Could anyone really think that this would happen? Many thought that he would some how just 'escape.' That there were still enough supporters to make that happen. Or, would it be better to just have him spend the rest of his life in jail instead of being made a martyr?

It looks like the trial and punishment were swift. Today, the buzz that death would come in a matter of hours, and that the insurgents would cause wide scale violence against U.S. interests didn't stop the execution machine. Let's see how that ends up working.

Now, the only thing remaining is to see the 'proof.' The world wants to see the video, or stills from his final moments. I'm sure that CNN, MSNBC, etc... will have the censored versions and many will flock to the internet where all the grizzly reality of it all will be 'leaked.'

If this had been a 'pay-per-view' event, how many people would fork over money to see it live? Would you?

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