my car and notice that the lady ended up parking next to me. Wonder how long she roamed around before she just said, "screw it, I'm gonna use these legs."

Overall, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be in terms of crowds. Did you have an easy time shopping?

Double Donation of Blood

I received my regular call for my double blood donation, the Apheresis procedure by the Blood Bank. I was just wondering how that would affect my 515 and then I got my call. I set up the appointment and the lady thanked me for helping out.

I always get asked why I have been doing this for so long. Good question. I know that there is a need for blood. Somebody out there needs it, a car crash victim, a surgery patient, or any other type of emergency. It's a cool thing to know that all I have to do is endure a jab in the arm (I have small veins so it takes a couple of tries sometimes) with a needle and squeeze a little smushi thing for 45 minutes and someone benefits a whole lot!

Within days, that blood may be running through the veins of someone thousands of miles away or a person just down the block and you will never know.

As long as I'm able to do so, I'll donate blood...

Let someone win?

I used to play racquetball with my friend, Will, at the local gym. He didn't know how to play at all but I taught him how to stand and how to hit the ball with some basic strategy. Later, he took a class at the college and got better.

We played four or five games each time and I won them all handily. I never let him win, or let him off the hook. He got good enough that we were both fully exhausted by the time we finished. The game scores were closer and closer, 15-11, 15-12, etc...

Then, finally one day, on our final game of the day, Will won - 15-13. He was serving and I tried to pass him on the left side but my ball skipped; game over! He turned and had that huge grin on his face. He asked me if I let him win and I told him that he knew me better than that!

Later, he says it was an accident.

Searchers Give Up! :(

After ten plus days, the search is officially called off for the remaining two climbers on Mt. Hood. How sad, I feel bad for all the families involved.

I do believe that given the circumstances that they did everything that they could and realistically, the chances are very slim that the climbers are alive.

A couple of my friends are in SAR - Search and Rescue for the Sheriff's Department and I always remember how they would tell me about people getting lost in the desert or woods and everything involved in helping find them. If you know me, then you probably know that I'm the type of person that would be involved in this line of work. I contemplated joining but I also understood that I'd have to also do policing duties.

I respect the time and effort that these rescuers put in.


A new personal record for my 5.15 is now 0:58:56!!! That's down from 1:24:00 on my first day. It's going to be tough to beat the new time, but I know I can do better because there are three sections that I wimped out on :(

Can't return if read!

I purchased book at a major bookstore chain, and while hanging out in the 'wireless hot spot' waiting for my trusty laptop to boot, I read the refund policy on the back of the receipt. It states, "Books that have been read can not be returned." I grinned and put the receipt back in the book and wondered:

When is a book read? After you read the last page? Or, is it as soon as you begin reading it? What about if you read a chapter, say chapter three only?

Oh, and don't forget that you have 14 days to return the un-read book! If you try to return the book are they going to ask you, "Sir, did you read the book?"

"Uh, does looking at the pictures constitute 'reading' the book?" "I'm sorry sir, we can't accept this book back!"

They conducted a study to find that out?

I just read this article today, Smaller cars perform poorly in crash tests. When I think of studies, I would believe that they would try to prove something that is up in the air as to the results. But would the average person, if asked come to a different conculusion?

Let's see who will spend money to find this out:

  • Study concludes that it is an advantage to be tall in basketball.

  • 100 meter world record holders run fast, conclusive evidence!

  • People that eat sensibly and exercise regularly tend to not be overweight

What study result have you seen that seems silly or a waste of time?

Thanks for the crappy ring!

Is it ok for a woman to ask for an upgrade on her ring? Or should she be happy with the ring that she received? What if at the time the man wanted to get a ‘nicer’ ring but the current financial situation prevented that? Is it a slap in the face to even ask for the upgrade? Well, why do I ask?

This morning I got a call on my cell, I normally don’t answer numbers that I don’t recognize, but I answered. It was a woman and she identified herself as from Tiffany’s. Ah, yes. A little history…In early June I had gone to look for a very specific ring but they were out of stock, I told the lady that I was under a ‘Deadline’ so to speak and that I/She wanted it really soon. She smiled and told me that they could get it for me no problem. She gave me a brief lesson on diamonds and I was on my way.

The lady today told me that they had some new rings in a wide price range that I might be interested in since she knew that my deadline was days away. I politely thanked her for all the reminder calls and apologized too.

Upgrade? Yes or No?

Credit Card Processing

I'm still waiting for the credit card imprinter from the credit card processor. They provided the check/credit card reader but forgot the imprinter. I even saw the checklist and it marked the item off. When I signed up for service they mentioned that they would have everything ready by December 1st. Guess not.

I got trained on the software portion and now know the procedure (do it wrong pay a higher rate), but I have to talk to the techie guys about being able to just export a file SQL Server to csv format and processing all the cards in batch.

New Record 63 Minutes

I have a route that I do, it's 5.15 miles, or just my 515. Since I thought that it was going to rain today, I didn't plan on running, I looked outside for a second and decided that I would attempt to beat my 70 minute time before my friend came over to watch the Charger -v- Chief game.

I ran from my door to almost the top of the mile of pain, I was dissappointed that I didnt make it to the top but that's for another day. I recovered and continued, and ran most of the flat parts. At the half way point I realized that I had a significant lead and that I had it at that point. But I wanted to make sure so I ran other legs(19 legs available) of the route. By the time that I got back to my doorstep, I stopped my watch at 63 minutes - woohoo. Seven minutes shaved off the time. Walk right into the shower...ahhh. btw, I would really like to be able to do this route in less than 60!

Chargers, Survivor, and Dexter.

Cool! The Chargers won and matched their highest win total -12. Are you on the bandwagon now that they are winning, or do you support our team regardless? During the later stages of the game I kept saying, "Ok, take LT out. You've made it to the play-offs, no need to risk hurting the premier running back only to pad stats." Luckily nothing happened. Two games left and let's see if they can get home field advantage and get the first round "bye."

Luckily I have DVR so I recorded both Survivor and Dexter final episodes. I was surprised with the last three going to the finals on Survivor but felt that Becky simply rode the coattails of Ozzy and Yul. I wanted Ozzy to win for the following reasons: I don't recall him lying, he won ALL the challenges, and pretty much played a straight game. He wanted it so he did what he could!

Unfortunately, the jurors have the final say and he lost 5-4 to Yul. Yul had the immunity idol that he found early on so people were afraid to vote him off after he told people he had it, and used a little social engineering to get his way. I'm glad that the jury saw that Becky didn't deserve to win and she didn't get a single vote.

Ah, so Dexter kills his brother and makes it look like a suicide. You always wonder what a bad childhood can do to you, huh? I wasn't really surprised but I guess that Dexter didn't have a choice other than to kill him, without risking his own exposure. It's enough that he has his own team member looking at him with the evil eye already.

Now to clear out the recorded movies.

I couldn't care less

Do you say, "I could care less!" or "I couldn't care less!"

We know what you want to say but one says that you have reached a limit about how much you don't care and the other one says that you care less about something else.

So which is it?


What's your addiction? Is it checking your MySpace every ten minutes? Or how about playing some MMORPG to the point that it destroys a relationship? Surfing the web and passing on all those YouTUBE videos non-stop? Reading? Sports?

As long as it doesn't interfere with "Real Life" then you should be ok, right?

Blinders On or Off?

Are you aware of your surroundings? Or do you wander aimlessly in life never seeing what is occurring around you? When you drive around or walk do you notice the people that you've passed? The new buildings, tree, plants, etc...

It was just a thought because it seems we have so many things on our minds that we just don't see anything and life passes by in a blur...

Internal or External Motivation

What motivates you? Can you motivate yourself or does it take someone to kick you in the rear to get you moving?

Breaking the rules

I saw a car speed through a red light today and I wondered where he needed to be that he felt that it was time to "break the rules." I guess his reason wasn't good enough because a police turning right saw him and pulled him over.

My theory is that if you don't put anyone in danger and you're willing to deal with the ramifications of breaking the rules then hey, have at it. In this case, speeding ticket, court appearance, higher insurance rates, etc...

Try not paying your taxes and see if you want to deal with the IRS! Or electricity, or government agency. They don't play around do they? seems like there are some rules that are tougher to break.

Gift Cards

I was shopping at Vons today since I didn't have much in the frig so I went walking down each aisle and finally found everything that I needed. Then I spotted the wall of gift cards. Wow, I'd never seen so many gift cards. But what really caught my attention is that American Express wants to charge you $107 for a $100 gift card. What a deal!

Out of curiosity I read the "terms" of other cards, and noticed that some have expiration dates and "maintenance fees" for having the cards. Basically they take your money, and then tell you you have to use that money by a certain date, or you forfeit your money. Doesn't sound right. Can you imagine if you had a $20 dollar bill and it said, "Must be spent by 12/31/2006." And don't forget that these companies will make a huge profit because many people don't even use their cards or lose them.

Most companies don't count the sale of the gift card as income until they are redeemed so how do they account for these non-redeemed cards?

USC versus Michigan - Rose Bowl

USC lost to unranked UCLA last week and it looks like USC will play Michigan in the Rose Bowl. I think that it's ironic that the two teams that thought they deserved to play number one Ohio State for the National Championship, now have to play each other.

I'm backing USC - Go Trojans!

Ouch that hurt!

Another 515 moment! I turned my ankle wrong when I ran around the corner near the top of my "mile of uphill pain." Luckily I allowed my leg to roll so that it wouldn't twist. But this is the question: What is the most painful physical experience you can remember?

Mine was when during the month of December 1977. It was the Christmas dance and I arrived early to hang out with my friends. So what do a bunch of guys waiting do while waiting for the dance to start? We decided use the huge steel bike rack as a teeter totter. About three of four guys on each side and I stood in the middle to determine which side went higher.

They started going back and forth and just then I got tapped on the shoulder and look over for a second, and slightly moved my foot. Huge mistake! My right big toe got got smushed by all the weight of the bike rack and all the guys on it. It hurt soooo bad and I yelled for them to get the thing off of me.

Blood was pooling in my black converse and had soaked through the top. I didn't want to take my shoe off but an adult took it off for me. Into the office to have it looked at. I told them that it didn't' hurt much so that I could stay for the dance. The nurse cleaned my toe and wrapped it up. I just ended up yanking the nail off since it was bugging me and half my foot turned blue and purple -nice.

China Camp

I picked up three of my friends at their work so that we could go to China Camp on Pacific Highway. All six of us had fun catching up on what we were doing lately, and during our conversations I was asked to give an RFQ - "Request for Quote" for a project that the government would like me to program. So, I'm pretty excited about that part, Hawaii states that they would be willing to pay half. I wouldn't mind going back there for my fourth time, all work of course. Oh, back to our little get together.

We all noticed some peculiar behaviour by our waitress. First, she completely forgot to take someone's order. I said, "excuse me, he still hasn't ordered." So, everyone except Larry gets their food and the waitress forgot about him again. Then, to top it off he couldn't get any refills. But when we finally took our group picture, we asked, "Did you get Larry in the picture or did you leave him out!?" laugh, chuckle, grin, even from her.

I have to remember to get those chocolates out of the car before they melt!

The grass is back to normal

The poor grass in the backyard had been traumatized by something unknown. A bunch of grass died and left some holes in the lawn. The gardeners brought in some patches (May/June) but that didn't help very much and it just kept dying.

We tried to figure out what it was. Not enough water, too much water, fertilizer, what?!! Finally, we saw the little culprits one morning when I hand watered with the hose. They looked like some worms. A trip to Home Depot and some spray and poof, the little boogers went away. It says that it is good for a two months so I'll have to re-apply soon. But for the time being the grass seems to have recovered.

Now, the only thing is to remove the remnants of the wrong type of grass that we used as spot patches.

If at first you don't succeed . . .

On my 515's I do a lot of thinking about everything. Today I was thinking about the old adage:
"If at first you don't succeed ..." and wondered how other's view that saying. Which of the following represents you:

If at first you don't succeed ...

a) Give up! It just wasn't meant to be.
b) Try, Try, Try again.
c) Figure out some way to cheat.
d) Ask someone that has succeeded and take their advice.
e) Blame someone else for the failure.
f) Change the conditions of the problem so that you can easily succeed.

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Happy Birthday! - ¡Feliz CumpleaƱo!

Love you a whole lot! Remember that no matter what!

Well, you guys didn't win today but that's ok. Can't win them all but gives you a better perspective on things. Bonita Valley Softball registration started and it's going to be time for another season.

Hope you enjoyed dinner at Chili's and I'll see you tomorrow.

Another Bonita Valley Softball Season

Today was the first day of online registration for the upcoming 2007 Bonita Valley recreation season and I didn't expect very many people to sign up but I was surprised.

I've been working on some new stuff website stuff. I can program the database stuff and layout but I think I need the yang part that makes it look pretty, or at least more aesthetically pleasing. I tend to focus on making it more responsive. Let's see how things work out.

The wishlist

My daughter is going to be 12!!! I can't believe how time flies. I blinked a couple of times and she grew up on me. Well, since it's her birthday soon, she came out with a monster wishlist. Definitely plenty of options and I noticed that she wants a camera. Between all the family and Christmas, I'm pretty sure she'll get one.

She's been taking pictures since she was tiny. I would show her how to use my cameras and she would pretend that she was a TV reporter and "document" everything with the little movie making ability of the camera - Canon G2. I know, ancient 2002 model but it did the job and still does. Sometimes you can't take a DSLR with you and not look like a dork, lol.

So...I'm looking at one of those Canon point and shoot with a nice big display on the back (almost all of it) It will sure beat my first camera - a Kodak 110 that I got for sixth grade camp! I still have it for nostalgia.

What kind of camera do you want to get?

Buy two get two coupon

As we were leaving the house, I checked my mail and received a Carl's Jr. coupon for their new phillysteak burger. Ok, lets try this sandwich. I knew that going through the drive-thru was mistake but went anyways. I clearly state into the little order box, "I have a buy one get one free coupon for the Philly Steak Burger. " The lady says, "ok. That's $3.76."

Not that simple. I get to the window and pay and the guy hands me the bag. I check to make sure this monsterous order is correct. Nope. Just one sandwich. Remember, I'm in the drive-thru!

Me: I'm missing my free sandwich.
Guy: You paid for one sandwich.
Me: When I ordered at the box, I stated I had the coupon.
Guy: We don't do that. You have to buy another sandwich because you didn't give me the coupon when you ordered.
Me: I was at the box, I ordered it with the lady. How was I supposed to give it to her?
Guy: Next time you can get your sandwich.
Me: No ... I'd like my free sandwich, please.
Guy: Well, I didn't press the button for the order to say free.
Me: Of course not, you didn't take the order. She did.
Guy: Guy hands coupon to lady that took order.
Lady: Ok, I'll give you the sandwich free this time since it was my fault. She tells the back to make another sandwich.

I think this time, huh. You're doing me a favor. I park the car and the lady brings it out to me. I thank her with a smile and drive away.

How to almost lose a football game

Did you see the Charger -v- Raider game? Better yet, did you read/hear all the hype before the actual game such as - Chargers a bazillion, Raiders 0. I knew that this was a sure fire way to lose the game based on over-confidence. We all knew this it just needed smack on the noggin.

Never under estimate your opponent.

Then as it looked like the Raiders were going to win the game, and the Chargers got that "forward pass" penalty, a break. Whew, an ugly win, but a win none the less.

Do you feel that the Chargers are as good as their record?

USC Trojans defeat Notre Dame

Do you remember last years USC -v- Notre Dame game? A close one, eh? Not this year! A blow-out by USC, 44-24. Many are saying that USC will play Ohio State if USC can beat UCLA in their final game. I want a high scoring good ol' fashion shoot-out and throw in a 4th and goal with 5 seconds left.

Who's your team?

Lucid Dreaming

While organizing my books today, I re-discovered a book on "Lucid Dreaming." For those that don't know what lucid dreaming is; it's the ability or in my case, attempted ability to actually take part in the dream and being aware that you are dreaming rather than justing watch the dream.

Being an active participant in a dream sounded pretty cool and I tried it many years ago. I think the closest that I came to it actually working was a brief moment when I was dreaming that I was playing volleyball and then I said to myself, "I am dreaming!" That was it. Of course that was a far cry from being able to fly, and doing all the things that you can't do in real life and get away with it because it isn't real.

What would you do if you could control your dreams?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whatcha thankful for? Hopefully we won't take those little things for granted because there are a gazillion people that would give anything to be in our shoes.

The turkey isn't the only one stuffed today. Even got some white meat for my turkey sandwiches later on. What happens when you get about 20 people stuffed and filled with liquor and then play TABOO? Boys versus Girls with a race to 25 points. Boys 1, Girls 1. No tie-breaker due to a two hour tv special. Plus, many were all comfy and zonked out on the couch. Can't forget about all the "Devil's Advocate" debates. Can you defend your position, or crumble under the pressure from everyone tossing questions at ya. Temperatures rise but it's all in good fun.

You going shopping tomorrow?

Breakfast for a friend

"Get outta bed, you lazy bum!" What a message to leave on the answering machine, huh? I called Melanie at 10:30a and she promptly returned my call. We met for breakfast and talked about things, basically catching up with the goings on in our lives. I paid and just then remembered that I forgot the T-Shirt that I had purchased for her from Texas. I'll stash it in the car and give it to her on Thanksgiving. Now off to go watch the Chargers -v- Broncos.

Watch them Squirm?

What is it about NBC's 'To catch a predator' series that everyone likes? I was watching this and talking to a friend on the phone and we knew exactly what the guy was going to say, "just to talk and nothing else." Uh huh.

But do we watch because we like to see them squirm and see if they will try to escape? Or how they try to talk their way out of the situation even after they are presented with the chat logs and photos...Most of the guys admit that they have seen the series themselves and now they get their own 15 minutes of fame.

I saw the doctor that had to call his wife to bail him out of jail - $30K, and that he would explain later how he got busted in a sting but that he didn't do anything. Kiss that career goodbye.

Good Beating

I hadn't been to the gym (LA Fitness) in awhile and I knew that I'd be a little rusty when I stepped on the court. I wasn't wrong let me tell ya. My opponent Angel kicked my booty 11-5, 11-5. Beaten by an Angel - lol. I was given the ball to serve for the third game but politely said, "Thanks for the games." I promptly proceeded to the empty basketball courts and shot about 50 baskets. I only made four in and close doesn't count. A guy was watching me miss all my shot and smiled. Made the last shot and then called it a day on that. I said, "Next time I'll make FIVE :)"

Met a lady named Susan and we talked on the bench while I was waiting for another court to open. I ended up going to the cycle for an hour and she saw me up there and waved a couple of times. As I left she asked if I was going to be here tomorrow. I told her it depended on how my legs felt.

PS3 Frenzy

Have you seen the long lines of people sleeping in front of electronic stores. Crazy isn't it? But it looks like many are trying to make a quick buck on eBay. Seems like they're going for about three times the retail value and that's a good incentive.

What would you stand in line for days for?

The Signing Party

Mariah had a party and everyone was invited. It's a signing party where you officially accept the scholarship. In this case, Oklahoma State pretty far but maybe we'll find a way to go see here play. I got there and there were a lot of people there already. I gave Ria a monster hug and she showed me her broken pointing finger. Only three weeks and it's off. Good thing that vball season is over.

It was pretty cool. I was wondering how long before the tears began to flow and it happened real quick. She thanked everyone for their involvement and making it all possible. It was cute. Nope, I didn't take the camera; those duties were proudly taken on by Lil Ms. Heather and she snapped a gazillion photos with a little point n shoot.

Her best friends were there, BV (high school and softball) people, and family. We stayed until everyone had left. Next party - Heather's!

Titled Untitled Title

Rumsfield resigns (booted) as a result of all the mounting pressure from all sides.

I'm in the process of writing an online payment system for my daughters softball league. It appears as though we need a seller's permit. We won't be collecting tax since we are a non-profit organization. Mark will check into it.

Went to the opening of Barnes and Noble in the Otay Ranch shopping mall. I really liked the store. I went with the intention of going through the whole bookstore, but didn't get to finish because I had to head for the monthly board meeting.

The president bought yokozuma's to feed the board members before the meeting. We discussed some new rules for the upcoming year, planning for registration and other topics to get ready for the new season. We ran over the time limit by 10 minutes. Talked with Naomi, Armando, John T, and Donna after the meeting.

Got the gloves on and cleaned the guest bathroom and bedroom. Dang trash and recycle day tomorrow. The bins are full. Yawn...Good Night.

A Hot Day in San Diego

Seems today was rather busy. Got my laundry done early and headed out for the harbor. Couldn't be late for my lunch outing. As I arrived and looked for parking I saw a bazillion pigeons in the lot. I expected that they would move and scatter but there was a "slow" one in the crowd and he became a casualty. As I rounded the lot, I saw a little kid move the bird so that it wouldn't get squished further. :(

My friend bought a deluxe crab sandwich, soda and chips for me just because. Find out that we both missed each other's b-day so we are gonna head out for dinner this weekend to celebrate. Stayed there for about an hour and half. Ran into some other friends and got teased as usual but I dished some back.

I decided to take a new route home and ended up stuck in an apartment complex. Some tight turns and back on the freeway. I saw a woman give another driver the finger because the driver wouldn't speed up/down enough to get on the freeway. Appears the slow lane woman was talking on her cell.

Dropped off a check at Dawn's house and then headed home. Just as I got all settled in my daughter texts me that the Mariah's Volleyball CIF game (play-offs) is tonight. I ask when, and she responds now. I find it interesting that she'll text men when she can just call. I ended up calling her and asking for the details. I headed over and watched them practice.

My daughter does the drills with the high school team and IMHO is very good. Troy (Mariah's dad) says she's a stud. I notice that she shows good control and has mentioned that she wants to be the setter and make the Varsity team as a freshmen. I still remember teaching Heather how to play sand volleyball and how much time I spent trying to get her to just pass the ball straight. I don't take credit for her ability. She has that internal desire to excel in everything she does (My daughter in whom I am well pleased) Oops...the volleyball match. I noticed the poster board collage of REAL PHOTOS that Heather made for Mariah. Guess all the seniors (3) had one.

The Bonita Vista Barons won the first two games over Rancho Buena Vista Longhorms in a HOT gym. They kept the doors closed and as spectators we wondered what the girls had to endure; I'd find out later.
BV just need to win one more game and they finally win a first round CIF game in Mariah's stint. RBV didn't want to roll over yet and won the next two games. Tie-breaker goes to 15 and BV won!

Mariah started to cry since that's all she wanted - a first round win. I gave her a hug to congratulate her on both her win and full scholarship in softball to Oklahoma State. I'm proud of her. I've watched her grow up and saw/see how much effort she exerts to get what she wants. Kissed my daughter good bye for the night and head to get a bite to eat.

Bought a drink at Subway and ate at Alazan's(sp) very good carne asada burritos not the biggest but really good. Headed home and cleaned up some. Watched saved DVR stuff. Trillian is being a PITB. It took me a long time to delete inactive accounts (some since 1997); longer than it should.

First Off

My older blog is no longer available. With a new change in life, comes a new blog. I've started this one with hopes of updating it on a more regular basis, but we all know what ends up happening. I also will be putting up the memories (prior to November 7, 2006) as they come up in a different section.

May 1st Boycott

A lot of boycotting going on today. They want immigration reform, so pretty much they say, we made it in illegally now let us stay since we made it? Interesting. Our first play-off game is today but before, I went to the taco shop and it's closed!!! I talked to my gf and she's boiling in Texas right now. Let's hope she does well on her interview tomorrow!!! We said our love you;s. Gonna play some AA. It's still weird for me to think in central time.


First! Have a great one!!!

My gf and I have great hopes for this year, but she's leaving real soon. I don't want her to leave but she's mentioned that she can't fix ... here, and that she decided this before we got back together. I can understand that so, if it's for the better in the long run then I'm all for it. Am I making the wrong decision by not asking her to stay? I keep hearing her saying that she's not changing her mind so maybe that's a hint to not try to convince her? I'm just happy we're back together!!!