More Happiness Reports

I was watching this video article, Money nor Children can make you happy. today and the only thing new that I got out of it was the 50-40-10 ratio. The contributors to you being happy are: 50% genetics, 40% circumstances (a little vague to me), and the remaining 10% is what you make of it; meaning that you have some influence.

Another thing that was said, "That there is no individual happiness...only happiness brought on with others." Well, yes we are social creatures and that makes sense.

What makes you happy?


Smirking Cat said...

Hmmm, not sure I agree that there is no individual happiness. Of course others are capable of bringing us happiness (or agony, depending who it is), but I don't believe my happiness is 100% dependent on others. That makes people sound so co-dependent.

Sam said...

I'm still thinking this over. :) Think of all the happy moments in your life...What did they revolve around?