All-Star Decision

Heather has a choice: try-out for the 12 & Under or 14 & Under. Many of the girls from last year's National Championship team are trying out for the 14's, and some are staying in their age division, their last year of eligibility. But until Sunday shows one really knows.

It's Heather's decision! Everyone is asking me what she's trying out for, but I tell them that it's not MY decision. She'll learn that she is directly responsible for the decisions she makes. If she doesn't make the team, it's not dad that made her try out for that division. If she makes it, then she can take the credit!

She has a championship game tomorrow against a team that they have beaten twice before (Lady Bombers), and Sunday is the All-Star Try-out. Busy weekend, but today we have a lunch date at a place of her choosing.

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