Chargers End 13 Year Play-Off Drought

Charger HelmetTitan HelmetThe Chargers hadn't won a play-off game since 1994, and it wasn't looking very good when they trailed early 6-0 and then couldn't score a touchdown in the red-zone and had to settle for a field goal. You could hear the crowd BOO, when the decision was made to go for the field goal.

LT couldn't do anything and Gates out at the half. Luckily, the second half was different and Rivers came through and got some long pass and got some points on the board!

LT scoring TDDid you see LT's monster jump? He didn't make it but his second effort getting the ball over the plane did! :) Who says things can't change?! Chargers down the Titans for the second time this season, 17-6.

Now on to play the Colt in Indy next week. This time, I don't think Manning is going to give you 6 ints.

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