Carpool Violators

This morning the CHP (California Highway Patrol) had another trap at the end of a metered ramp on the carpool side. Two cars were pulled over and another violator approached the light (heh heh nobody would let him back in the polluter lane) and I can just imagine that his heart rate went up like a rocket. He managed to sneak by as the officer was getting something from the patrol car.

This all made me think of re-enforcers. If the CHP was there everyday then there wouldn't be any violators and the rate of return versus cost to have the CHP there would be very bad. Unless you got people that never used that on-ramp and took the chance.

If they appear every Monday then people would get wise to it and then the rate would go down on those days. But, if it was random...and not having a limit as to how many times per week, then the rate would be very good. Then it would boil down to if the driver wanted to take the risk.

What kind of event would it take for you to take the risk?

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Kendra said...

it would have to be an emergency for me to take the risk otherwise it's just not worth it!