The league website that I run had over 23,600 hits in one day today. The busiest day of the year because everyone is checking to see who made the all-star teams.

Went to the bank to deposit my checks. I have a bad habit of not depositing them right away, and the direct deposit hasn't gone through yet, so I was standing in line next to a guy that could beat out Cheech and Chong for the biggest Acapulco Gold Cloud.

Heather and I went to Chili's and we had good time just sharing time before the All-Star meeting. Forked over some money for the season, shot everyone's ID photos and played some VBall, and wallball with Heather. Posted all the new pages online and posted the ID photos.

Any of you any good at design? I'm updating a live game feature (view the box score live) and it looks very bland. I'd like to make it "purty." I'd appreciate any help :)

It was a very nice day in San Diego. Warm enough to be summerish but not too hot to hide indoors. I jus got a craving for spaghetti...

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Arlene said...

You don't want purty, you want manly. Silly!
It's warm enough here that my car is like an oven!!!!