Knowledge is Power Debate

I got ganged up on this one tonight. We were discussing some general stuff and then someone mentioned that "knowledge is power!' Then to stir the pot, I opened my big mouth!

Me: That's only half of it. The application of knowledge is power!
J: Riiighhhht.
T: You're gonna lose here, Sam!
Me: Having the knowledge about something is worthless unless you're pressing a button on Jeopardy for $1000.
T: Not convinced yet.
J: Shut up! Then why does everyone say that then?
Me: Ok, historical application - World War Two. Japan and Germany had the knowledge about atomic energy. But the US actually did something with that knowledge.
T, J: [Silence]
Me: Or, if you have six billion formulas "knowledge" memorized but can't do anything with it, then what?
B: You're still a butthead!
T,B,J: [laughing] We aren't admitting defeat! Never!!! [laughing]
Me: But you still love me :)
B: Who thinks Sammy's a butthead, raise your hand!

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