Broken Water Sprinkler

I hadn't watered the lawn in a few days and noticed that the neighbor had just mowed his lawn. Not that it was anything spectacular or anything but that it was shorter than normal. I manually turned on the sprinklers and a gush of water shot straight up!

I looked over and saw the problem but I thought that a little screwdriver would fix it but on closer examination, the top was broken off! I held my hand over it for a minute or so to water the lawn and then shut it off.

The neighbor came out and I mentioned that he had accidently broken my sprinker. I told him that it wasn't a big deal, I was going to Home Depot to get a new one but to be careful. He apologized but also found out that he was cutting about two or three feet into my yard. I bet ya next week he'll cut to just his line, huh? I edge his side anyway, and he mows my side or the mailbox. No biggie.

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