Late Night TV

IF you watch late night tv. Who do you watch? Jay Leno or David Letterman, and why?

San Diego Skyline

San Diego City at Night Taken By Sam Shuey
I arrived a little early and set up. I selected my little hide away park that not very many people know about on Coronado Island. I used the 16-36mm lens f8, 30 sec. I had a lot of shots with streaks from the planes landing and tour boats going by. They looked kind of funny. I tried the 70 but I didn't get enough of the buildings and decided I liked this one the best. It's not the best, but I'll try again until I get it.

No editting except that I cropped to get the panorama look. If anyone wants the the full size one let me know...IM me or comment me with contact information. Maybe someone will touch it up for me :)

Do you like?

Daily Recap

Had sushi for lunch with a friend. Found out that both my new contracts are in the final stages in appropriations so I'm excited/anxious. Got some starbucks, took that photo that I've been wanting to take.

Looking at the photo, I should have stood on the other side of the nurse. You can't even tell I'm wearing a green shirt. Seems the color got lost with the black sailor. The girl that I got to take the picture said "You're so dirty!" then asked if I would take one of her doing the same thing pose. Funny.

Went to Nelson's photo and bought a new camera strap. The owner gave me a catalog and a good discount on some "memory mates." She remembered me, and it's been forever since I had been there.

Extended lunch breaks are great aren't they?

It's a nice clear day...I'm going to Coronado to take some pictures of the bay and city lights. Wanna join me?

Heather's Team Photo

The Moon

I noticed that the moon was full today, and I tried again to take some photos. The last time I tried they weren't very good. I'll keep trying until I get it right. This is time this is what I came up with for the night. I was surprised that the best shots were the ones with the higher aperature. The lower aperature shots had too much of a haze around the moon and I couldn't see any detail.

Since I was out there, I took some with the shutter open for 30 seconds and a helicopter decided to fly by just as the shutter was open. But it looks ok anyway. Those stars moved a lot in 30 seconds, well actually we did.

Oh, I used a 70-200mm at 200mm, ISO 100, F4.5, 1/1000 for the moon shot. For this streaking shot, I used F2.8 for 30 seconds. I didn't want to use the shutter release so that's why I didn't use a higher F Stop, or expose longer.

Random Photo

I took this photo earlier this month because I thought it was funny. I labeled it the ghetto ice cream truck. Do you like the "spinners" on the wheels, or the iron bars on the order window?


Topic tonight at $1 Fish Taco Day, was words that we like. I don't know what came over me but I spit out - "Sentient." But then we shifted to words that just sound weird. "NEVERTHELESS" What the heck is that?

Anyway, what word do you like?

Bonita Valley Takes FOUR teams to Finals

10U Gold wins 6-1 over Rancho Bernardo, 12U Gold wins 11-1 over Poway, 14U Gold (Heather's team) versus PQ 10-3, 10U Silver takes 2nd, 8U Gold ties for 4th, 12U Silver gets 2nd, 12U Bronze gets 4th. Holy Cow...we have a lot of teams!

Heather did well this tournament. If she got on base, she's gonna be a thief! She stole a lot! I stood on the third base side and took a series of shots with her leaving from 1st all the way to 3rd. [Insert photos here] This is the first time that Heather has been on a team that has won THIS tournament, in the last five attempts.

...saved a little girl from getting squashed by an SUV backing up. I honked and held it down and her mom QUICKLY rescued her. I got a lot of stares from the spectators but I saw her mom mouth "Thank You!" Heather was with me in the car listening to her iPod, and we couldn't believe that it almost happened in front of our eyes.

The BBQ was yummy; all kinds of food there. I got stuffed and feel like a beached whale. Good Night. Crawling in bed now...

Random Photo

Here we are ready to head out for the day, and I turn, and snap this photo of Heather. I love the un-posed off guard look that she gave me.
What do think?

Daily Recap

Heather's team won their "pool" by winning all three games. Having an 8:00 a.m. game, allowed the team to have the rest of the day off, and come back tomorrow for the final two games.

What do I eat at softball tournaments? There's always the BBQ going for those hamburgers, hot dogs. Today I stuffed myself with watermelon and pineapple sprinkled with chili powder, lime stuff. It seems it's a tradition at the tournament between games. I shoot some photos and then grab some fruit between innings! It's very yummy. The only thing to worry about is to make sure that I didn't pour the whole bottle on the slice. Let's see...I did end up getting a strawberry lemon raspado.

The temperature was about 72 or so; nice and sunny, not hot but just right. One of the teams gave me some flavored water. The first time I'd had some and it tasted pretty good. I'll have to try some of the other flavors.

I ALMOST lost my camera bag! I left it in the dugout after the game was finished. I thought to myself, as Heather would say, "Oh 'S' Hit'" I called someone that was closer to the dugout and asked if they had gotten it, but there was another team there. I nonchalantly walked into the PYL (a rival from up north) dugout and spotted the camera bag; it had been moved and opened, and hoped that I hadn't lost anything. Luckily, EVERYTHING was there. Just when I thought I'd lost everything...Big Sigh!

Overall a good day for our league, four of our the six teams made it to championship day. Heather and I are grabbing breakfast before we go and see if they can win two more games! Oh, Heather has to relinquish her title as "shorty" since she's grown a few inches!


I'm sitting at the epicenter of the four fields at PQ. We don't start playing for another 30 minutes or so, and I just sitting here. I could get hit by a ball, but I'm zoning out taking pictures of the bugs in the grass; some are even crawling on me and I just stare at them. I tell myself that the yelling and cheering would alert me to something about to peg me. Several people pass by and tell me that it's weird to be shooting photos of the grass. But, I look at the little bugs and pretend that they are in a giant forest that might take days to traverse. Then, I just turn the camera and shoot this one shot with a 50mm lens. This is what the little bugs see through their telescope - The invader in their path out in the middle of the giant forest...their forest.

Wanna fly with me someday?

Yes, that's an invitation!!!

When I was in college, I took some aviation classes. Mostly the ground training, and even got to visit the air traffic control at Brown Field in San Diego. It is a small airport next to the border and I got to direct traffic. I was a little nervous giving the commands but it was fun! Trying to manage a lot of things going on at once. I got an "A" in the classes but the people that actually WERE going to be ATC didn't. Just think about that when you're a passenger in a plane someday!

Earlier this year I expressed interest in getting my pilot's license, and J.F, told me that he wouldn't mind taking me up! Today I saw him and he gave me all the details and it seems that in mid-June, I'll be going up in the plane. Got my velcro ready to secure the camera, so you'll be coming with me. I'm getting updated FAA study materials next week! I can't wait!!!

1st 2007 All-Star Tournament

This is the 1st step in trying to get to nationals again. The first tune-up tournament where the teams find out what they need to work on and get the first game jitters out of the way. I'll be following my daughter's team - the 14U Gold team. Their first game is at 11:30 a.m. PDT. I think that one of the parents will be broadcasting but I'm not sure.

Tonight I went to get some team photos and watch the first game. The 12U Gold won easily. Had dinner in the Mira Mesa area and then headed home. Someone made some new images for the game broadcast so let's see how things work. :)

Wish us luck!

Hot Seeds

When ever I'm at the fields, I usually have sunflower seeds. I buy ten bags at a time from the supermarket. With all the girls, parents, and coaches asking for seeds they go very quickly. But yesterday I had some NEW seeds that I bartered for.

See that super hot stuff on them? One of the girls asked if she could have sun seeds and I said, "Sure! have some... :)" She put the seeds in her mouth and "spat" them out almost instantly. "OMG!!! they are so hot." she said.

All the other girls saw her reaction and for some reason, no one asked for seeds the rest of the day.

Memorial Day Holiday

What are you doing for the long Memorial Day Holiday?

Meet "BayBee"

This is "Baby." Heather is holding her up in the "Lion King" pose. Notice that there are no claws extending in fear. I have felt them by accident when the kitty slipped and fell backwards while playing with a toy, but no harm.

Sometimes it's hard to find her around the house, but after a few minutes she finds us. :)

You think she's cute?

Missing Posts Solved?

My friend says that she solved the problem and it was related to a shortcut, so everything is fine. But some of you still IM saying that I haven't updated and I have! I don't know...CTRL-F5 clear cached page and reload.

Testing My Extender

I decided today would be a good day to test the 1.4x/2.0x extenders at Heather's softball practice. Here's a pix through the fence while she was batting. Don't ya love her cleats? I noticed that I was able to get some closer macro shots with the extender. The photos were a little softer (blurry) and the auto focus was slightly slower but this is on a 70-200 2.8L IS, so it is still fast. I didn't use the stablizer. But I wanted to test the reach so when the girls went into the "run for that ball" drills then I captured this shot...

I hope to get some of these shots in an actual game starting on Saturday, our first tournament. The uniforms still haven't come in yet. Maybe they'll be getting them right before game time!

So, the experiment went well. You're not gonna get $5,000 quality from a $250 add-on to an expensive lense. I borrowed a 300L mm lense and it was fast and clear. But I don't like the fixed lenses that much. I only have one (50mm 1.4).

Canon makes a 28-350mm lense, not prime, though, but they don't advertise it, but is still sold. I don't need one but I wouldn't mind having it! Talk about a range, and combine that with the extender...but, there is the the loss of f-stops: one for the 1.4, and 2 for the 2.0.

I could get the same shot and then crop, but don't really like doing that either. Some tournaments don't let me on the field, but I manage to get some good shots anyway. I'll get one of those kitchen folding steps, and shoot over the fence

IM Questions From Readers

One of my readers is from the other side of the world that I talk to regularly, and I'm always asking what time it is there. I've resorted to putting (+15) next to their name so that I have a clue as to the time and greeting :)

Well, they mentioned that they read my blog regularly, but asked why I didn't have "personal" stuff. Almost like they want to look deeper into what makes me tick to get to know me better? I didn't have an immediate answer but I guess it can't be any more boring than this huh?

Some of my real life friends wonder why a stranger would visit my blog if they didn't know me, or if I'm worried about them knowing too much. Another question is why my MySpace account is private, if this is so public. The short answer is: my daughter. Yes, I have photos of her, and mention things about her but nothing too revealing.

So, I don't know what I'm rambling about now! hehe

Missing Posts?

Here's something weird. I asked my friend about what she saw on my blog's front page. She read the title of the post, and it wasn't current; it was missing a bunch of posts. She then tried firefox, and the same result. Someone else said the same thing but I'm thinking it was that it's cached, almost like it didn't refresh. It was stuck! She's not one to say, "oh well." She called me back after clearing the cache, deleting the history, etc... "check for newer content on stored pages." option, automatically. She was wondering what other stuff she was missing, not just mine.

I made a test post for her after she did the "fiddling" and everything magically appeared. She hangs up, and calls me 5 minutes later, and they were gone again! Gremlins? But if she clicks on the LEFT where the archive is, then the titles appear and she can click it and the single page post shows. Any suggestions. She thinks that I'm messing with her, and wants me to fix it, but I'm at a loss. It's probably something really simple...

Busy Day

Let's see, nothing major. Talked to a long time friend for a couple of hours, agreed to keep in touch and see/talk each other more regularly but you know how that goes, right? We have each others number now we just have to push the buttons!

Got my haircut and the ladies called me "Jack!" Why you ask? because I was wearing an old black shirt that said, "HIJACK." Too many jokes on that one and everyone was laughing. Went to get my mail but nothing in the box, seems like I let it pile up too much and it was in a bundle. Got my mammoth BHPhoto catalog. Hmmm...made a mess at the taco shop by spilling the salsa on the table. I cleaned up myself since I did it.

My car got it's tires rotated for free at Costco, took Heather to practice, she got upset because she thought we were going to be late but made it right on the dot. Got to ride a very very expensive mountain bike. Got my new memory cards, did some programming, played my game, chatted with some friends on-line, and on the phone, getting ready for first tournament of the all-star season, sent off my mortgage payment, paid my insurance, renewed my car registration, invited to beta test new service, and got some starbucks. Oh, and my friend said that I got hit on by a gay guy and didn't even know it.

That's it. Sleepy now.

Dead Bee

The other day when I was mowing the lawn, a bee decided that it was annoyed and landed on my arm, my right forearm to be exact. I stopped the mower and looked at him with that "Whatcha gonna do?!" look. He stung me! What do I do? I just watch him...He gives up his life and I grab his little body and put it on my computer monitor at home.

I was expecting more to happen but it didn't. It turned red and very little swelling but that's it.

Anyone allergic to bees?

Technical Support

First, I got several IMs this morning from you guys, most like this: "You there? alive? No update last night as usual!!! lol" Yes, I'm ok! It's when it's several days or so that something is wrong!

I get to my friends house and dinner is ready, perfect timing! We eat the yummy meal (had the camera but forgot take any pics) and kick back for a second and then get down to business.

First thing I check is the obvious stuff: plugged in, turned on, power strip, etc...One of my first trouble ticket calls when I started my first job (17 y.o.) was an officer that put in a "Priority Ticket," because his computer wasn't working. I drive down to the base from HQ ASAP with the GI Van. I get there and turn the powerstrip on! hehe. He told me he'd buy my lunch if I didn't tell anyone. I logged it as power supply issues when I got back. :)

Anyway, back to the computer. The router was working, the modem was, computer was, uh...ipconfig showed an IP, released and renewed, and a new IP, so I knew there was communication, but no internet! Disabled firewalls, etc...connected modem direct to wall - Nothing!

I call tech support and the lady is reading off her checklist. Total waste of time. I asked to test the line, and then got sent to a higher level tech lady, and I could tell she was reading too, still no good, then finally the last tech was a guy that wasn't reading, he asked what I had tried. PPoE configuration didn't work for the desktop, but worked for the laptop. Finally, got everything to work.

Come to find out, one of the problems was a filter not attached to the phone jack!

Free Dinner

I got a desperate call for help, and payment was a home cooked meal! Now, who am I to argue with that? Although I would have fixed the problem for free. I'll enjoy the company. See ya at 5:30 p.m. after work!

Which raises the question: What profession are you in that friends ask for your help, or opinion, etc?

M.C. Escher Impossible Cube

M.C. Escher Impossible Cube How many of you have seen this before? The Works of M.C. Escher was showing in San Diego, and I invited S.B. (my gf at the time) to it for our 1st date (kind of) in 1999. The museum was filled with all this stuff and we spent a great deal of time just looking and reading everything!

I found a website that actually shows this model created and I've included a link to it! Escher for Real

What do you think?

Free Re-fills!

Re-Fill Policy

The first place ever that I can remember of having free re-fills is Carl's Jr. waaay back. They had the fountain machine so that you could fill it yourself. Then everyone followed suit. This post is for my friend. Inside joke!

Heather and I ordered pizza the other day, and while we were there a man ordered a water and filled it with Sprite. Pretty funny because the pizza lady wanted to say something but didn't. I watched her for a second and noticed that she hovered around the fountain machine, hoping that he would re-fill so that she could say something but he didn't go back.

Anyways, How many re-fills do you end up getting at a restaurant?

Texas Hold'em

I got directions and this tournament just happened to be only two or so blocks away. The place was packed, I knew most of the people but someone sitting at one of the tables spots me, and says, "Sam!!! It's been a long time since college, man!" I recognized him even with his sunglasses (playing the poker part)

There were plenty of munchies, and I was ordered to help myself. There were 6 tables fully loaded (9 players per). Saw some players from the other tournament. Prizes to the top 5, so there was a good chance.
People were watching the Padre game, softball, playing pool (I replicated a college photo assignment photo), listening to the iPod boombox.

That's me showing my hand to the camera before the "river." Do you think I went all in? hehe. There are two pots since I didn't have that many chips left, but I eventually won this table. Photo taken by Laura!

Let me introduce you to "Rocket!" For some reason, he decided that he would follow me around the house, and poker tables all night long. So, I asked him to pose for a picture! I ended up kicking him several times by accident under the table but he sat by me for quite a while, and if he did leave, came back because he knew that I didn't mean to :) The look reminds me of my dog "Chewy," that I had when I was in 6th grade.

What I really liked about the tournament was everyone helped all the newbies, even when they mis-dealt the cards, couldn't count, didn't know how much to put in or even the odds or strength of the hands.

I'm gonna play some online tournaments for fun and see how I do, just for fun. Some people made fun of my "Oooooo. " Or, "you have no chance now...just fold and give me your money!"

Nothing Yet

I mowed and edged the lawn and noticed that the neighbor stayed within his line this time. It was funny because he mowed my section of the mailbox area, and I edged his side. I d-weeded the flower area, and used the blower to get rid of all the bird feathers.

Didn't want to have an excuse for not doing the yard work so I'm doing it before going to poker tonight. Hasta . . .

Car Wash

We were supposed to be at the car wash spot at 8:30 a.m. to set up and start at 9:00 a.m. I show up and nobody is there. This is a new place so I wonder if I'm the dork that didn't get the last minute change.

Finally the rest of the people show up but there is no way to attach the hose without the special tool, somebody went home to get it, and we were finally in business with no cars to wash!

But we stayed put and ended up having a good pay day. $1,000 for 4 hours work. This money helps to take the girls out to dinner, events, and just stuff for them when we go to tournaments.

Knowledge is Power Debate

I got ganged up on this one tonight. We were discussing some general stuff and then someone mentioned that "knowledge is power!' Then to stir the pot, I opened my big mouth!

Me: That's only half of it. The application of knowledge is power!
J: Riiighhhht.
T: You're gonna lose here, Sam!
Me: Having the knowledge about something is worthless unless you're pressing a button on Jeopardy for $1000.
T: Not convinced yet.
J: Shut up! Then why does everyone say that then?
Me: Ok, historical application - World War Two. Japan and Germany had the knowledge about atomic energy. But the US actually did something with that knowledge.
T, J: [Silence]
Me: Or, if you have six billion formulas "knowledge" memorized but can't do anything with it, then what?
B: You're still a butthead!
T,B,J: [laughing] We aren't admitting defeat! Never!!! [laughing]
Me: But you still love me :)
B: Who thinks Sammy's a butthead, raise your hand!

Memory and Intelligence

There was a report on the news today concerning intelligence. They showed a group of fifth graders answering questions about historical events and getting the answer correct. Well, our jobs as adults is to do something with knowledge while the kids job at that age is to memorize things and regurgitate it for the test on Friday! What makes us smart, is it just memory?

The following three markers have been shown to have a impact on intelligence: Speed IQ, Non-verbal IQ, and working memory. 50 Percent of your intelligence is genetic and the rest is the environmental factors.

I strongly feel that we need to keep our brains alive, think, remember, exercise it, use it!

Lexus Emblem

I'm driving to Heather's softball practice and I'm at a red light looking at the car in front of me and it's missing the Lexus emblem on the trunk. I wonder how long it's been gone...whether he's gonna replace it or not. Would you?

4gb Memory Card and Other Camera Stuff

I'm looking for a couple of memory cards for my camera. So far, I've looked at the 133x speed version of the 4gb card, mainly because I can burn the card directly to a DVD. Costco has the older smaller version for $35. Maybe, I'll get one with some of the gift certificate money I have from there. I ordered the EF 2X Extender for the camera so I can get shots of the outfielders this season. :) Should be here by next week.

Didn't do well at poker. Sneaky bastages!

Port Side

My friend got frustrated with me today after I tried to explain where the "Port side" was on a ship. The conversation went like this:

her: Sammy, I forget, "Is Port the right side or the left side?"
me: If you're facing the front, the bow, then it's on the left.
her: so the answer is left?
me: yes, but only if you are facing forward.
her: what?
me: hehe, the port is the same side regardless of which way YOU are facing.
her: but you just said it was on the left.
me: but if you're facing the aft, which is the back of the ship, then it's your right.
her: um, ok...I get it, duh! I thought you were messin' with me.

I thought she was gonna strangle me.

Rubios Fundraiser

After practice we supported the 12U team by going over to Rubios. Since I knew the the people in front of me and they were taking forever to order, I cut in line and started ordering. I ordered two fish tacos, a churro, and a large drink. The whole place was packed with Bonita Valley people so I had to stand around and just talked with everyone.

When my order was ready, the ladies that were talking to me saw my wimpy tacos (2 things of fish and a tortilla - nothing else on it) and asked what was up with that. I looked at them and said, "Uh, yeah! What's up with this?" Obviously, they messed up and the Manager re-made my order and made it a combo! Then I sit, and then the guy hands me two MORE tacos! Everyone looks at me like I scored big time!

Sprinkler Attack!

The girls screamed at practice because the sprinkler system turned on. It was funny as they scrambled to get their bags and equipment out of the path. The rest of the practice was held to the right side of the field. I'm deciding whether I want to order my "Championship Sunday" polo shirt. I have until Monday to decide.

The adults played the girls earlier, but to make it fair, the adults had to bat left. Pretty funny stuff.

Game Name

Sam Dead @ West Ladder
I logged on to my game last night using my "noob" account so that I could get enough points to play on some elite servers. While I waiting for the next round because I was dead, I was looking at the playerlist and thought about the psychological profile of the person by the name they chose. Do you think you can or are these just names? Heree are the names that were on the server:

  • A_Baby_Girl

  • UltimateKiller

  • Munkyboy

  • -=death=-


  • P34ceBr1ng3R


  • StinkyFish

  • Love_Angel

  • noLIFEloser

  • blindsniper

  • pwnUall

  • EyeNeedAGurl

  • I_will_kill_stinky

  • Terri_McCain

  • BushSux

Which one is me?

The Workshop

I went to a workshop last night along with about 100 other parents, and one of the exercises was to draw a girl. We had one minute to accomplish this task and no further instructions given. So, this is what I came out with in one minute. I did the head first and then the stick body. I wanted to make sure I finished the girl. Ok, I still had time left, lemme give her some clothes. Hmmm...still time; I gave her fingers, and some more hair. "Five seconds!" Oh crap! she has no shoes - quick, draw the shoes.

The guy says, "Time!" We were then told to get into groups and that we were to critize each others drawings and remembering the "Magic 5:1" of positive to negative ratio (applies to relationships too, ok?)

My group was kind and give me the following five "positive" things:
  1. She's smiling
  2. Nice outfit
  3. Good Extension
  4. Looks like a girl
  5. Great Stance

And my "negative," was that she looked like she was an "X-Ray." Ok not so bad. And they tried to fill my "Emotional Tank" so that I wouldn't get discouraged.

RSS Feeds

I've subscribed to some RSS Feeds and I thought that it would save me some time, but I get the content but NOT the comments. What am I doing wrong? I want to see comments! I end up going to the site to see the comments. So, any ideas?

My Cheesy Countdown Timer

I decided to tackle an easy thing: a countdown timer for the league website. Well, I didn't like any of the fonts so I made individual numbers and saved them as a gif. I got the code to work and loaded it up. Eight days until the first All-Star tournament of the summer! It's a benchmark to see how well the girls are doing.

As I'm looking at the timer tick away, I started to laugh because all the numbers are not aligned and it looks kind of funny, but it works! I do most of my programming late night while watching Leno or the other late-night guys then barely crawl out of bed in the morning. I'm updating my blog on the designated lunch break, and I'm sleepy!!!

I really don't want to go to the all-star parent workshop, but let's see what $900 (league paid), and my $5 workbook teaches me. :)

That's Really Cool!

I'm talking with a friend and I'm describing something and they say, "Hey that's 'neat'" So, then the conversation turns into what do you say to describe something that you like...We quickly came up with these:
  1. Cool
  2. Awesome
  3. Neat
  4. Hot
  5. Baad
  6. Tight
  7. Bitchen
  8. Rad
  9. Nice
  10. Sweet
  11. Swanky
  12. Groovy
  13. Effing Rad
  14. Fan-Freakin-tastic
  15. Snap
  16. Woot
  17. Wicked

What do you use?

Pavement Art

One of my blog-buddies sent me a link to pavement art. I had mentioned it to them and voila. What do you think?

New Car Features

Have you seen the new Volvo S80 commercial? It's the one with the lady walking in the parking lot and she looks at her car remote and sees the blinking red showing a "heartbeat" in the car.

One thing it doesn't show is that the car called her cell phone and said, "Ms. Davis, this is your car calling, I have detected an intruder in your vehicle. I have searched my database of scents and an exception was immediately raised. I have used onboard sensors to photograph the unknown hiding in the back, and sent it to you. Please text '1' for me to call the police."

If you could add a feature regardless of whether you think it's stupid or not, what would it be?

New Router Installed

My friend called my cell to confirm if I was still going over tonight after work so that I could finally install the router. I get there and she's cleaning out her new Volvo SUV, and I always laugh because she hates to drive. She hands me the keys when we go anywhere and I make it a point to "roll the eyes."

The set-up was quick and I wrote everything down for her just incase. I noticed several wireless access points when I was configuring the router but they were all locked, no free access here.

We plan on running in my area, but I think that it's not gonna happen. The guys didn't run either... :)

Flat Tire

I helped a lady on the freeway today. I saw her standing behind her car, and a little boy in the back seat and pulled over and stopped with a enough distance between the cars. She could have been in her 50's, or 60's. I guess that might explain the lack of cell phone. As I got out of my car she smiles, and thanks me for stopping.

We talk for a second and get her spare tire out, but she has no tire iron. Then I think of the movies, where the guy turns to say, "There's no tir..." and get's whacked in the head. Luckily, that didn't happen. I got mine and changed the tire really quick. And then I was ready to go.

her: How much would you like, young man?
me: It's on me! Thank You, anyway.
her: No! Thank You!!
me: You're welcome. Make sure you get that fixed right away. It's not a "real" tire.
her: Come on, a little something for you. That's the least I could do for you. [Holding a folded bill]

My hands were dirty so I didn't shake her hand so she gave me a "grandma" hug. hehe. The little boy waved at me and I got back in my car.

When I got home to load the laundry, I removed the stuff from my pockets and found $20 in the BACK of my pants. I never put money in the back so that was unusual. Then it hits me that "Grandma" must've slipped the money in my back pocket.

Stamp Rate Increase

The rate went up a whopping 2 cents for a first class letter. But, I think the "forever stamp" is funny. Lunch time!

How many of you mail stuff?

My Mom

My mom loved the month of May for several reasons: Her birthday, Mexican Mother's Day and US Mother's Day. She thought it was great, and as I took her out for "Dia de las Madres," she'd remind me of where she wanted me to take her for her birthday and what to get for her. She knew that I always had some cash on me, and would ask me, "which pocket?" :)

She loved to get dressed up all the time, even to go to the 7-11 down the block, and when I'd call to let her know that I was coming down to take her out, she'd be waiting on the balcony all sparkly and ready to go.

I told her that I would take her anywhere she wanted to go, and she'd say "Coco's, or Anthony's." It wasn't up to me to decide what is special, so I smiled and helped her into my car and said, "Pues alli vamos!"

We'd get to the restaurant and she'd look a the menu, but I knew what she was going to get: a salad, something with fish, or chicken, and a sprite with no ice and a straw. She liked when I ordered for her. She'd never finish her meal and always tried to sneak some extra biscuits.

My mom was alway telling me and others how proud she was of me, how handsome, intelligent, popular, and how I'd grown up. I'd say, "You have to say that, you're my mom. You're not gonna say that I'm ugly, stupid and immature!"

Everytime I saw my mom, she would give me advice usually it was: "take take care of your wife and your wife will take care of you even, when you're both mad; take care of each other." I always listened even though she had told me the same things over and over.

I love and miss my mom!

Special Day

Happy Mother's Day

Random thoughts at the moment

  1. I hate it when I leave a question in someone's blog and forget the blog name so I can't go back and get the answer.
  2. When I open a browser and don't know what I was going to do.
  3. If I'll actually meet up with the people that want to meet up this coming week.
  4. Why this guy is taking soooo long to move his freakin' chess piece.
  5. How much room left on the DVR.
  6. "Watching Say Anything" actors look really young.
  7. Damn spam sex blogs.
  8. What can I make real quick to munch on.
  9. I want ice cream with carmel in the middle surrounded by chocolate topped with strawberries.
  10. Damn. I didn't run today. I could still go. Nope, forget it!
  11. Mother's Day Tomorrow.

A blowout Game

Heather wanted to watch Mariah play Scripps at the high school, so I drove her up there. The game started off bad and ended bad 11-0, Scripps Ranch.

Can't forget the head coach walking a little dog with a pink leash that had somehow managed to get on the field during the game.

The first time that I had ever seen a player ejected from a game. The opposing team's girl slid into second and did a pop-up slide and on her way up, gave Mariah, what the umpire called "a deliberate elbow thrust," and was ejected.

Saw two outfielders head butt, several through-the-legs balls, throwing errors, strikeouts, was just a bad game!

One thing that wasn't cool with the fans, was that Scripps was up 11-0 in the top of the 7th inning (final) and they were still trying to steal bases, and get more runs. They tried to steal several times and Mariah and Kylie kept them back. On the third attempt, they turned a double play on the double steal attempt.

Closing Ceremonies

It was closing ceremonies for the softball league and the turnout seemed pretty low. Everyone got something: The tournament champions got their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trophies, or participation medals. I liked how all the little ones ran to get their trophies. Many said they would have preferred a "yearbook."

All the teams had their little fundraising going on and it's a pretty much passing the money from one team to another. Heather asked me if she could get krispy kreme, "sure! how many?"

This is the goodbye for some of the parents as their kids are going onto high school. Short and sweet, but we still have our team party to go to...

Blood Donation Today

I get to wear that fashionable bandage today at 11:15 a.m. in the little mobile blood bank, plus I get those tickets. Wanna go on the Bay Cruise with me?

Easy Hour Again

After I finished with the Bronze team All-Star stuff, I met some friends for 'Easy Hour,' But I got there before them, and headed over to Barnes and Noble. I instantly recognized someone sitting in the corner with her laptop, and said, "Hi." After talking for a few minutes, I invited her to join us. 5/11/07 She lost her mouse receiver - Doh!

No softball practice tomorrow because of the concert at Coors, and nothing else planned except that tomorrow is Poker tonight, but I'm a little rusty on my Texas hold'em. Wish me luck!

Waiting at a Red Light

What do you do when you're waiting at a red light? I ask because I like to look around, but this is what I have noticed:

  1. Make-up.
  2. Nose Picking - Looking for the elusive golden nugget.
  3. Reachers - They're stretched out trying to get something in the back seat.
  4. Cell Phone.
  5. Read Map, Paper.
  6. Talk.
  7. People watch.
  8. Curse the light because it's the longest damn light.
  9. Listen to music, sing.
  10. Watch red light runners.

So...Did I miss something that you do?

Right Amount Please

My daughter wanted Wendy's 99cent nuggets before practice yesterday, so...I take her, but they weren't 99cents as the container holding them says, but $1.19.

After the day's events, I wanted a carne asada burrito. I went to the local shop and ordered; nothing special until she gave me my change from my $20. I was watching her get the change out of each slot in the register, so I knew what was happening.

me: The change is short.
her: What?
me: I gave you a $20.
her: [rolls her eyes at me and tightens her lips]
me: [hand her the change to count out]
me: It's short $1.25. She was looking at the tape to see what the total was.
her: HERE! [handing me the money]
me: thanks.
cook: ¿QuĂ© Paso?
her: He wants his 20 cents.
cook: [Hands her my burrito]
her: Carne Asada Burro! [doesn't look at me at all]

She short changed the next customer by several dollars! He noticed it right away and the cook said, "What's up with you?!"

Camera Designers Add This Feature

I want a button that will "Delete last frames." When I press and hold the button down and I shoot ten shots and get absolutely nothing, in the frame that I wanted, please erase those ten shots in one button press, with confirmation of course :) Thank You.

Driver's License

If you don't have a car and think that it's a waste to get a driver's license since you don't have a car, then you should get your driver's license anyway!

Insurance rates are based predominately on driving EXPERIENCE. If you wait 'till your say, 25, to get it one, then you'll be in the same category as a 15 year old just starting.

You'll have a driver's license and not have any dings on your record either! :)

First Softball Practice

First, Bonita beat Eastlake, 5-4. That means John was in a good mood and the practice for the all-stars wasn't going to be a rough one. The girls did well for their first practice of the season.

Did the guys run with me? NO! I ended up running by myself. It was kind of hot, so I didn't feel like running the full five miles (I wussed out and only did two). Tomorrow, I'll do the five since I know the guys won't be joining me anyway.

The Volleyball coach wasn't happy and neither was the team, they lost their captain, setter, and best player going into Nationals (102 teams). Heather was scared to tell her but she'll have to do things like this in life.

I went down to oversee the Silver team try-outs down at the softball park, and ONLY three girls that tried out at the GOLD try-outs didn't show up for the second try-out. Moms were thanking me for not having try-outs on Mother's Day.

Who has the answer?

If you believe in GOD as the creator of everything...Where did GOD come from?

If you believe in the BIG BANG THEORY...Where did the energy and matter come from?

Iritate Me

As I was turning left to enter the middle school parking lot, to pick up my daughter, a police car decided to do a u-turn IN THE ENTRANCE. They blocked the entrance with cars turning left from the intersection. I stopped with no where to go and cars stuck behind me trying to turn left. Cars coming the other way with a green light now and they couldn't go because the intersection was now blocked. The lady behind me was honking but now the police had no where to go. After a minute the car that was blocking the police moved to the side enough to let them move forward, but the lady behind me goes around me and then blocks the police car. She can't back up now because the cars behind her moved forward too. NOW the light turned RED so those people are mad. This is just too dumb!

Victory Video

Thanks Mark for sending this to me...It's the 4 Stages of Nagano's victory on Ninja Warrior. It's totally in Japanese...Each stage is more difficult than the previous. Watch it!

That was for you Arlene, since you didn't know what I was talking about :)

Paris asks Governor for Pardon

This is funny! She gets busted for DUI, then refuses community service, violates probation, gets legal advice from her publicist, files an appeal for a sweatheart deal, and asks Governor Schwarzenegger for a pardon.

I really don't think that people will have sympathy for her especially when it's related to DUI. Typically when someone violates probation, they are sent to the slammer immediately. But not Paris, she has to report June 5th.

Now all we need is for students to start asking for pardons so they don't have to go to detention after school. They're already filing lawsuits because they didn't make a sports team, cheerleading squad, win election, etc...

Dreamed Last Night

I was in an open area, mostly dirt and dead grass. I approached what appeared to be man-made lake about 100 yards square. Surrounding the lake were mounds of dirt from a dump truck. After several minutes, I took off my right shoe and placed it in the lake and watched it float away. The breeze pushed it toward the center and then it stopped drifting. So, I sit there like an idiot looking at my shoe in the center of lake, asking myself how I got myself into this and how I can get my shoe back before it sinks, and what was thinking when I did that.

Ninja Warrior for Women

I'm catching up with my DVR stuff and I noticed that a new version of Ninja is on. 100 women started the "new" version of Ninja Warrior that relies more on balance then the sheer strength that the male version does.

Has anyone seen "Spiderman 3?" If so, any good?

The All-Star Season has started

We had our team meeting last night and I made my hotel reservations for all the away tournaments already. I want to make sure Heather and I have a place to stay :) I got a two bedroom condo in Big Bear, and that should be fun, since we've never played in that tournament

The goal is to win another National Title, but first they have to qualify at Districts (top 3), then State (top 6). They have qualified before so they know what it takes to get there.

The all-star manager coaches the high school team, and the first all-star practice is after the "Bonita -v- Eastlake (Huge Rival)" game, and the coach will either be in a good mood or the girls will be in for it.

I have my running stuff ready to go. Wanna bet the other guys won't be joining me?

Brain Malfunction!

Heather: Daddy, your song is on.
me: What's the name of it? Oh I know, it's "I want it, lemme have it - Give it to me, NOW!"
Heather: [Grinning. Looking at me with a strange face.] Daaad, it's "Give it to me. By Timbaland"
me: Uh, that's what I meant to say! I knew it was something like that...

Bay Cruise

I received my reminder from the Blood Bank again. This time they are offering a Harbor Excursion for two if I donate on the 11th, or 12th. Of course, it's for Mother's day and you have to mention that when you go in. Or, I could go the following week and get Padre Tickets.

The guys said they would run with me at the high school while the girls are practicing. Let's see if I can lose these last five pounds (I weigh 175 now) by the end of the month.

Finally Someone Beats Ninja Warrior

Finally I got to see someone beat the course in Ninja Warrior. My favorite competitor from the beginning has been Nagano. He finally did it, after trying 10 years?! Damn now that's a quest!

Good Night!

Local Ways of Saying "I didn't hear you."

If you don't hear what someone is saying, how do you ask them to repeat what they said?
  1. Say Again?
  2. Sorry?
  3. Huh?
  4. Could you repeat that?
  5. Pardon Me
  6. What'd you say?
  7. Excuse me?
  8. I pretend to hear them
  9. Squint eyes and turn head

Sometimes I ask people where they grew up to see if it's a certain area that says it a certain way. Random thought wasn't it?


The league website that I run had over 23,600 hits in one day today. The busiest day of the year because everyone is checking to see who made the all-star teams.

Went to the bank to deposit my checks. I have a bad habit of not depositing them right away, and the direct deposit hasn't gone through yet, so I was standing in line next to a guy that could beat out Cheech and Chong for the biggest Acapulco Gold Cloud.

Heather and I went to Chili's and we had good time just sharing time before the All-Star meeting. Forked over some money for the season, shot everyone's ID photos and played some VBall, and wallball with Heather. Posted all the new pages online and posted the ID photos.

Any of you any good at design? I'm updating a live game feature (view the box score live) and it looks very bland. I'd like to make it "purty." I'd appreciate any help :)

It was a very nice day in San Diego. Warm enough to be summerish but not too hot to hide indoors. I jus got a craving for spaghetti...

Posting Old Journal Entries

I've been randomly posting old journal entries into my blog. I've been writing stuff since I was very young, and I've written something, even if it was just a line saying, "I can't think of anything to write today." I didn't like missing a day, or if I did, then I'd go back and write what happened as best I could.

When I was in middle school, I bought a rubber stamp where you turn the little wheel and stamp it into an ink pad. I thought it was so cool kept it near my peechee folder. Anyone know what that is?

Later, I copied my stuff onto floppies, and then zipped stuff up. I have info on all my relationships, sadness, joy, mischief (good thing for statute of limitations!) and I'm surprised as to the detail that I went into. Sometimes the entries described how I felt and other times it was just a straight factual account of what I did, names and all. I rarely went back and read any of them, just wrote and saved.

Time to post another one...

Gas Boycott E-Mail

I got an e-mail today that calls for a May 15th, 2007 boycott. They say not to purchase gas for that one day and it will cut billions in profit from the greedy oil industry. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it won't work.

What will end up happening is that people will top off on the 14th, or the 16th. The net affect will then be zero. It will be the twin peaks effect, a high surge before and after to compensate and they won't feel a pinch.

Only thing for sure that will work is lowering overall consumption and that is just not going to happen.

Gas is $3.339 per gallon here! What about your area?

Tornado Alley

It's really bad in the heartland of America at the moment with all the tornado damage and people losing their lives, and homes. At least they get "some" warning about tornado activity, unlike earthquake zones where everything just stars shaking. As we have seen; hurricanes even with warnings can cause some major destruction.

Have you been in a major disaster?

She got the Call.

Congrats Heather! She got the call that she had made it, and could finally let out a sigh of relief. Now, we have the hard task of telling Christy (Volleyball Coach) that she has been asked to make the choice between the two sports. They both happen at the same time! I'm going to help her with a way to present it to her in person.

Drum Roll Please

She tried out today for the 14U team and many in the 12U division were wondering why. I was down at both fields: Discovery and Bonita High, and was approached at the Discovery fields and asked over and over - But I responded not my decision, and continued to shoot photos.

Heather did well in all the skills, and had the fastest time. I was wondering how that would go! Now, the hardest part is waiting for "the call," if any. Still haven't gotten any word, and the league website is getting bombarded by hits! I'll update my blog as soon as I hear :)

I've removed my adsense for the moment as I know they will think that something is fishy with all the "sudden" hits! I might be changing over to another "service" to see how it works just as a comparision.

Would YOU participate?

Spencer Tunick is an artist that gathers up a bunch of naked people in public places and shoots a photo!

Would you participate in something like this?

Time to go do this

It's all-star try-outs. In 45 minutes, Heather will hit the fields and try to make the 14U Gold Team in softball. If she makes it, she'll be the youngest on the team at the age of 12. Wish her luck!

Floyd Wins and So Do I

I was told that the BBQ and fight night events would start after 6:00 p.m. so I show up around 7:00 p.m. Tony was doing the carne asada and the wife was preparing the chicken asada along with everything to make some yummy tacos/burritos.

As the guys start showing up, I see two familiar faces from long ago. Back from the day where I invited guys to "LAN Party" nights at my store. I used to give them the "compa" discount and they recognized me instantly.

I think I was the only Mayweather fan in the house. I entered the friendly betting pool and picked round 11 as the round that the fight would end. Missed it by one round, but I still won! We were watching the fight in two rooms then all moved into the livingroom.

Next on the planned events, was a Poker Night immediately following. One of the guys makes custom poker tables, and this was run like a real tournament. Giant plasma TV running the time, and sessions with seating and all. I was surprised to see the ladies playing too! I had to leave because I have an early day tomorrow but I got a text message telling me who won the tourney!

Synergy Loses Championship in ITB

Synergy entered the tournament and championship game as the top seed today. All the fields had fences set for that elusive over-the-fence homerun, but not today. I went around and took team photos BEFORE the games. People ask me why I do this, and I tell them it's easier to get happy girl pictures this way :)

The first game for Synergy was slow and one run is all it would take for the Lady Bombers today - a little bobble on a throw to third.

The second game started after a half an hour break. Synergy lost the coin toss again, and were visitors. They managed to get runners on but couldn't convert. LOBs were costly. Synergy scored first, and held a one run lead, then an error at third tied it up. Lady Bombers went ahead 2-1. Heather smashed a double to make it a tie again, 2-2. In the 7th inning nobody was able to score and they went into "International Tie-Breaker."

Synergy got doubled up when a pop-fly got caught and the girl at second was half way down to third. Bummer! Last girl popped up.

Lady Bombers attempted an immediate steal and an error later, the run came in...BALL GAME! 3-2.

I got some carne asada tacos, and some ceviche. Yummy. They love the photographer!

Later all, it's time to go watch the "Oscar De la Hoya -vs- Floyd Mayweather" fight. Another photographer invited me over to watch the Mega Fight (it better be!)

Cinco de Mayo

O.K. Wish my daughter luck in the championship game! I'll have a carne asada taco for ya, while I'm down there. OH!!! and Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Paris Going to Jail

So, she's going to jail for breaking the law and then violating probation. Being a Hilton isn't going to help now especially since the judge says that she can't buy herself out, no house arrest, no ankle monitoring...just a real jail.

Do you think this will be on her show, "The simple life?"


How many of you have taken a picture like this at some point with your camera?

And for those people that wanted to see more photos of myself posted on here, does this count?

Nothing fancy, 30D, 1/60, f2.8, 70mm, ISO 100.

Third Grand Slam

I picked Heather up and she was starving for Pizza Hut. Ok, pizza it is, we went to the one on Sweetwater road and she read my copy of Sports Illustrated. There is a section where you can nominate someone that deserves to be mentioned in the High School section, we thought about entering Mariah's name. Well, remember that she had just hit two grand slams last week. Guess what she did in her second at-bat? Yup! GRAND SLAM #3. Over .600 batting average! I think she deserves a mention in SI!

I took the camera and had positioned myself behind the plate and to the right so I could get her swing. I held the button down and got the grand slam in a series. Heather asked me if she could shoot the rest of the card and I said sure. I taught her how to do spot focusing, and how to shoot through chain-link fences. She had a blast.

Oh, guess what rookie mistake I made regarding shooting the game?

  1. Forgot my camera?
  2. Forgot batteries?
  3. Forgot CF card?
  4. Forgot 2 & 3?

Heather and I had gotten there 30 minutes before game time, and so I had plenty of time to drive the 6 minutes back to get the memory card.

Got some krispy kreme for Heather and I got my chocolate sundae. :) Headed back to Discovery Park to see if they needed help setting up the fences for the championship games tomorrow...They didn't. :)

All-Star Decision

Heather has a choice: try-out for the 12 & Under or 14 & Under. Many of the girls from last year's National Championship team are trying out for the 14's, and some are staying in their age division, their last year of eligibility. But until Sunday shows one really knows.

It's Heather's decision! Everyone is asking me what she's trying out for, but I tell them that it's not MY decision. She'll learn that she is directly responsible for the decisions she makes. If she doesn't make the team, it's not dad that made her try out for that division. If she makes it, then she can take the credit!

She has a championship game tomorrow against a team that they have beaten twice before (Lady Bombers), and Sunday is the All-Star Try-out. Busy weekend, but today we have a lunch date at a place of her choosing.

Return The Wallet

Here's something from the mall, a couple of days ago. I just remembered...

her: Did you see that man get the wallet out of the trash can and put it in his pocket?
me: No. I didn't.
her: He is walking around and I know that is not his wallet.
me: Since he found it in the trash, it's now empty. Its ditched, cards and money are gone.
her: I want to confront him. That's the kind of person I am you know.
me: Doesn't look good.
her: [walks over to confront the guy]

I can't hear what is going on but he pulls the wallet out and shows ID. Then someone else shows up to defend the guy. Words are exchanged, and the woman walks away with a smile and shaking her head. It was his wallet! Oops

Daily Recap

Dell called me this morning and told me that the camera wouldn't be in here until the 8th. Oh really? We'll I'm holding it in my hand, setting all the custom functions. He sounded surprised but relieved.

I've already shot 300 frames. Went to the final loser bracket game and watched the "silently favored" team get three girls hurt - Monica, Drea, and "O." They lost 6-3.

Mowed the lawn and we all know there is some rebellion in all of us, so I left decapitated grass blades all over the place! Will I get a letter from the "association" or not?

My daughter was surprised that the Lady Barons lost, and I reminded her that she hadn't won the championship until the blue calls, "BALL GAME!" and you're ahead...

Taxing Virtual Game Assets1

For all of you that play online role-playing games. The IRS wants some of that money you're making! So, the next time you sell your "Malodorian Robe of Death." Make sure you enter it in the books because the IRS will make the middleman keep track and report the transaction.

They don't care if it's plat, gil, honor, etc...just pay up! You think this is right?

My Canon 30D

The 18-55 lense that comes with the camera has a white marker to mount it in addition to the red dot. The lense weighs next to nothing and have yet to test it. I'm going to shoot Mariah's high school game since she has no photos so far this year, her last year. Speaking of which, I have to send more recent photos to Heather for her MySpace.

The league website is looking a little barren in terms of photos this year as compared to previous years. I started them off, and the people just didn't step up to the plate only a couple of people did. Oh well.

I know, you guys have asked me to hold out and wait for the 40D. But that's ok. After a while you'll realize it's not the mega-pixels anymore, but that Mark III - that's a different story :)

I'm up too early

I think that it's because some pine-sol/bleach triggered some long past memories at last night's board meeting. The room that we were in smelled of it and I just wasn't prepared for it!

I had some weird dreams but they're fading fast, I can only recall bits here and there, it just bugs me.

Retro Countdown Timer

My daughter has a countdown going on right now showing the number of days until she is an "official 8th grader." I just had to post this just because. Who needs those flashy thingamahgiggers when you have a good ol' dry erase board, huh?

Full Moon

Hey . . . Look at the moon tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. I'll be looking at it! :) Sounds dumb but just do it, ok?

There was a mile long line for the ice cream it seems but the pralines was ready for me. Two whopping scoops. By the time the board meeting ended tonight and I finished jabbing with everyone, the line was normal. Guess it worked, they got a bazillion people in there.

I Refereed my first Volleyball Match

Heather almost forgot that I was picking her up today for the scrimmage game versus Eastlake, but I saw her turn around and find me. It's way easier and I have "my" spot everytime.

I walk into the gym and Christy smiles at me, and says "I'm so glad you're here! I got you a whistle because you're gonna referree the match today!!!" NOOooooo. I've never done that before. She told me that I would do fine. Both sides warmed up and I was ready. I blew the whistle and did the hand gesture to serve! Match on...

I messed up two calls - a lift, and raised my hand to the wrong side for the point, but overall ok for my first time, but it had no impact on the game or match. We lost all three sets :( I got to keep the official whistle.

31 Cent Ice Cream Scoops

I saw the big poster at Baskin Robbins today that said that May 2nd was 31 cent ice cream scoop day from 5-10pm. It also had an asterisk next to it that says, "See inside for details."

I'm expecting something like buy 2 get the second for 31 cents, or offer valid only on "Swirly Floor Scum Delight. All other flavors regular price." So, I open the door and ask, "what are the details for the 31 cent offer?" He answers with a weird look on his face like I'm an idiot, "each scoop is 31 cents from 5-10pm!"

I'll stop by on my way home from the board meeting tomorrow, and see if my munchkin would like to join me...

Dogs running lose on the 6th floor

What happens when you leave your computer on all night at work with the speakers still on? Nothing usually, but what about if the screen saver is a DOGZ screen saver and they are howling and barking in the middle of the night when security roams the floors?

I got a note on my PC to see security! They weren't too happy, but glad it wasn't a real dog! They turned off my speakers and went about their work.

Nothing happened, just a reminder to not to do it again; it also helps that they've known me since I was 17. :)

Broken Water Sprinkler

I hadn't watered the lawn in a few days and noticed that the neighbor had just mowed his lawn. Not that it was anything spectacular or anything but that it was shorter than normal. I manually turned on the sprinklers and a gush of water shot straight up!

I looked over and saw the problem but I thought that a little screwdriver would fix it but on closer examination, the top was broken off! I held my hand over it for a minute or so to water the lawn and then shut it off.

The neighbor came out and I mentioned that he had accidently broken my sprinker. I told him that it wasn't a big deal, I was going to Home Depot to get a new one but to be careful. He apologized but also found out that he was cutting about two or three feet into my yard. I bet ya next week he'll cut to just his line, huh? I edge his side anyway, and he mows my side or the mailbox. No biggie.

Gas Station Fire!

I was filling up my tank at Costco and was reading all the little signs. One showed a spark hazard emblem. You could possibly start a fire if the spark hits the vapor and poof, a fire. So the only way that I could think of this happening was if the friction from going in and out of the car would cause a build up of static.

I looked around and noticed that all the guys stood by their cars, while all the women went back into their car and came out to check the progress. So, I would think if it happened at all, chances are that it would be to a woman?


Synergy Advances to Championship

We played the "Lady Barons" tonight and won 2-0. The runs scored on errors both times. Once it was an overthrow by the catcher trying to get the girl at 3rd. The second one was a passed ball. Heather went 1-3, with two stolen bases (little thief!) and the team plays for the Championship on Saturday 11:00 a.m. Since it's a double elimination tournament they have two chances.

Won't know who we play until Thursday because the loser's have to finish their games. But Synergy is looking good!

MacBook Pro

The guys at the Apple store are getting used to me being in there. I'm eyeballing that MacBook Pro. Since it has an intel processor and such, I asked if it would run all my PC software. I don't like emulation software but the sales guy showed me the dual boot option where the system runs in 100% PC mode.

I want to load something that would test it, maybe load a PC game on it to see if it would break it or not. Since I was the only person in there, we could have downloaded/installed the game and seen first hand.

Do any of you have one and tested it with Windows XP?