Beer Money

I ran across this homeless guy on my home from work the other day.  I noticed from the off-ramp that after anyone gave him money, he would do a little celebration dance and even from a distance I could tell he wasn't homeless.  He just didn't fit the profile so tell me if you disagree.

As I pulled up, I lowered my window and he immediately saw my badge and said, "aw dude, you ain't no cop are you? I ain't doin' nothing wrong!" I grinned and asked, "lemme check out your sign."

He holds it up with a very proud look as if he spent countless hours crafting and refining the verbiage he would use to convince everyone to hand over some spare change.  I snap the photo and he tells me that one of you guys even gave me some money.  I drive off and he waves at me shaking his sign side to side.

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