Thanks for the crappy ring!

Is it ok for a woman to ask for an upgrade on her ring? Or should she be happy with the ring that she received? What if at the time the man wanted to get a ‘nicer’ ring but the current financial situation prevented that? Is it a slap in the face to even ask for the upgrade? Well, why do I ask?

This morning I got a call on my cell, I normally don’t answer numbers that I don’t recognize, but I answered. It was a woman and she identified herself as from Tiffany’s. Ah, yes. A little history…In early June I had gone to look for a very specific ring but they were out of stock, I told the lady that I was under a ‘Deadline’ so to speak and that I/She wanted it really soon. She smiled and told me that they could get it for me no problem. She gave me a brief lesson on diamonds and I was on my way.

The lady today told me that they had some new rings in a wide price range that I might be interested in since she knew that my deadline was days away. I politely thanked her for all the reminder calls and apologized too.

Upgrade? Yes or No?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sam. To be honest,first reaction is OMG! Truly, I must say that when somone gives a gift to another, the true treasure is found in the heart with which the gift is given and not the dollar value of that gift. I personally would much rather be given a gift that comes from the richness of that person's heart and their love for me, than their money clip. But that's just me.

Happy Holidays,dear.