Digestive Problems

Just what you wanted to read huh? We went down for sushi today and a couple of hours later I wasn't feeling well at all. Nothing like a flu or anything but more like pain in my intestines. I had gotten invited to go out about 6:00 p.m., but I wasn't feelin' it. So...Happy New Years Eve! :)

Downtown Fire

I'm driving in today, and notice how thick the fog is...but, it's not fog! It's a fire downtown with several streets blocked off. I drove through the dark smoke...very stinky smoke! As we're walking from the parking lot my friend says, 'They should let us go early...' I agree plus nobody is really here anyway.

Snapple Real Fact #146

SnappleThe smallest county in America is New York County, better known as Manhattan.

Blind Drive-Thru Service

I was out and about and decided to use the drive-thru at a major establishment. As I got up to the pay window after ordering, I noticed this sticker:

"Braille and Picture Menus Available - Thank You."

I'd like to get statistics on how many blind people use the drive-thru, maneuver the little turns to pass the order window and then make it to the pay window, stop right in front and then ask, "May I have a braille menu please?"

Now, on to the picture menu. I think the only people that would need a picture menu would be those that can't read...But, the order display has a photo of practically all the burgers and sides. So, would they not order and drive up and read the little sticker and say, "I need a picture menu?"

Have you seen something like this?

Open Fire!

Sailboat in San Diego Bay

I heard a huge KABOOM! I look out the window and an old school ship is firing the cannon!

There it is. I wanted it to turn around and go the other way so that I could get a shot with the aircraft carrier and it in the same frame - the past and current.

Short Week!

It seemed like that anyway. I didn't set my alarm and woke up on my own and still made it to work on time! It helped that the roads are empty and I got a really close parking spot since everyone is using up their, "Use or Lose" hours!

I put up "Happy Bowl Season" on the dry erase board when I walked in. Are you going to watch any bowl games?

2007 Holiday Bowl Parade

The crowd favorite - Doggies!

I came in extra early today so that I could watch the Holiday Bowl Parade. They call it the "Big Balloon Parade" in the official program guide but since it has the two teams that play in the Holiday Bowl (ASU -v- Texas) and since it takes place the same day as the Holiday Bowl then that's what it is! :)

Underdog Balloon at Holiday Bowl Parade 2007

Heather's grandparents, and cousins showed up and found me real quick with my camera!

"Never fear...Underdog is here..." I saw underdog! How many of you remember him?

Crowds lining up to see the Holiday Bowl Parade 2007One of the interesting parts was when the Texas Longhorn Band passed by and the Arizona State Devils started chanting, "ASU, ASU, ASU!!!" A guy from the Texas band, the last row guy, stuck his hand behind his back and gave the ASU fans the finger. The girls next to me asked, "Did you get that!!?!!?"

Overall, a good parade. Nice weather.


Snapple Real Fact #109

Snapple Smelling bananas and/or apples can help you lose weight.

Whoa! I wonder how many people will try this? But, it doesn't say how much of an impact it has. I wonder if this is a registered diet?

California Cell Phone Laws

The question keeps coming up about the new California cell phone laws. After reading the DMV FAQ on Cell Phone Laws it's pretty clear no driver under the age of 18 can use a cell phone (hands-free or not) unless it's for an emergency (fire, police, heathcare, etc...). Adults have to use a hands-free method. The law goes into effect 1 July 2008 - plenty of time for wireless carriers to make some money.

Do you think this will cut down on all the cell phone "distraction" accidents?


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you got/get everything you wanted and were around those you hold special! :)


Christmas Eve

I talked to Heather and she still needed to go with Grandma to get my present. She confirmed that it was still what I wanted - yup. I know for sure it's getting wrapped. :) I picked her up from Grandma's house after she called; not texted!

We went to Chili's (it was chilly in there) and had our usual meal, talked and I got to tease her about stuff. Back at the house, we watched the Charger game a little, played with our new toys, took pictures, walked around the neighborhood looking at lights until someone got cold, and plain just goofed off.

I dropped Heather off at her aunt's for their get together and I headed back because I had to start my missions on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Luckily I was playing late because I got a call from Heather, "Daddy, can we use your locksmith expertise?" I asked for details and said, "Sure. I'll be right there."

One thing about having people watch while you try to open a lock is that you have this extra little pressure. I knew I could open it and so did Heather, but how long is too long before they say, "uh never mind. Where's the sledge hammer?" I opened it, and I got a hug and some homemade cookies for saving someones butt since there was no key.


Chargers Send Broncos Packing


Charger Helmet23

Who can watch football when it's Christmas Eve? Heather and I just glanced at the score as we played our games. :) The Chargers were supposed to win and they did! Only one more game versus the Raiders up in their house! Go Chargers

Bent Lines?

You might have to click on the image to get the effect to work.

I really like this one. Are you sure you see what you think you see?

Veggin' Out

Didn't do much today of significant importance: I loaded some stuff on Heather's new toy, watched football, cleaned around the house, did dishes, got the laundry ready, bought some batteries for my mag light, debated whether I should wrap Heather's present or not. She laughs at how I wrap them so she already knows not to expect a wrapping masterpiece!

Heather and I texted our plans for tomorrow, so let's see how that goes.

Day two of my route, and felt okay but I think I like running at night better than during the day since it's cooler, and more quiet.


Snapple Real Fact #64

Strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges.

Early New Year's Resolution

Instead of waiting until the new year to start, I started today! I woke up this morning and said, "I haven't gone running a while!" but knew that I wasn't just going to do my five miles and not feel some kind of complaining from my legs and lungs, so I just walked the route for now. The goal is to do 5 times a week, not necessarily 5 days. I should be able to run at least the non-buttbuster hilly areas by the 1st.

So far, so good. The only thing I missed was the music on the route, so I'm shopping for an mp3 player. You notice I didn't say iPod? I was looking at the Creative Zen because it has the FM radio also, but I'd like the iPod nano to use the Nike Running adaptor thing. Hmmm, I might get the black iPod Classic 160gb.

As an additional motivator, I'm putting it down here when I do these so my friends can pick on me when I don't. :)


Snapple Real Fact #89

The average American walks 18,000 steps a day.

This can't be true! But that's just me mumbling...Do you believe it?

Christmas List

Everyone is a little Christmas chatty this morning, and people are in panic because they haven't finished their shopping. One of the questions is: Do you think you're special someone will get you what you want? What is it? If not, why not?

Red Light Traffic Camera Busted

This guy probably isn't the most popular person in town. He's fixing the photo enforcement camera for red light runners on grape street in San Diego. I just had to snap his picture since it reminds me of something. BTW, this machine dishes out $400 tickets!

I wonder what they do when a person has that reflection cover on their license plate since all it shows is a big glare spot on the photo?

You want one?



I took this picture during Districts in the June, while I was shooting a softball game. Between batters, I heard someone say there they go. After looking around little, I found them - slowly drifting into the sky.

I kept my eye on the balloons until I could barely see them. I wondered where they'd end up. Whether they'd pop, and if not, how long before they came back down to earth.

Follow the dots!

spinning dots You have to click on the image to get this to work.

First, follow the moving dot for several revolutions...Tell me what happens.

Next, stare at the "plus" sign in the center of the dots for 10 seconds. What did it do, what happened?

Christmas Balls

I get in this morning and my "cubicle neighbor" put a giant pack of chocolate christmas balls on my keyboard. I immediately went over to ask her if she was trying to tell me something, but all I saw was a sticky, "On leave the rest of the year!" Must be nice!

How much time are you taking for vacation?

Christmas Potluck

Christmas Potluck

The new girl and I parked at the same time. I was finishing up listening to war of the roses on the radio. She had just gotten out of her car and I saw a huge grin on her face. I said, "I know why you're happy. Because now you have someone to help you bring in some of that food!" She laughed and admitted that I was right.

I took the monster bag of bread from her and she invited me to go. I told her that I wasn't invited plus I didn't bring anything. She asked me to go anyway and just say that I brought the bread!

Today is "nacho supreme day" and I passed on the potluck invitation. Esther told me that she had saved some just for me. After eating by my lonesome, I made an appearance to just say "hi" to everyone. Then I hear a simultaneous, "OMG, it's Sam...hurry close the doors, hide the food! Just kidding [laughter] We love you, Sam." A group of people said that I was fun to pick on. Heheh, don't be surprised when I pull a prank on you while you're at the luncheon. :)

I only stayed long enough to get the picture and left...Now, I hear the bands warming up on the Midway outside. The Holiday Parade soon - it's that time of year.

Random Sam Fact #129


I really like the sound of paper shredding! Is that weird or what? I like to put as many papers as I can to hear the machine churn away. Or, put other things in there and see how they crunch! This is our trusty shredder and we have a vac to clean up the mess after we change the bags.

Do you like the sound of shredding paper?

George Bush's Executive Order

People may or may not like Bush overall, but right now, Federal employees do. We were sent a link to executive order, today to confirm leave/holiday hours. "All executive branch departments and agencies of the Federal Government shall be closed and their employees excused from duty on Monday, December 24th, 2007, the day before Christmas Day, except .... "

So now people won't have to call in sick on Monday to finish up their Christmas shopping. :)

Are you working Christmas Eve?

Little Italy

Little Italy San Diego Sign

Resti took our little group (7) with him. Nobody wanted the front seat so I took it. We drove to Little Italy and ended up at Filippi's Pizza Grotto. I'm so glad that we got there early because the place soon got packed.

All the orders were ready and all we had to do was just confirm our drinks. In total there were about 16 or so of us so it wasn't that huge of group. I received my lasagna and my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. I didn't attempt to finish it all, and everyone was guessing that naps were going to be in order this afternoon for all of us!

We decided to take a picture and one of the guys wanted to be in the pix. Everyone was afraid to ask a stranger, so I did: "Excuse me, sir...Would you help us out by taking a picture? We'd greatly appreciate it!" We gave him the camera and he snapped it. I clapped for him and the rest joined in.

When I got back, one of the ladies gave me a gift bag of truffles. Dessert!

Do you ever ask strangers to take a photo of your group?

10-year-old Girl Faces Felony Charges

A girl at a school in Marion County was arrested on Thursday when she was caught using a knife that she brought in from home to cut her food. The elementary school student was charged with possession of a weapon on the school campus, a felony.

School officials took the knife away after confronting her and she admitted that she had brought the knife to school on more than one occasion. Sheriff deputies were called, and they knew the "ZERO TOLERANCE" law, so they arrested her. She was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC). Now it's in the hands of the prosecutor to see how to handle this.

We all know the context in which this "Zero Tolerence" law was written. We know why, and under which circumstance this applies. But, not using your common sense/reasoning/thinking abilities in situations like this shows people have ZERO going on in their brain. I'm referring to punishment. No knives is a good idea, but don't put her away for years.

This is obvisously a no-charge case. But, will the district attorney's office say, "It's the law. It's written in black and white - it's a felony. Lock her up! Throw the book at her!"

What do you think?

The Week ahead

Looks like no meeting this week since my client (boss) is off the rest of the year! I got invited/included in a department party, otherwise I would have been alone. :( I voted on going out to Filippi's Pizza for our little luncheon. I've already put in my order and ready!

The Christmas Lights

Light Bright!

I wandered around the neighborhood on a walk. I took the camera just because.

The little reindeer's head moves from side to side. I think this is the house with the most decorations. It seems like more people put up lights this year.

Chargers Maul Lions

Detroit Helmet14

Charger Helmet51

Talk about an ego booster! The Chargers went on a roll and didn't look back. They won the AFC Western Division. If they can win the rest of the regular season games they will be the 3rd seed. Go Chargers!

Mow the Lawn

I looked at the lawn this morning. During this time of year it doesn't grow as fast but needed some attention. There were some leaves and then all of a sudden a hear a thud. A giant mound of dog poo. I don't know what hit me first: the sight of it or the whiff after I ran the mower over it!?

Ugh. I went to get the hose, when I noticed that a swarm of pickups came by and parked helping someone move in. I walked up to the people and asked, "New neighbors?" The lady said, that the person they were helping was a victim of the fires and the were moving them in.

I turned around, and then I heard someone yell, "Ewwww. Someone got dog poo all over the carpet!!!" I instantly looked over to where the poo was. It was gone! I nonchalantly just walked over back to my lawn ... whistling of course. :)

Heather's Party

Heather's Cake

We finally got to celebrate Heather's party today! At first, Heather wanted to have a paintball warfest, but something tells me that 200 paintballs going at 300 fps was gonna be leaving some marks! :)

Instead, the party was at "Atlantis Lazer Tag." It was in the same building that Heather had gone to as a toddler, the little ball pits, obstacle courses and such.

This is the first year that there were more boys invited to the party, a big change where there was only one boy! Unfortunately, not everyone that was invited could go. But, that's always the case.

Daughter and Father

We played the first game, and then took a pizza break, then played the second game. This time it was the adults versus the kids. We won! I couldn't tell who had more fun, the kids or the adults! Cake and gift time, and then use up all the remaining tokens on games, air hockey, DDR, and skeeball, etc..

After everything finished, we saw the the rules for the lazer tag and all the different "abilities" you can get...Dang: Rapid Fire, invulnerability, mega bomb, etc...Uh I think we needed that before! Definitely would have been more fun.

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Naked Women in Gym

A little boy got lost at the YMCA and found himself in the women's
locker room. When he was spotted, the room burst into shrieks, with
ladies grabbing towels and running for cover. The little boy watched in
amazement and then asked, "What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a
little boy before?"

Christmas Party

Today is our annual Christmas party. The girls have asked if I'm going and if so, who with. I had planned on going but things have changed. They have buses to take us to alleviate the parking problem.

One of my friends has had a problem finding a dress. I wonder if they will ever wear it again, because I know that women will remember what they wore and ask about that. Will it sit in the closet? With guys it's easy and we don't stress about what to wear. :)

Are you going to your Christmas Party?


Today marks a new day...a new chapter sort of speak. I have no idea what will happen next...I got a good nap, and talked to friends. Thanks guys!

Mr. Bean!

Find the Man in the Beans

You have to actually click the image to get this to work.

You've done the "Where's Waldo?" But how fast can you find the man in the beans?

If you can do it in about 3 seconds then your right brain is pretty developed...but who knows?! I spotted it pretty quick. Let me know what you think.

Questions for Bloggers/Visitors

Questions for the bloggers/visitors:

  • When you visit a blog, do you leave a comment because you feel you should or do you just lurk?
  • Do you list every blog on your blog roll? Or feel that you have to if they did yours?
  • Do you get upset if you post and see a big fat ZERO for comments?
  • Have you disabled comments in frustration because you get no comments?
  • Are you the type that posts a comment on everyone just to be the first?
  • Do you stick to one topic or go all over the place?
  • Is your blog for making money or just to vent, speak what's on your mind?
  • Did you find my blog by chance by clicking on the NEXT button link?
  • Do you read comments just to see who is posting comments?
  • How many times a day to do check your stats?
  • Do you get mad if you leave a comment and they don't respond on theirs or yours?
  • Do you wish some visitors would stop visiting?
  • What do you think of all the "meme?"
  • How about all the awards?
  • How many stalkers do you have?
  • Is your blog private/hidden?
  • Comment limited to team members/invited members?
  • Are you anonymous and post stuff you don't want anyone to know in real life?
  • Blog at work?
  • Addicted to blogging?
  • Feel blogging is a chore, more than fun?
  • Spy on your ex?
  • Wish you lived someone else's life?
  • Make up stuff because you don't have anything to write?
  • Do you ignore people's comments or delete them
  • Leave comments just to increase traffic to your site?
  • Don't have anything to write about?
  • Wonder why you read my cheesy blog?

  • What did I leave out?

    Snapple Real Fact #104

    There are more than 30,000 diets on public record.

    I wonder if one of them is: eat less and excercise more?

    Your Order Has Been Shipped

    I ordered something for my daughter's birthday back in November so that it would arrive in time, but for whatever reasons, the ship date got pushed back to the day after her b-day. I let her know that it was still on it's way.

    The day that they were supposed to ship the item, I received an e-mail stating, "blah blah dah dee dah double blah." The new ship date was December 17th. Ugh. I guess is going to be a Christmas present, right?

    Well, I received an e-mail this morning stating that "Your order has been shipped!" and should be here on Wednesday. I got a smile for a second, but hey, wait a minute. I'm not going to be tricked into thinking you shipped it early when in fact you're late. Nice try, but no cigar.

    Chargers Beat Titans

    Titan's Helmet17

    Charger Helmet23

    The Chargers went over to the Titan's house and barely won in Overtime. LT had a great day, but it took him a little to get started. You could see frustration showing early in the game. But, the Chargers won the AFC West Division by winning today. Have I told you I dislike the OT rule (whoever scores first) wins?

    The rule should be: Both offenses will get a chance to score. Let's say the Chargers scored a TD in four plays, then the Titans would have to score a TD in four or less plays. If they did then the game would progress like a normal game until someone scored last.

    This would give special, defensive, and offensive teams to play. Not just the side that won the toss.

    Mayweather TKO Over Hatton

    Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather weigh-inAl Bello / Getty Images

    I was wanting to see this fight but it wasn't as big as the Mayweather -v- Oscar Dela Hoya fight, but I wanted to see a good fight. Mayweather knocked him out. He had supposedly retired after the last fight, but ...

    One of the premium channels had a multi-part episode on these guys to try to build up action/hype on the fight, but I'm glad that it didn't come a decision. I think fights should end decisively with a knockout so that any mumbo jumbo judges are out of the picture.

    Can you see the love they have for each other?

    Tim Tebow wins Heisman

    Tim Tebow and Woman

    Tim Tebow (a Gator) won the Heisman Trophy today as a sophomore. Very impressive since only juniors and seniors have won the prestigious college football award.

    I'm glad that he won because I dislike when a performance is overlooked because people say "he's only a sophomore and he'll have two more years to get it." So what! It's how he did this year.

    Here he is with a huge smile. :)

    Rainy Friday

    Rainy San Diego Commute

    There was a 70% chance of rain but all you had to do was look at the coulds and know it was 100% I left a earlier than normal because I knew there was going to be an accident or just slow drivers.

    We have displays on the freeway that show how long it will take to get to certain milestones. In this case, downtown and the connecting freeways. It was DOUBLE the time I normally see as I drive by.

    The interesting part to me was that the on-ramp meter was OFF! Just zoomed on by and the traffic on the 94 was very light.

    San Diego needs the rain, and I'm saving money on my water bill. :)

    Do you remember to turn off your water timers?

    Good Kisser Bad Kisser

    Here's a topic that I've heard women talk about a lot. Determining the future with a significant other based on how well they kiss! A judgement early on, and the relationship is doomed from the get-go. Maybe they just had a bad night/day and poof, regardless - that's the end!

    One of the first questions the girls ask their friend after a date is, "Well, how was it? Is he a good kisser?" Guys ask different questions from a friend after a date, and I'm sure you know what they are. :)

    Women, are you guilty?

    Bathroom Breaks

    Toilet Stall

    Have you noticed that people are possessive of their department bathrooms? You see a stranger using your bathroom and the only reason is because they don't want to stink up their bathroom in their area. Of course, they try to act all sly and all, but we know what's going on!

    People look for the most secluded restroom, and of course it's usually a guy since women will generally wait till they get home. If someone is in the restroom as you walk in, they flush, cough, ruffle the newspaper, etc...to mask any incriminating sounds and want you to leave really quick so they can continue their business!

    Who knows what I'm talking about?

    Snapple Real Fact #19


    Children grow faster in the spring.

    Is this a shocker to anyone?

    Daily Stuff

    My weekly meeting wasn't very exciting except that my client and I came to terms on definitions. Being a computer person, programmer, etc...getting the exact requirements save a lot of headaches later. Especially since I have a milestone chart that I have to keep to.

    Patriots Survive

    Did you watch Monday Night Football? If you didn't, you missed a great game that came down almost to the last play. IF the Ravens had caught the ball just two yards or so further down, they would have upset the Patriots. But, instead they were just another team on the quest for the undefeated season - NEXT!

    Mind Control!

    Stop the Circles from Spinning

    You have to actually click the image to get this to work.

    Once you view the image in large, you will be able to stop the circles from spinning! Yes, just by using your mind power alone and the fact that I told you that this will happen!

    If you stare at the center black dot, tell me what happens...

    You will be completely under the control of your subconscious. Just give in...

    If you're interested in more stuff like this, visit Michael Bach, he explains how this and a bunch of other illusions work. If you go to his site, tell me which one you liked the best. I like the spinning face!

    Snapple Real Fact #26

    The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters.

    Just Stuff

    This is the third year of softball on-line registration for us at BV and it's going a lot smoother than expected. The season doesn't officially start until late February but everyone is eager to get everything rolling.

    A friend called me tonight and asked that I go to a website, she wanted to get my reaction to something. I went to the site and she laughed when she heard that I was actually on the site. I must retaliate, just need to pick my time! :)

    Chargers Return the Favor


    Charger Helmet24

    The last time thee Chargers played Kansas City it was here in San Diego, and the Chiefs spanked them 30-16. They came in and left home smilin'. So, the Chargers went into Arrowhead Stadium with an aggressive defense, excellent output from LT (170+ yards), an overall good game, and left smilin'!

    I'd still like to see a stronger passing game, to relieve the pressure off LT...If they're improving then that's what counts.

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Heather! :) I know that I told you at 12:00 a.m., but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Keep some booty on the softball field today.

    Is France a Country?

    Come on...tell me what you think!

    World AIDS Day

    I was chatting with a friend today, and I commented on how it seems like AIDS is not as much of a news item anymore. Most people know how it's acquired, and the paranoia of just being in the same room with someone with AIDS is mostly gone.

    Advances in research have kept the hope alive for many, and it's days like this that we are reminded that AIDS isn't just another way to die.

    My Drive Home


    My drive home took just a little longer than usual because one, it was raining and two, there was a rollover on the opposite direction and everyone had to look.

    This is what I saw as I waited at my my exit. It looked a lot nicer but I didn't have my camera with me, so this is all you get!

    After viewing this for a second, it made me think of the bible. It says to see the rainbow as a promise that God wouldn't flood the world again. He'll just destroy it another way. Okay, that made me ask, or more that it made it sound like they had not seen rainbows before. We know what rainbows are, and how/why they appear.

    Anyone know?

    Random Sam Fact #193

    Rain Drops on Windshield

    I like to watch the rain drops roll up the windshield.

    I don't use the wipers unless it would be unsafe not to. Basically, I like the trails the drops leave, but it can't be raining too hard because then they just splatter.

    A Letter to Santa

    Do you remember when parents took their kids to stand in line and see the big ol' fat Santa? They listen to their little boy or girl tell Santa about everything they wanted?

    Later, you were able to write a letter and mail it to Santa to give him your gift ideas. Of course, Santa is up with the times so he started taking e-mails.

    This year he went all out and hired some new IT guys so he now has IM and Chat capabilities. His hybrid eco-friendly (reindeer poop is re-cycled to power) sled is equipped with Long-range wireless, and his LCD monitors installed by PIMP MY RIDE show constant stock levels of all toys so if he needs to stop off and re-load he can.

    GPS routes are planned based on the "naughty and nice" lists and avoid delay areas such as those pesky airports. The new system will cut down on time, and a new "cookie suction device" will go down the chimney so that the fat boy doesn't have to try and squeeze in.

    Santa isn't outsourcing his duties so all is well! Are you ready for Christmas?


    I know nobody will believe this, but a taxi-cab stopped for me at the crosswalk and the light ahead wasn't red! Normally people ignore pedestrians in the crosswalk even though there is a huge sign that says, "Pedestrians have the right of way."

    Snapple Real Fact #28

    Chewing gum while peeling onions will prevent you from crying

    Okay any of you cooks out there, have you tried this?

    I'm in Early

    Well, I woke up 4:50 a.m. couldn't fall back to sleep. Should I try to go back to sleep or just get up? I decided that instead of just laying in bed watching/listening to CNN, I'd just get up and start my day.

    I bought some bolts last night for my car and crawled under my car to put them in. No more vibration rattle. :)

    Long Day

    My weekly status update meeting was postponed by an hour and a half - ugh. I thought it would run into my lunch but I timed it just right.

    The Blood Bank e-mailed me that it's time again for my double blood donation again. Does it seem like 4 months since I did it last? I guess so, they wanted to make sure I got the message because they called at home and on my cell. I stayed late to make up the time that I will use tomorrow to go after my lunch break.

    I went to the park...it's dark after work. Went to Costco ($3.229), Rubio's and saw someone from my work with her family! How funny that we left almost at the same time and ended up in the same place. Went to Autozone to get some bolts for my car, played some America's Army, talked to a friend, and then packed up some stuff for my friend.

    Monday Night Football

    I watched the Dolphins -v- Steeler game while playing America's Army. I want the Dolphins to go winless for this year! That way they will have the distinction of being the only team to go undefeated AND winless. :)

    The game was pretty bad: 3-0 Steelers. That's all there is to say.

    Chargers Win!

    Raven Helmet14

    Charger Helmet32

    It was good to see that the Chargers finally showed some offense. Phillips was good through the air, but LT struggled for yards. Congrats LT on getting 10,000 yards! Can the Chargers go 10-6 this season?

    One funny thing today was that a friend called me and asked me to look up directions while they drove. I loaded up Google Maps and told them step by step what each of the landmarks would be. The satellite view was pretty helpful when there is nothing else around. :)

    Did anyone watch the Patriots -v- Eagles game? I did! Pretty good game and I'm sure that the Pats got a little scared there! I still want them to go undefeated the whole season.

    No Motivation

    I didn't feel like running but got my lazy butt out there and just did it. Actually, I probably ran 1/3 of the way and walked the rest with intermittent jogs. First days back are slow like this but I'll get back into the swing of things.

    Black Friday

    One of my friends called me today while they were in line waiting for the store to open for Black Friday. Who the heck is calling me at 5:30 a.m.?! We talked until right before the doors opened, expecting the mad rush! :)

    Yes, I vegged out the whole day! It was pretty cool, and I turned off the alarm so that I didn't get my 5:45 a.m. wake-up shock.

    I finished off my turkey sandwiches for dinner. I don't put much on there except, wasabe mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and white meat on white bread.

    How long do your Thanksgiving left-overs last?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving Image Lifted from Google :)Heather just finished her first 5K run. We agreed that her official time was off because it took 6 minutes just to get to the starting line! Would it surprise you that a Kenyan won? Fast, fast, fast.

    We're heading out to visit some friends right now so...Hasta. Enjoy your day!

    Turkey Day

    Turkey Day Revolt
    It's interesting what you see when you walk around the offices. But this was the most creative for the day. I just had to share.

    How would you feel if you knew you were going to be stuffed and eaten tomorrow?

    The One

    The big topic today at lunch (chicken flautas for me) was how long it takes to realize when you are with "The One." The answers varied but the guys wait until they found out if a woman will do certain things while the women wanted certain traits.

    How long though? None of us believed in love at first sight. I feel that is more of lust at first sight because you have no idea how they handle conflict, temptation, moods, finances, etc...You know very quickly if you "click" with someone but the majority agreed that it was somewhere in the 4-6 month range. But, then even when couples know they aren't compatible, they stay together.

    After the honeymoon stage, when you have to rely on communication and conflict resolution is when you really find out if you will end up staying for good.

    Snapple Real Fact #82

    August has the highest percentage of births.

    Hmmm...I wonder what could be so special about the month of November?

    I Didn't Have Time

    Have you ever planned something with anyone and it didn't happen because the other person said, "I didn't have time." As you get older you begin to realize that that isn't the real answer.

    What they are really telling you is this: What I actually ended up doing was more important to me than doing something with you!

    To prove this I ask the question, "If someone were to give you ONE MILLION DOLLARS, tax-free with no strings attached, would you have shown up?" If they answer honestly, well the answer is yes. But then again, how many people can say, "I just didn't want to..."

    What do you think?

    Turning Right

    I'm driving home, and notice a truck changing into lane one (fast lane). Nothing unusual about that but he had his RIGHT blinker on for the next 16 miles. Cars kept giving him room to move over but he never did. I got to my exit and his blinker was still going.

    You ever feel dumb when you realize your blinker has been on for miles?

    Conference Calls

    Conference PhoneI get an outlook reminder that our conference call is about to begin, and I get that "ugh" feeling. I don't really like these types of calls, unless it's the kind when we use the giant plasma and you can see everyone on the other side and you can tell whether they are listening or paying attention.

    Just then several technicians open the door and looked surprised we are there. They wanted to work on the lines or something related. The boss wanted it done now so conference or not...it was getting done now! As one of the guys was working on it, we lost our call. Naturally everyone looked over at him and he had the panic look - "What did I do?" We call back and everything is back on track.

    The guy leaves and comes back twenty minutes later, and as soon as he sits down at the little box, we get disconnected. Everyone in the conference room turns and looks at the guy. This time he raises both hands, shakes his head and says, "NOT ME!! I didn't do a thing!" We busted out laughing. He gets up and walks out of the room!

    We figured out that when you reserve one hour for a call, that's all you get. The call went dead mid-sentence, and our little code no longer worked.

    Random Sam Fact #378

    I don't have the light on when I take a shower. Why have it on? I know where everything is that I need to wash! :)

    Chargers lose to Jaguars

    Charger Helmet17

    Jaguar Helmet24

    After "beating" the Colts last week, you would think the Chargers would try to prove that they were better than that...but, the Chargers lost again! When they step on the field you don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling they are going to score. Since LT has been shut down overall, it's up to Phillips and step up and find another way to score. Would you think they would be 5-5 at this point?

    The only thing going for the Chargers at this point is that the AFC West is a really weak division, and probably the division winner will end up 9-7, or 10-6?

    Google Image Labeler

    I was looking for some images on Google Image and finally clicked on Google Image Labeler that is on the google image page to see what that was all about.

    In my opinion Google is using it's users with Google Image Labeler to give better descriptions for the bazillions of images that they have indexed. They use the game and point method and I played it for about 30 minutes (yes, I was hooked for a little). I was teamed up with a random person and we both are presented with the same image and then have to type descriptions for the image and can't use certain words that have been used (labeled in red). Someone asked me why the random person and I responded so that you can't label a picture of rose as "BOTTLE" with a friend.

    Points are awarded for descriptions that you both match on. You have a certain time limit to accomplish this and you can enter words, or pass. I got almost 3000 points with one person and averaged 700 with another. It helps to be teamed up with a fast typist because you want to go through as many images as possible in your time limit.

    Google keeps track of a ladder board and all your points or you can remain anonymous (guest). Try it out...

    The Brickyard

    Denisse, Kathi, and Kim
    Sam's Lunch: Paninni and salad

    Today we went to the brickyard for lunch. Robert, Kim, Denisse, Kathi, and I walked just a block or so and kicked back for a little get together

    Each time the trolley passed by the window rattled. We just looked at each other but got used to it after a couple of times.

    We haven't been to sushi lately, so don't be surprised if we head out to Harry's :)

    Do you have a lunch spot you like to hit on Friday's?