New Web Host

I moved the website to a real host, finally. Also, got an SSL certificate for the site and more space. That should be enough of a while. Only thing now is to get credit card processing and check clearing, but that's down the line.

A Trip to the Beach

My car got broken into at Coronado Beach. I couldn't believe it! If you know the area, then that's one of the last places you would expect this to happen. They stole my friends pants, my starbucks, and 7-11 giftcards. I was surprised that the GPS, and cash was still there. Weird. The police showed up and did their report, finger-printed and took photos.

It was cheaper for me to call the glass company so they repaired it in my driveway. I used the same company that replaced my front windshield in July (softball to the front windshield)

My First Post

Ok...It's a done deal. I created a blog. Aren't you excited? Half the problem was trying to just come up with a name for the site. I came up with [Name Removed]

It's 12:20pm PDT, and I am waiting for the Little League World Series (Vista vs. Hawaii) to start. Let's see what happens.