Can you hear it now?

Train HornI found this test on one of my friend's facebook profile today and took the test even though it was meant for teenagers. Since I'm slightly over 25, I didn't expecting to hear anything but boy did I hear an annoying high pitched noise.

Let me know if you hear something.

Snapple Real Fact #44

Snapple Facts

The bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps.

What would you do if you didn't have to sleep?

Slow Pedestrian Crossing

It's amazing how that slow pedestrian crossing becomes a very fast pedestrian crossing when you turn your lights on, rev up the engines, and peel out towards them! :)
Do you hate it when pedestrian go at a crawls pace while walking in the crosswalk?

We all went out to IN-n-OUT Burger and this is how many crew members were working behind the counter!
I've never seen that many at any one time and as they called our order I asked the girl, "You don't need proof of the order do you?"  She looks at me and tells me that they aren't allowed to ask for proof but to just give the customer the order.   
When they called the rest of our group's order, the girl saw me go up and she laughed because she knew I was going to take the order even though it wasn't mine.  She ended up bringing it to our table.

Do you like it animal style?


This is the top secret manual on the much coveted, "BFG." :)   How many of you know what I'm talking about?

What kind of computer games do you like to play if any?  Card, puzzle, board, fps, etc...

2009 President's Day

It's raining in San Diego!  I didn't need my iPhone to tell me that it was but here's my question for you guys...If you're in Kansas and there's a tornado going on, do you have a little tornado icon on your display?

I'm doing web programming, updating the BV webiste site, Church website, and wrapping up a sign-up site.  Working from home but at least in in my sweats and keeping toasty :)

What did  you do for the holiday?

Valentine Strudel

What do you think of the strawberry strudel? What are you doing or what did you do for your honey for Valentine's Day?

Have your VD celebrations changed over the years? Do you guys just see it as another day?  Or do you do the "we don't need a day to make it special?"

Or how many dread this day because you can't think of anything to do for your partner?

Beer Money

I ran across this homeless guy on my home from work the other day.  I noticed from the off-ramp that after anyone gave him money, he would do a little celebration dance and even from a distance I could tell he wasn't homeless.  He just didn't fit the profile so tell me if you disagree.

As I pulled up, I lowered my window and he immediately saw my badge and said, "aw dude, you ain't no cop are you? I ain't doin' nothing wrong!" I grinned and asked, "lemme check out your sign."

He holds it up with a very proud look as if he spent countless hours crafting and refining the verbiage he would use to convince everyone to hand over some spare change.  I snap the photo and he tells me that one of you guys even gave me some money.  I drive off and he waves at me shaking his sign side to side.

Double Rainbow

It's been raining in San Diego now for about a week now but I don't mind since I like the rain except while driving to and from work.  What do you think of the double rainbow?

I actually took this with my iPhone while Heather and I were at a volleyball tournament up in Anaheim.  We set up a tent city outside and I snapped this in between games right after the girls finished eating.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea has been living with me since October 2008 right after Jess brought her over when her place got flooded.  It's really her kitty but I'm just taking care of her for the moment.

She's developed some routines and wakes me up every morning about 5:20 a.m. regardless of whether it's a work day or not, runs to the phone when she hears Jess' ring tone, and waits for me to come home.

It seems as though Jess and Heather are double teaming me to get a Beagle...How long before I give in?

Is $hit Creek on Google Maps?

This is an actual street view of the infamous location:
Have you ever been there?

Answer Only 5 Simple Questions

Have you ever received a call like this?

Caller: Hello Amanda! You've been chosen at random to participate in a short five question survey.
Victim: How did you get my number?
Caller: Would you like to participate in this survey?
Victim: No. I don't participate in surveys.
Caller: Okay, good, good, good.  Survey question number one - No.  Now on to question number two.
Victim: I don't do surveys!
Caller: Okay.  Why not?
Victim: Because they're stupid and waste my time.
Caller: Okay, good, good, good.  Survey question number two - "waste of time."  Only three more questions!
Victim: OMG you tricked me!
Caller: How did I do that?
Victim: By asking me questions!!!

The Dentist Office Visit

Has this ever happened to your kids after a dentist visit?  I think this is the original but there a lot of mash up versions out there that are pretty funny.

Jack hit by bus!. Is it true?! Is the giant head dead? Rumors have it that he is in critical condition with the prognosis changing by the moment.  Getting hit by a bus on Super Bowl Sunday is a sad way to make the news.  Our prayers are with you, Jack!

Official statement from Jack in the box can be viewed: at hangintherejack

Please leave well wishes for him in the comments section and they will be passed on to him or his family!