America's Army Squad Leader

America's Army SAIEach time I play America's Army on-line, I choose to be the Squad Leader. In this role, I can see every member on my team via the SAI (Situational Awareness Indicator). I don't go all rambo and try to mow everyone down, but act as the eyes for the team. I direct our guys to the enemy and hope they listen.

I can see when those little dots turn red meaning that they got killed and can tell where the enemy is attacking from. When my team actually listens to me we can mount a good defense and win.

This game is a time and objective type of simulation, but many play it as an arcade type and America's Army: Special Forces - Pipelinethen get mad that they aren't any good. I've played enough to know the tricks the enemy uses...I have time on my side. Don't let that smoke detract you from where the real enemy is...Can you spot the two enemies waiting to shoot you?

And of course, you don't want to hear: "Your squad has been eliminated!"

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