Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Training

SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Scripts
I've been in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Training this week.  A five day course in SharePoint Configuring and Administration that is instructor led on-line with virtual machine labs.  I like the course except that it is based on Central Time.  So their 8:00 a.m. start time is really 6:00 a.m. -  Oh joy.

So today we're working on scripting using PowerShell and the instructor likes to share his screen and draw on the slides to highlight details he wants us to learn. I'm actually interested in taking the SharePoint 2010 developer course since it works really well with VisualStudio, but that's for another time.  Maybe I'll take the certification test after some practice in the labs :)

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

This is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  For some reason I'm fascinated by all the Titanic shows and documentaries that appear on the Discovery Channel or NatGeo, and yes I will watch all of them.  Today since it was raining and super windy in San Diego, we decided that we would go to the Titanic Artifact Exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park.

They had a special $19.12 price for all admission that included general admission to the rest of the features and all the movies.  The exhibit was going to stay open until 3:00 a.m. to accommodate the crowds.  The line to get into the exhibit was about 30-45 minutes and we were allowed to stay as long as we wanted.  Once we got to the entrance they issued us "Boarding Passes" that had the name of person that was actually on the Titanic.  We were instructed to located their name on the list of survivors.  My person was Colonel John Jacob Astor IV (He didn't make it) and it gives a little bio on the reverse side.
People dressed in attire from the era wandered the exhibit and wouldn't come out of character even when I asked them to post their FaceBook status.  All the items in temperature controlled glass containers were actual items brought up from the Titanic.  Other props such as state rooms and pipes and passages were only to add to the scenery.  We read all the material and looked at all the items.  That took two hours.  At the end there is a gift shop but we didn't even bother to stop and headed toward the next movie about survivor accounts of the sinking.  Very interesting stuff.  We saw a couple of friends there and said a brief hello as we headed to our next event...Overall a good exhibit.

iTunes Stuck on Accessing iTunes Store

If you've ever loaded up your iTunes and it gets stuck on "Accessing iTunes Store" then you can feel the frustration of just waiting for it to complete but it just stays on the message and only goes away when you click the little "X"

If de-authorizing, repairing, re-installing the program does not solve the problem then try this:
on a Windows machine go to the START button, the search box type, "CMD" which will find the cmd.exe but don't press enter.  Right-click and click "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR."  At the command prompt, Type "NETSH WINSOCK RESET"

You will need to re-start your computer after that but should be okay.  Let me know if this works for you in solving your "Accessing iTunes Store" problem.  If it didn't work, let me know what solution worked for you.

Does This Outfit Make Me Look Fat?

Girl in Shorts
A friend of mine posted this on their FaceBook recently.  This reminds me of the wife that asks, "Honey, does this outfit make me look fat?"  Is there a correct answer?  I'll leave that up to you or refer to this psychology today article.

Basically all the comments said, "What was she thinking?!"  I'm not against people wearing what they want (who am I to decide) but my question is, "Why did you wear that particular outfit?"

Is she getting the attention she wants?