Bobby Fischer Dead

Spassky -v- Fischer

Bobby Fischer, the early 70's world champion is dead at the age 64.

When I was a kid, I had heard of him and even followed some of his games. Not that I could really tell why he made a particular move but just that an American world champ did those.

He dissappeared from chess because of eccentric demands/rules that he wanted and he accused the U.S.S.R of cheating (some rules were changed to prevent what he mentioned) and he just refused to play under the current conditions. I just figured that he was afraid to lose after he was on top.

I bought some of his "What's the best move" books because I wasn't into memorizing moves but more into fundamentals, strategy, and positional play. Too bad he got people to focus on all his political views instead of what he was really good at doing - Chess.


Anonymous said...

gosh...thanks for the info...didnt know that....

Sam said...

It would have been bigger news had he not renounced his citizenship, and violated UN sanctions.