Chargers, Survivor, and Dexter.

Cool! The Chargers won and matched their highest win total -12. Are you on the bandwagon now that they are winning, or do you support our team regardless? During the later stages of the game I kept saying, "Ok, take LT out. You've made it to the play-offs, no need to risk hurting the premier running back only to pad stats." Luckily nothing happened. Two games left and let's see if they can get home field advantage and get the first round "bye."

Luckily I have DVR so I recorded both Survivor and Dexter final episodes. I was surprised with the last three going to the finals on Survivor but felt that Becky simply rode the coattails of Ozzy and Yul. I wanted Ozzy to win for the following reasons: I don't recall him lying, he won ALL the challenges, and pretty much played a straight game. He wanted it so he did what he could!

Unfortunately, the jurors have the final say and he lost 5-4 to Yul. Yul had the immunity idol that he found early on so people were afraid to vote him off after he told people he had it, and used a little social engineering to get his way. I'm glad that the jury saw that Becky didn't deserve to win and she didn't get a single vote.

Ah, so Dexter kills his brother and makes it look like a suicide. You always wonder what a bad childhood can do to you, huh? I wasn't really surprised but I guess that Dexter didn't have a choice other than to kill him, without risking his own exposure. It's enough that he has his own team member looking at him with the evil eye already.

Now to clear out the recorded movies.

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