Well today was the last day of softball registration, and the place was packed with all the procrastinators. After all that ended, I watched Heather's volleyball practice and was having a difficult time just sitting there and not helping out. We had enough dads there to play against the girls but we'll have to wait. We have our first tournament next week up in Anaheim, so they can get the first game jitters out of the way.

I waited for Heather to shower after practice, before dropping her off with her bf at the movies. He was polite and respectful and I didn't have to pull out the shotgun. I watched a little of the Patriot game but that was basically it. I can't wait for the Charger game tomorrow, and then the Dallas game.


Kendra said...

pull out the shotgun? ha!!! that's a good one! sounds like something my dad would have said!!

Sam said...

There's a shovel somewhere in the car, too! :)