My Drive Home


My drive home took just a little longer than usual because one, it was raining and two, there was a rollover on the opposite direction and everyone had to look.

This is what I saw as I waited at my my exit. It looked a lot nicer but I didn't have my camera with me, so this is all you get!

After viewing this for a second, it made me think of the bible. It says to see the rainbow as a promise that God wouldn't flood the world again. He'll just destroy it another way. Okay, that made me ask, or more that it made it sound like they had not seen rainbows before. We know what rainbows are, and how/why they appear.

Anyone know?

Random Sam Fact #193

Rain Drops on Windshield

I like to watch the rain drops roll up the windshield.

I don't use the wipers unless it would be unsafe not to. Basically, I like the trails the drops leave, but it can't be raining too hard because then they just splatter.

A Letter to Santa

Do you remember when parents took their kids to stand in line and see the big ol' fat Santa? They listen to their little boy or girl tell Santa about everything they wanted?

Later, you were able to write a letter and mail it to Santa to give him your gift ideas. Of course, Santa is up with the times so he started taking e-mails.

This year he went all out and hired some new IT guys so he now has IM and Chat capabilities. His hybrid eco-friendly (reindeer poop is re-cycled to power) sled is equipped with Long-range wireless, and his LCD monitors installed by PIMP MY RIDE show constant stock levels of all toys so if he needs to stop off and re-load he can.

GPS routes are planned based on the "naughty and nice" lists and avoid delay areas such as those pesky airports. The new system will cut down on time, and a new "cookie suction device" will go down the chimney so that the fat boy doesn't have to try and squeeze in.

Santa isn't outsourcing his duties so all is well! Are you ready for Christmas?


I know nobody will believe this, but a taxi-cab stopped for me at the crosswalk and the light ahead wasn't red! Normally people ignore pedestrians in the crosswalk even though there is a huge sign that says, "Pedestrians have the right of way."

Snapple Real Fact #28

Chewing gum while peeling onions will prevent you from crying

Okay any of you cooks out there, have you tried this?

I'm in Early

Well, I woke up 4:50 a.m. couldn't fall back to sleep. Should I try to go back to sleep or just get up? I decided that instead of just laying in bed watching/listening to CNN, I'd just get up and start my day.

I bought some bolts last night for my car and crawled under my car to put them in. No more vibration rattle. :)

Long Day

My weekly status update meeting was postponed by an hour and a half - ugh. I thought it would run into my lunch but I timed it just right.

The Blood Bank e-mailed me that it's time again for my double blood donation again. Does it seem like 4 months since I did it last? I guess so, they wanted to make sure I got the message because they called at home and on my cell. I stayed late to make up the time that I will use tomorrow to go after my lunch break.

I went to the's dark after work. Went to Costco ($3.229), Rubio's and saw someone from my work with her family! How funny that we left almost at the same time and ended up in the same place. Went to Autozone to get some bolts for my car, played some America's Army, talked to a friend, and then packed up some stuff for my friend.

Monday Night Football

I watched the Dolphins -v- Steeler game while playing America's Army. I want the Dolphins to go winless for this year! That way they will have the distinction of being the only team to go undefeated AND winless. :)

The game was pretty bad: 3-0 Steelers. That's all there is to say.

Chargers Win!

Raven Helmet14

Charger Helmet32

It was good to see that the Chargers finally showed some offense. Phillips was good through the air, but LT struggled for yards. Congrats LT on getting 10,000 yards! Can the Chargers go 10-6 this season?

One funny thing today was that a friend called me and asked me to look up directions while they drove. I loaded up Google Maps and told them step by step what each of the landmarks would be. The satellite view was pretty helpful when there is nothing else around. :)

Did anyone watch the Patriots -v- Eagles game? I did! Pretty good game and I'm sure that the Pats got a little scared there! I still want them to go undefeated the whole season.

No Motivation

I didn't feel like running but got my lazy butt out there and just did it. Actually, I probably ran 1/3 of the way and walked the rest with intermittent jogs. First days back are slow like this but I'll get back into the swing of things.

Black Friday

One of my friends called me today while they were in line waiting for the store to open for Black Friday. Who the heck is calling me at 5:30 a.m.?! We talked until right before the doors opened, expecting the mad rush! :)

Yes, I vegged out the whole day! It was pretty cool, and I turned off the alarm so that I didn't get my 5:45 a.m. wake-up shock.

I finished off my turkey sandwiches for dinner. I don't put much on there except, wasabe mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and white meat on white bread.

How long do your Thanksgiving left-overs last?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Image Lifted from Google :)Heather just finished her first 5K run. We agreed that her official time was off because it took 6 minutes just to get to the starting line! Would it surprise you that a Kenyan won? Fast, fast, fast.

We're heading out to visit some friends right now so...Hasta. Enjoy your day!

Turkey Day

Turkey Day Revolt
It's interesting what you see when you walk around the offices. But this was the most creative for the day. I just had to share.

How would you feel if you knew you were going to be stuffed and eaten tomorrow?

The One

The big topic today at lunch (chicken flautas for me) was how long it takes to realize when you are with "The One." The answers varied but the guys wait until they found out if a woman will do certain things while the women wanted certain traits.

How long though? None of us believed in love at first sight. I feel that is more of lust at first sight because you have no idea how they handle conflict, temptation, moods, finances, etc...You know very quickly if you "click" with someone but the majority agreed that it was somewhere in the 4-6 month range. But, then even when couples know they aren't compatible, they stay together.

After the honeymoon stage, when you have to rely on communication and conflict resolution is when you really find out if you will end up staying for good.

Snapple Real Fact #82

August has the highest percentage of births.

Hmmm...I wonder what could be so special about the month of November?

I Didn't Have Time

Have you ever planned something with anyone and it didn't happen because the other person said, "I didn't have time." As you get older you begin to realize that that isn't the real answer.

What they are really telling you is this: What I actually ended up doing was more important to me than doing something with you!

To prove this I ask the question, "If someone were to give you ONE MILLION DOLLARS, tax-free with no strings attached, would you have shown up?" If they answer honestly, well the answer is yes. But then again, how many people can say, "I just didn't want to..."

What do you think?

Turning Right

I'm driving home, and notice a truck changing into lane one (fast lane). Nothing unusual about that but he had his RIGHT blinker on for the next 16 miles. Cars kept giving him room to move over but he never did. I got to my exit and his blinker was still going.

You ever feel dumb when you realize your blinker has been on for miles?

Conference Calls

Conference PhoneI get an outlook reminder that our conference call is about to begin, and I get that "ugh" feeling. I don't really like these types of calls, unless it's the kind when we use the giant plasma and you can see everyone on the other side and you can tell whether they are listening or paying attention.

Just then several technicians open the door and looked surprised we are there. They wanted to work on the lines or something related. The boss wanted it done now so conference or was getting done now! As one of the guys was working on it, we lost our call. Naturally everyone looked over at him and he had the panic look - "What did I do?" We call back and everything is back on track.

The guy leaves and comes back twenty minutes later, and as soon as he sits down at the little box, we get disconnected. Everyone in the conference room turns and looks at the guy. This time he raises both hands, shakes his head and says, "NOT ME!! I didn't do a thing!" We busted out laughing. He gets up and walks out of the room!

We figured out that when you reserve one hour for a call, that's all you get. The call went dead mid-sentence, and our little code no longer worked.

Random Sam Fact #378

I don't have the light on when I take a shower. Why have it on? I know where everything is that I need to wash! :)

Chargers lose to Jaguars

Charger Helmet17

Jaguar Helmet24

After "beating" the Colts last week, you would think the Chargers would try to prove that they were better than that...but, the Chargers lost again! When they step on the field you don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling they are going to score. Since LT has been shut down overall, it's up to Phillips and step up and find another way to score. Would you think they would be 5-5 at this point?

The only thing going for the Chargers at this point is that the AFC West is a really weak division, and probably the division winner will end up 9-7, or 10-6?

Google Image Labeler

I was looking for some images on Google Image and finally clicked on Google Image Labeler that is on the google image page to see what that was all about.

In my opinion Google is using it's users with Google Image Labeler to give better descriptions for the bazillions of images that they have indexed. They use the game and point method and I played it for about 30 minutes (yes, I was hooked for a little). I was teamed up with a random person and we both are presented with the same image and then have to type descriptions for the image and can't use certain words that have been used (labeled in red). Someone asked me why the random person and I responded so that you can't label a picture of rose as "BOTTLE" with a friend.

Points are awarded for descriptions that you both match on. You have a certain time limit to accomplish this and you can enter words, or pass. I got almost 3000 points with one person and averaged 700 with another. It helps to be teamed up with a fast typist because you want to go through as many images as possible in your time limit.

Google keeps track of a ladder board and all your points or you can remain anonymous (guest). Try it out...

The Brickyard

Denisse, Kathi, and Kim
Sam's Lunch: Paninni and salad

Today we went to the brickyard for lunch. Robert, Kim, Denisse, Kathi, and I walked just a block or so and kicked back for a little get together

Each time the trolley passed by the window rattled. We just looked at each other but got used to it after a couple of times.

We haven't been to sushi lately, so don't be surprised if we head out to Harry's :)

Do you have a lunch spot you like to hit on Friday's?

Snapple Real Fact #183

Snapple The Capitol building in Washington D.C. has 365 steps to represent every day of the year.

America's Army Squad Leader

America's Army SAIEach time I play America's Army on-line, I choose to be the Squad Leader. In this role, I can see every member on my team via the SAI (Situational Awareness Indicator). I don't go all rambo and try to mow everyone down, but act as the eyes for the team. I direct our guys to the enemy and hope they listen.

I can see when those little dots turn red meaning that they got killed and can tell where the enemy is attacking from. When my team actually listens to me we can mount a good defense and win.

This game is a time and objective type of simulation, but many play it as an arcade type and America's Army: Special Forces - Pipelinethen get mad that they aren't any good. I've played enough to know the tricks the enemy uses...I have time on my side. Don't let that smoke detract you from where the real enemy is...Can you spot the two enemies waiting to shoot you?

And of course, you don't want to hear: "Your squad has been eliminated!"

Snapple Real Fact #133

Honeybees navigate by using the sun as a compass.

What do they do when it's overcast, navigate by the brightness level? How about the other types of bees?

Cheesecake Factory

Chocolate Sundaes

My friends and I had been planning on going to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our combined birthday's but one celebrated with the wife, so he bailed on our invite, and another just couldn't make it.

Before we ordered, I had mentioned to the server that we had come to celebrate our birthday. She had that "yeah right!" look on her face and proceeded to take our order. It was Tuesday so it wasn't crowded and our order arrived really quick! Yummy.

After the meal, our server asked about dessert and of course we were stuffed. My friend and I were surprised that they didn't bring out the little sliver of cheesecake. But, a second later along with my credit receipt came these two ice cream and chocolate sundaes! :) Three severs sang their version of "happy birthday" for us, and I accidentally blew out the other candle too. Uh, what is the penalty for that?

Carpool Violators

This morning the CHP (California Highway Patrol) had another trap at the end of a metered ramp on the carpool side. Two cars were pulled over and another violator approached the light (heh heh nobody would let him back in the polluter lane) and I can just imagine that his heart rate went up like a rocket. He managed to sneak by as the officer was getting something from the patrol car.

This all made me think of re-enforcers. If the CHP was there everyday then there wouldn't be any violators and the rate of return versus cost to have the CHP there would be very bad. Unless you got people that never used that on-ramp and took the chance.

If they appear every Monday then people would get wise to it and then the rate would go down on those days. But, if it was random...and not having a limit as to how many times per week, then the rate would be very good. Then it would boil down to if the driver wanted to take the risk.

What kind of event would it take for you to take the risk?

Snapple Real Fact #29

On average, a human being will spend 2 weeks kissing in his/her lifetime.

Let's do the math: 336 continuous hours of kissing, usually at the beginning of relationship, or if you date a lot...hmmm.

Is this figure too low, or too high?

Veteran's Day

I didn't have to work today since it's a Federal holiday and slept in till 7:00 a.m. or so, but many of my friends had to work. Of course, I called a friend to pick on them and do the "neener neener!" dance :)

Didn't do much but I played America's Army on-line, did pretty well, did laundry, cleaned up a little. The grass needs to be cut, but I wasn't feeling like doing that. Nothing much else really...

I borrowed that image from Google obviously and like to see what little graphic they'll put up for a given holiday or event. I wonder if anyone has a collection of what designs they have used before.

What did you do for Veteran's Day?

Chargers Beat Colts



I thought the Chargers were going to lose this game before it started but I didn't post my pre-game prediction. The reason? The Colts had just lost to the Patriots and would need to stomp on somebody and the Chargers were next on the schedule. The Chargers would have been demoralized at the loss the previous week to the Vikings and then say, "Oh crap, now the Colts!"

So, the Chargers get a couple of special teams gifts and the offense was weak! No second half scoring AGAIN. Even though they "won" the game because the Colts missed a high percentage field goal, they are in trouble unless they pick it up a notch!

The rain was a surprise, but San Diego needs it. Things are just a little too dry around here right now.

Count Down Timer

The kids at the softball league had been asking me to start the count down to the new softball season. I've been dragging my feet and then something lately motivated me about doing the counter.

I've always seen everyone on MySpace or other social networks having "X number of days until this or that," so I loaded up my Macromedia Flash and wrote one in about 20 minutes while watching football. I put it on the front page of the website and immediately got a comment from someone.

If I feel like it, then I'll do my "Majic Softball." I plan on jogging tomorrow around the hills if it stops raining...But, right now, I'm gonna go play America's Army and get my mind off things. I might even select the M249 and go all Rambo on them baddies!


I got ALL my hairs cut, not just a haircut. The same girl cut my hair as last time, and I got there right before the big crowd. I always forget the card t get stamped, so between Fantastic Sam's and Supercuts someone owes me a free haircut! I told them that I would bring in a handful of these cards to collect.

Making Out

I went on my walk tonight and it was dark by the time I finished. As I approached my house, I noticed a couple making out near my gate/fence. They looked really young and I think I startled them but they went back to business. I doubt they realized it was my place but it didn't bother me.

A second later, the girls mom went to the mailbox looking for her daughter, yelling at her in Tagalog I assume. The boy got in his car without saying a word and drove off really quick. The mom and girl with mail under the arm walked past me and the girl apologized. I just said, "Don't worry about it."

Just something interesting around the neighborhood...

Fast Forward

Heather And...Let's fast forward just a few years and see if you can guess who this is?

I was going through the photos that I had packed up to take with me during the fires, and found a few that I didn't remember until I saw them. They grow up way too fast.

Do you ever look through your photo albums?

Who is this?

SamWho is this kid? Here he is four years old and will be five in a month. Taken up in the San Francisco area a long time ago. Notice the bed head that just won't go away.

Press Here to Operate

Press the correct button This is the door (click photo to see) to the "dungeon," basically the computer room. We have so many problems with this very simple door. It's a sliding door that used to be activated by your badge, but now it opens from the outside by pressure plate.

The going out side doesn't open by pressure,but requires that the big silver button be pressed. People still don't get it. They press on the emergency bar and set off the alarm. THE DOOR DOESN'T SWING OUT.

So, we put up a few signs. Can you see them? Hmmm. I guess not because people still mess up or run into the door. Okay, they read the signs - "Press the button." BUT, there just happens to be an emergency Halon Abort button two inches from the open the door button, to put out fires near computers. Lights flash and someone needs to run and de-activate the alarm before we all get sprayed. Hey, I wonder what happened to the floor sucker upper thing that's missing from the hanger there.

Don't forget the hotline phone there to let the person on the other side know that you were a dork and set off the alarms. Hmmm, and then there's that fire alarm right next to those two other buttons. Tempting isn't it?

59 minutes granted today. Go home early! :)

Utah Quarter

Quarter-dollar coin image from the United States Mint. The Utah quarter just got released a couple of days ago and only 5 more quarters will be released before the entire set is complete: Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and finally Hawaii. The U.S. Mint is releasing the quarters on a schedule with no fixed dates for those final five.

That's right, I didn't do much at lunch today but look out the window while eating. :) I was diggin through my pocket for quarters for the soda machine when I got the idea to look up the quarters. I already got asked. :)

Has your quarter been released yet?

Cruise Ship Elation

Carnival Cruise Ship - Elation in San Diego On Tuesdays there are two cruise ships out in front of my window but only the "Elation" is there today. No matter how many times this ship comes in, it scares the heck out of me each time the horn blows. I walked past it on my way to Anthony's Fish Grotto during lunch.

People cruising to Mexico, I think. Next time I'll just walk up to someone and ask them to be sure. If I did go on that cruise, I wonder if I could catch it here and just park my car in the back lot at my work?

The women on my floor are encouraging me to close my window because all the air is coming in and they're "freezing."

Have you ever been on a cruise or want to go?

Snapple Real Fact #53

The average woman consumes 6 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime.

I wonder if this applies to lipgloss and such?

DVR Catch-up Night

Tonight is for watching the shows that I'd missed on my DVR. I only watched "Tell me you love me," "Dexter," and "How it's made." I bet you laughed at the last show, huh?

It really hit me today why people were really happy to see that I was working on their project today - So they don't have to work 7 days a week. That's why they are constantly asking, "Almost finished?"

I need to be refreshed for tomorrow...Good Night.

Fish Tacos

My friend and I didn't go to Monday Night Football because of softball practice so we scheduled something for tonight. I got gas at Costco ($3.129)and went inside to read some books while I was waiting.

I saw a girl that looked very familiar but I saw her name and it didn't match what I remembered. I thought she had given me a fake name the first time we met. Just then she saw me and said, "I know you!" It clicked just then. "The gym...I talked to you while I was waiting for a racquetball court." I asked her if she was wearing someone else's badge. Everything made sense after she explained. My friend called and I was off to Rubio's

Rubio's was busy especially on $1.00 Fish Taco Day. We found a table in the back and he mentioned a new restaurant that opened. His daughter plays softball too so we talked a little about that but mostly what things were going on in our lives...The wife gets him out of the house for even a couple of hours and she's happy. LOL

One Year

Time did go by fast or so it seemed. When a relationship ends friends always tell you that things will get better, time heals, etc... But still you have to feel like crap regardless of who wanted it or not, and that's the way it is.

Sometimes you wonder if you'll ever hear from them again or not. You wonder if you should call them to say, "hey, what's up!?" But of course, somehow advice from friends, pride, etc...says, "Don't you dare!"

So, in late September, I extended "olive branches" to those that I hadn't apologized to or had hard feelings with for whatever reasons. All had accepted them except one, but it was delayed just a little until my birthday/fires. I was surprised to receive the call but glad and as always, "What now?"

Are you friends with any of your exes?

Snapple Real Fact #96

The average American will eat 35,000 cookies during his/her lifetime.

Let's see: Average 78 years...uh, that's 448 cookies a year or so. 37 Cookies a month...

You think this "fact" is correct?

Unexpected Graph

Make the Bar Rise!This morning as the doors to the freight elevator opened, we all saw this graph right in front of us. One of the women whispered to her friend loud enough for some of us to hear her, "Oh my gawd, I don't need that there every morning to remind me how long it's been!"

Someone wanted to laugh but held it in. I just grinned and didn't say a word. I wonder what she could be referring to? LOL

Weekly Status Reports

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. is my weekly status report. We don't do them on Monday, or Friday because that's when most people take their RDO (regular day off).

My customer wants to know where along in the project I am. Fair enough, but it seems like the task is huge, and you really can't see much. Before (years ago), I used to put down, "Lines of code written: 2,000. Documentation: 40 Pages, etc..." But now it seems a little harder since my project depends on other peoples output so that I can process it. This lead me on a weird tangent when I was writing in my project log...Can you imagine a Marriage/Relationship Weekly Status Report?

A couple would get together and tell each other the things that came up during the week that bothered them or went well, and what they wished to accomplish by the next week, what to work on, etc...weird huh?

You think that would help/hinder a relationship?

Softball in Cerritos

We were supposed to be playing a tournament in Riverside but for what ever reason we ended playing at a high school in Cerritos. Only two fields for the tournament but that worked out okay. Both our 14 & Under teams were there (Black and Red). Pretty soon the final cuts will be done and we'll be down to one team. It will be at this point that they get their real uniforms instead of T-shirts.

One funny part to me at least was Heather playing on our Red team and then before they could finish the "Good Game, Good Game, etc..." after the game, rushed over to the other field just in time to be lead off batter for our Black team.

I didn't order any of the spirit stuff but I'm just going to go out and buy a thick black sweatshirt. Some people asked why I didn't bring the camera to shoot game photos; no response other than to sit back in my $10 Costco chair, smile, and enjoyed the games. I think that said it all! :)

As is our little tradition, we stopped off at Wendy's to get her usual: 3 orders of chicken pieces, and a medium frosty.

Do you do something that people take for granted?

Chargers Lose to Vikings


The San Diego Chargers got blown out. I had predicted Chargers 28, Viking 27 but I didn't get to see the game anyway since I was up in Cerritos in a softball tournament.

The interesting news to me was the rookie Adrian Peterson of the Vikings out performed L.T. and set an NFL single game rushing record of 296 yards! He kicked some major booty, huh?

I didn't record the Patriot versus Colt game because it really wouldn't be any fun to watch since by the time I got home I would know the score. Parents were watching the girls play softball today and then giving out football scores to the rest of the dads.

I had selected the Colts to win but lost on this game also. Bummer.

Do you think the Patriots will go undefeated this season (19-0)?

Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El GordoGot invited to Tacos El Gordo. I thought it was the one in Chula Vista on H-Street but we ended up in National City (the less crowded one)

Here you go up to the serving area and ask for your tacos and then you pay. I got my radish and sauce and was set. I tried my friends pork taco but wasn't too excited about it. I'll have to try it again next time and see if things change.

My friend told me a little history of the place and mentioned that they were from Tijuana, Mexico and started opening up shops here in the U.S. They seem to be pretty popular because the parking lot is always full.

One thing I noticed right away is that the corn tortillas were really small. Maybe that's the point huh? I wondered if Rubio's busts out the smaller "$1 Fish Tacos" tortillas on Tuesdays?

Where was the last NEW place you went to?

My Goodie Stash Has Been FOUND!

Someone found my candy stash. I didn't purchase any of this of but it magically appears on my desk so I put it under my desk on my computer. But this morning I noticed that some of my reese's, junior mints, and twix are missing!!!

I'm just waiting for that mystery person(s) to replace the goodies. They're are piling up there because I know I can't eat all of it without turning into the Hindenburg so they are my after lunch snack.

What's your favorite candy and why?

Snapple Real Fact #13

Cats have over 100 vocal chords

I think this fact should have been #9, but they didn't ask me. With so many vocal cords what do they do with them. They can't "talk" maybe they need that many to purrr :)

Halloween Prank

How long before someone fixes these "broken" urinals? hmmmm. I wonder, but I'm not saying anything. I'm just wondering who would do such a thing. :) They only have to go up or down one floor anyway...