Conference Calls

Conference PhoneI get an outlook reminder that our conference call is about to begin, and I get that "ugh" feeling. I don't really like these types of calls, unless it's the kind when we use the giant plasma and you can see everyone on the other side and you can tell whether they are listening or paying attention.

Just then several technicians open the door and looked surprised we are there. They wanted to work on the lines or something related. The boss wanted it done now so conference or was getting done now! As one of the guys was working on it, we lost our call. Naturally everyone looked over at him and he had the panic look - "What did I do?" We call back and everything is back on track.

The guy leaves and comes back twenty minutes later, and as soon as he sits down at the little box, we get disconnected. Everyone in the conference room turns and looks at the guy. This time he raises both hands, shakes his head and says, "NOT ME!! I didn't do a thing!" We busted out laughing. He gets up and walks out of the room!

We figured out that when you reserve one hour for a call, that's all you get. The call went dead mid-sentence, and our little code no longer worked.

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