Burn It!

I was throwing a receipt away at the mall when I a guy says, "someone could get that and charge up your card. That's why I shred and wait for the trashman to actually arrive before putting the cans out." I listened to his public service announcement and then said, "If someone wanted to they could piece together those strips much like the Iranian students did in 1979 with the U.S. Embassy documents. But it's a lot easier today to get your info..."

My friend just recently had her card fraudulantly used around the city. They bought some video games, clothes, hit up Walmart and did some grocery shopping. More than likely it was when she gave the card to someone and let it out of her sight.
How much are you concerned with identity theft/fraud?


Would you be freaked out if you met someone with heterochromia?

Your car will tell on you!

Federal, state and local coffers are in need of some help and with all of them promising no taxes, they have devised a new method to get extra revenue.

How Traffic Sensor WorksBeginning in 2010 all new vehicles will be equipped with a "SRRD." This self reporting revenue device is connected to the vehicle's GPS and stores your entire trip speed/driving behavior record in memory. If you've noticed those little cut-out circles in the road, or the sensors like the "HOV" monitors, then you know they have been modified to gather your SRRD data as you drive by.

How many times have you broken the speed limit, and for how long? Any violation lasting longer than 6 seconds (time required to pass a vehicle) will be ruled a violation and auto-reported. This can get really expensive because you can have multiple violations in one trip. They've anticipated this and you can take advantage of "Section 19: Multiple violation charges can be reduced to lower price, provided that it is paid via guaranteed method as outlined in Section 17 within 48 hours of the reported violation by the SRRD. A non-refundable convenience fee will charged separately for using this option."

You may think that removing the device will help but the penalty is steep for doing this: "Section 2: Removing or tampering with the SRRD in anyway, shape, or form including the distruption of the transmission of data to and from the system is punishable by a $25,000 USD fine, one (1) year of incarceration or both."

As you may have guessed, the auto industry has resisted such plans and they were appeased in part when the Federal government pushed legislation through via earmarks in locations where the automakers have plants.

What do you think of all of this?

Be back before sundown

How far do you let your kids go outside of the house without supervision? My parents let me go as far on my bike as long as I was back before sundown. Some of my friends could only go to the end of the block, while others could only be in the yard and in plain parent view.

Random Sam Fact #45

HandgunWhen I as eight, my parents left me alone for a week while they went down to Mexico to take care of business. I had school so they thought it best for me to stay in the house by myself. One night, I heard someone/people right outside my parent's window. I turned on the light but they didn't go away. I ran into my bedroom and got my dad's handgun, and got the clip. I had first thought about the 30/30 but it was too heavy.

I chambered a round and was hoping that they would go away just from hearing that distinctive sound. My little dog "chewy" was chasing me around the house and I had my .22 rifle read also. By the way, did I tell you I was terrified with all the lights on in the house? I totally freaked out when I heard the window screen move.

I put one round THROUGH the wall and I heard it hit the sand pile right outside and also heard the "bad guys" start running. Right after that I went outside with Chewy, and fired three more rounds at the dirt piles. It was dark but I could see three figures running down the railroad tracks.

My mom found the hole right away when they got back and asked what I had done. I told her and she said she wouldn't tell my dad if I helped her fix it - Deal. I was still allowed to target practice everyday so all was well. :)

Snapple Real Fact #69


No word in the english language rhymes with month.

AND Caller ID is illegal in California.

Someone showed me the first one and then someone else showed me the second one at work, both had the #69 on it.

Storm hits San Diego

LeavesI knew that the storm was supposed to hit today so I raked up the remaining leaves from around the tree. It's now completely naked. I raked the neighbor's leaves also since I think it looks stupid for one-half of the area to be clean and the other to be all filled up with stuff.

How many of you think the neighbor will return the favor?

I saw several "softball people" at Heather's volleyball practice, and they came up to me and gave me a hug. We talked for a little bit and caught up. Today's practice was a short one, and at one point Heather asked if I wanted her to ask the coach if I could practice with them. I'll probably take her up on it next time. :)

After dropping Heather off at her friends house, I hit a bookstore and vegged out for a little. Nothing exciting...


The CHP was at their regular carpool trap. I'm gonna see if they have a pattern. Or, if it's just when someone calls and complains?

My invoices got "processed!" This means that hopefully in thirty days, I'll actually have some money. :)

I had lunch in one of the new remodeled Carl's Jr, but I wonder if they think that will get more people to eat there?

Laughter over death leads to longer sentence

A woman was sentenced to almost the maximum by a judge for killing a bicyclist after she was found to be laughing about the death. Her lawyer said that the defendant was very remorseful but the tape shows otherwise.

Do you think her punishment was appropriate?

Huge Clock

Roman Number Clock When I was out and about during lunch, I noticed this huge clock on the wall. I liked it so I took a picture of it with my cell phone and the guy asked me if I was going to try and steal it! :)

I like the roman numerals because they remind me of when I learned how to tell time. I wonder how long before kids won't even know how to tell time without it being digital.

I'm here at the draft right now texting my daughter and telling her what team her friend is on.

A Reminder!

Heather Ledger
You've probably heard that Heath Ledger is dead by now and to most it was a shock. Everyone saying he was so young and that he had a lot going for him.

But, I just see this as a reminder of how fragile we are and that you can be gone NOW for whatever reason, either natural or not.

Keep in touch with people and don't use the excuse that you're too busy!

Carne Asada Burrito

Today was a long day!!! I got in a little late, but made the time up by staying late so no harm done. There was just enough time for a burrito and quesadilla at the local taco shop before going to the Mini-Minor draft.

The lady looks at me and says:

Lady: ¿Como te puedo ayudar?
Sam: ¡Quiero una carne asada burrito y una quesadilla para qui!
Lady: [smiles at me] se dice, quiero un burrito de carne asada.
Sam: Entonces, quiero un burrito de carne asada y la quesadilla, por favor!
Lady: Muy bien.

I rarely get to practice my Spanish and I found it rather interesting that she corrected my Spanish in front of everyone, an older lady just smiled as I got my lesson.

The mini-minor draft went well, just two more nights. It's gonna be a long week and I'm already tired.

Snapple Real Fact #37

A snail breathes through it's foot

Snail have feet? What? I thought they slithered!

Martin Luther King Day

I didn't work today, but I had a rush of last minute sign-ups for my volunteer work. I was told that it was going to rain but went on my 5 mile anyway looking up to see if I would get caught in the rain. The split second after I got back it started raining. :)

This was the first time that I went down to Discovery Park during a registration and noticed that one of my friends had signed up. I saw a bunch of familiar faces, and they came up to me and shook my hand as I sat down on the ground with my laptop and long range wireless. I had called Heather and asked if I could do registrations from there if my connection wasn't good - "Sure Daddy."

It was a cold clear night but at least it was a full moon. It's also been three years since my mom died. Time flies...

Random Sam Fact #75

When I was in elementary school, I wanted to change my name to Aaron. I didn't like that we would have to line up in alphabetical order and my name starting with a "S" meant that I was nearly always last for everything.

For some reason the teachers didn't think highly of my suggestion with starting with "Z" this time...

2008 AFC Championship

Patriot HelmetCharger HelmetFinal Score 12-21, Patriots. The Chargers had multiple opportunities to win this game, but could only get four field goals. They managed to intercept Brady three times, and the Pats won the game with the running game.

At least they didn't lose by the 14 points they were supposed to lose by. The hardest part was watching the the Patriots just killing the clock on their final possession - 1st Down, after 1st Down. 'till next year.

The Patriots are 18-0 and only one game from the "perfect" season. Can they do it?

Pay Attention

You think that you're aware of what's going on around you? Well, just pay attention, and see if you are easily distracted.

Bobby Fischer Dead

Spassky -v- Fischer

Bobby Fischer, the early 70's world champion is dead at the age 64.

When I was a kid, I had heard of him and even followed some of his games. Not that I could really tell why he made a particular move but just that an American world champ did those.

He dissappeared from chess because of eccentric demands/rules that he wanted and he accused the U.S.S.R of cheating (some rules were changed to prevent what he mentioned) and he just refused to play under the current conditions. I just figured that he was afraid to lose after he was on top.

I bought some of his "What's the best move" books because I wasn't into memorizing moves but more into fundamentals, strategy, and positional play. Too bad he got people to focus on all his political views instead of what he was really good at doing - Chess.

The LONGEST Board Meeting

Tonight we had a board meeting to approve amendend rules and bylaws among other things. It was the longest meeting ever! We had two readers go through the bylaws and she sped up towards the end especially after we went past closing time. I heard a voice open the door and say, 'you have five minutes.'

We got a lot accomplished and I just want the season to finally start!

Another Meeting

We had a executive board meeting at Miguel's Cocina in Eastlake. It was at an awkward time where I didn't want to go home and then have to drive back up spending a little bit of time at home so I just went to the Borders nearby and read magazines and some new "magic eye" books.

It took almost four hours to finish up our business and I was wondering when they were gonna kick us out! :) Overall a good day!

Snapple Real Fact #102

A one-minute kiss burns 26 calories.

(26*60=1560 calories per hour! No way!!!) Let see...3500 calories/26 = 134 minutes / 60 = 2.24. Which means you have to kiss for 2 hours and 14 minutes to lose one pound of fat! :) Now get to it!

To put this in perspective, competitive racquetball burns 850+ per hour (apx. 14 calories per minute) So, I don't believe this one unless you're kissing while running, and have weights on your arms.

Managers Selected

We had our yearly dinner/meeting at our favorite "sports bar," Brock's house! All the people involved in selecting managers, teams, etc...were treated to Italian food, open bar, and treats. It was a several hour meeting but we all had fun. Several football games were on the screens so we could re-live the Charger game.

You might not be able to see it in the picture but we had about eight laptops on the table and it looked more like we were planning an invasion than starting a new softball season.

We called up all the managers and let them know they now had a team. Only one month left before the season starts.

2007 Darwin Award Winners

The Darwin Award winners have been announced! For those of you that aren't aware of what this award is, it's the award given out to those that die as a result of some really stupid behavior. Or, from the website: A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises - Honoring those who improve the species...by accidentally removing themselves from it!

Snapple Real Fact #63

The average human produces 10,000 gallons of saliva in a lifetime.

How many of you said, "Ewww, when you read that?"

Chargers versus Colts

Colt Helmet
Charger HelmetFinal Score 28-24!!! The 8-point under-dog Chargers defeat the defending Super Bowl Champions on their turf!
Rivers and LT both out of the game, and they still won. :)
Great Game! Now on to New England...


Well today was the last day of softball registration, and the place was packed with all the procrastinators. After all that ended, I watched Heather's volleyball practice and was having a difficult time just sitting there and not helping out. We had enough dads there to play against the girls but we'll have to wait. We have our first tournament next week up in Anaheim, so they can get the first game jitters out of the way.

I waited for Heather to shower after practice, before dropping her off with her bf at the movies. He was polite and respectful and I didn't have to pull out the shotgun. I watched a little of the Patriot game but that was basically it. I can't wait for the Charger game tomorrow, and then the Dallas game.

More Happiness Reports

I was watching this video article, Money nor Children can make you happy. today and the only thing new that I got out of it was the 50-40-10 ratio. The contributors to you being happy are: 50% genetics, 40% circumstances (a little vague to me), and the remaining 10% is what you make of it; meaning that you have some influence.

Another thing that was said, "That there is no individual happiness...only happiness brought on with others." Well, yes we are social creatures and that makes sense.

What makes you happy?



TATA unveiled their Nano and for only $2,500 you can have one too! They say you can seat 5 comfortably, but I've also seen that every apartment for rent is - "LUXURIOUS!" No radio, or airconditioning.

But this isn't really why I'm writing this post. I'm just wondering how long it will take Apple to sue. You know Apple's possible argument - the average person will get confused and think it's a iPod Nano clone and it will take sales away.

I think in a settlement, Apple will force them not to use any of the following, "mp3 input, GB, 8GB, tunes, media, video, music."

Snapple Real Fact #80

About 18% of animal owners share their beds with their pets.

I wonder how many are single? How many pets would you have on the bed? A Noah's ark?

Smart Pick Up Line

I had to laugh at the guy that used the line, "I play for the [Insert Professional Team Here]." The girl that started to date him called the radio station for their, "War of the Roses" segment, and busted him on the air. Obviously he wasn't on the team, and it was very easy to look him up on the roster anyway. Where was his brain?

What kind of cheesy lines have you fallen for?

Boy glues himself to bed

You might've heard about the boy that glued his hand to his bed so he wouldn't have to go back to school after the long holiday break. He was promptly freed and then sent off to school anyway.

I think they should have just let him stay glued! At one point or another, he'd feel the need to go to the bathroom, eat, etc...Just my two cents. :)

More Stuff

..or just plain boring stuff :) Had that weekly Tuesday meeting (went well), had two packages delivered to me, gave Heather a ride home; a whopping 100 feet, got all my hair cut, had $1.00 fish tacos, filled up my car, and did some volunteer homework.

The Blinkers

I still prefer the bright yellow blinkers on cars instead of the red ones on the newer cars. How about you?

Snapple Real Fact #2


Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons.

Oh really?!

American Gladiators

I watched American Gladiators on NBC just now. I remember watching the original years ago and it's still as cheesy but fun to watch the challengers get pummeled by muscle men/women.

Have you seen it?

Chargers End 13 Year Play-Off Drought

Charger HelmetTitan HelmetThe Chargers hadn't won a play-off game since 1994, and it wasn't looking very good when they trailed early 6-0 and then couldn't score a touchdown in the red-zone and had to settle for a field goal. You could hear the crowd BOO, when the decision was made to go for the field goal.

LT couldn't do anything and Gates out at the half. Luckily, the second half was different and Rivers came through and got some long pass and got some points on the board!

LT scoring TDDid you see LT's monster jump? He didn't make it but his second effort getting the ball over the plane did! :) Who says things can't change?! Chargers down the Titans for the second time this season, 17-6.

Now on to play the Colt in Indy next week. This time, I don't think Manning is going to give you 6 ints.

Police Dog

There are several K9 Officers that live near my house so I thought this e-mail that a friend sent to me was funny...

It was the end of the day when I parked my police van in front of the station. As I gathered my equipment, my K-9 partner, Jake, was barking, and I saw a little boy staring in at me. "Is that a dog you got back there?" he asked. "It sure is," I replied. Puzzled, the boy looked at me and then towards the back of the car. Finally he said, "What'd he do?"

Bay Cafe

Went to the Bay Cafe on Harbor Drive, my friend bought me lunch for helping set up their laptop with the long range wireless and other stuff.

Tomorrow might be a busy day league wise for me as we have registrations, but hopefully they have learned from previous years and come prepared. Last night was pretty light.

Everyone is preparing for the storm that is sweeping into the area. Let's see if it doesn't mess up the Charger -v- Titan game on Sunday.

Still a Slow Week

With New Year's on Tuesday, many people took the whole week off. My client came in just to get a report and left. He told me he was taking Friday off also. Tuesday should be full force and back to normal.

Snapple Real Fact #33

Snapple Termites eat through wood 2 times faster when listening to rock music.

Watcha think about that?

Wings and Things

I knew I was going to get teased when I ordered mild wings and things today for lunch. I didn't want to press my luck. :)

iPod Nano and Nike Sport Kit

Apple iPod Nano I finally bought myself the silver Apple iPod Nano, and Nike Sport Kit for my Christmas present. I've had it almost a week now, and have used it and uploaded my data on-line.

I used a little velcro pouch and placed the little transmitter in it and headed on my route. I know exactly how far the route is because I've used a GPS and measured it out. I was surprised how accurate the system is without calibrating, if you walk. When I mixed running, jogging, and walking during my tests the system was off by a lot.

I measured out a distance with the GPS and then calibrated the running kit. That helped but it seems that you'd want to get two transmitters, if you really were into the accuracy thing based on walking or running. You can buy the transmitter by itself for $19.00. Overall, it was close enough for me as long as you do the same routine.

Basically this is a fancy pedometer, multiplying the stride length * steps to get distance, and using your weight to determine calories burned.

The variations in workouts are good, distance, time, calories, etc...you can mix your playlists, random, etc...I liked that a voice would tell me my progress and then at the end (400 meters) would do a countdown, 300m, 200m, etc...I kicked in my powersong, during the last 200 meters for that final kick. :)

If I made a new time, or record, distance or other milestone, I was congratulated. I uploaded my info to nike plus. There, a flash chart shows all your runs, and progress to share or keep private. For $29.99, it's a great motivator!

Happy New Year

My system hasn't totally recovered yet, and my friend says I probably got food poisoning. Who knows. I sent out midnight text messages as got some this year as well as the "Happy New Year" calls from those that I couldn't be close to.

The league prices went up at midnight, so I was curious as to how many people would try to beat the midnight deadline. Quite a few actually and it seems the other half will just pay the higher prices so they can procrastinate.

Watched USC -v- Illinois in the Rose Bowl...My team (USC) won in a blowout, 49-17.

I heard many of my friends tell me about their resolutions, but we know the usual ones: Lose weight, exercise more, eat better, etc...I know the gym will be full and I won't be able to get a racquetball court as easily or if I do, they will want to play doubles (too crowded for my taste) but by February should get things back to normal.

How long will you keep your resolution?