TATA unveiled their Nano and for only $2,500 you can have one too! They say you can seat 5 comfortably, but I've also seen that every apartment for rent is - "LUXURIOUS!" No radio, or airconditioning.

But this isn't really why I'm writing this post. I'm just wondering how long it will take Apple to sue. You know Apple's possible argument - the average person will get confused and think it's a iPod Nano clone and it will take sales away.

I think in a settlement, Apple will force them not to use any of the following, "mp3 input, GB, 8GB, tunes, media, video, music."

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and...besides Apple..that car looks A LOT like a car that you see a lot here in Japan... it also looks like the Mercedes Smart... I am not sure where TATA got the idea..but I bet they got the car model from a different company and the name from Apple!