Cruise Ship Elation

Carnival Cruise Ship - Elation in San Diego On Tuesdays there are two cruise ships out in front of my window but only the "Elation" is there today. No matter how many times this ship comes in, it scares the heck out of me each time the horn blows. I walked past it on my way to Anthony's Fish Grotto during lunch.

People cruising to Mexico, I think. Next time I'll just walk up to someone and ask them to be sure. If I did go on that cruise, I wonder if I could catch it here and just park my car in the back lot at my work?

The women on my floor are encouraging me to close my window because all the air is coming in and they're "freezing."

Have you ever been on a cruise or want to go?

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Anonymous said...

only once...8 days was long enough..any longer and i'd wanna jump ship!