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Chargers Lose Again

On paper they lost but they actually had it won if it weren't for that late officiating error.  I think the reason Mike Shannahan went for two points instead of going into overtime was because he knew that the Broncos didn't deserve that TD.  He went for the riskier play and if they missed, then all is well and Chargers win.  Or am I giving him too much credit?

Snapple Real Fact #132

Snapple Facts
A crocodile cannot move its tongue..

The last thing you'd be concerned about if you're getting chomp-chomped!

Large Hadron Collider

We're still here!  If you're not a geek then you probably didn't know that they test fired the Large Hadron Collider today despite lawsuits trying to stop it because of fears that it might create a man-made black hole under the 17 mile site..

Although the chances are very remote,  some European physicists place the odds at something like 50 million to 1.  For a comparison, the odds of winning the lotto here in California is about 23 million to 1.

This reminds me of people fearing that detonating a atomic device would start an un-stoppable chain reaction destroying the earth back in the 40's.  And no, I don't remember it personally!  :)

Here's some big numbers related from this experiment: (from wired.com)

Particle physics is complicated. Tweets are not. So, naturally, answering your questions about the Large Hadron Collider in Twitter format, i.e. 140 characters or less, could help you understand some physics.
Q: WTF is a Large Hadron Collider?
A: Hadrons are the parent family for protons and neutrons. The collider will smash protons together to see what they're made of.
Q: What are ATLAS and CMS and all these other acronyms?
A: They are particle detectors. ATLAS and CMS are the big ones. Each detector is designed to carry out a set of experiments.
Q: How does the Large Hadron Collider work?
A: It smashes particles moving at near the speed of light together. Then, detectors look for very rare particles in the wreckage.
Q: Is smashing things together to look for progressively smaller and rarer particles really how particle physics is done?
A: More or less: yes. Theoretical physicists work out the math. The experiments get run to see whose math matches the world.
Q: Gimme the stats on the Collider? Factoid stats.
A: 17 miles around. 9,000 magnets. 7,000 scientists. $10 billion. Operating temp: -456.25 F. Power used: 120 MW. Network: 1.8+Gb/s.
Q: Who paid for the Large Hadron Collider?
A: You did! But not nearly as much as your European cousins. The US contribution stands at $531 million. Total cost: $10 billion.
Q: How does a particle detector work?
A: They work like digital cameras with 150 megapixels taking snapshots 600 million times a second! Then algorithms look for interesting stuff.
Q: Is there an end 'product/goal' that the average Joe will eventually see from these experiments? ie:teleportation?
A: Not directly, but confirmation that physicists understand the universe would be nice. And you never know. The engineering can lead to other things.
Q: When you smash particles at nearly the speed of light isn't that going to release a lot of energy?
A: Yes. The highest-energy collisions will reach 14 trillion electron volts.
Q: How many particles are actually colliding?
A: Hacked Wikipedia: The beam pipes contain 1.0×10-9 grams of hydrogen, which
would fill the volume of one grain of fine sand.
Q: Is the Large Hadron Collider a threat to human civilization and the existence of the Earth?
A: No. Einstein's relativity says it's impossible. And, just in case, studies of highly-energetic cosmic rays hitting earth rule it out, too.

Does the general population really care?  Not really...I just got off the phone with my friend and she says, "I'd rather be watching project runway!"  :)  Good Night.

Heather's First High School Volleyball Match

I drove out to watch Heather play volleyball in El Cajon after work today.  She made the varsity team as a freshmen so I'm proud of her!  The team lost but at least the conference matches don't start until next month so they have some time to work on things.

Pull My Finger

As an iPhone owner, I usually look over the apps that are available on a regular basis and pass on suggestions to my friends that have one also. But here is one application that you won't be seeing on the iTunes store because Apple rejected it stating (as claimed by the author) that it didn't think it would appeal to the iPhone/iTouch user. I told Jess about it and wonder what she would do if I snuck it on her iPhone (evil grin)

If you've seen the apps available through the app store, then you'll agree that this application would be in the top 50 for sure, or am I wrong? Honestly!? :)

Wash Your Hands

You've probably seen these signs in bathrooms before, but have you ever read one.  All restaurants are required to have a sign up that has a bathroom, or cooking for health reasons.  Of course you can't have a sign that says, "Hey you!  Wash your hands since you either just peed or took a dump!"

Well, a focus group said they would come up with some politically correct way of saying this so as not to let anyone realize we KNOW what goes on in this "restroom."  A requirement is that they needed to have Spanish translation also.  Here's the Spanish version:

"Laven sus manos antes de abandonar este lugar para volver al trabajo."

Here's the translation:

"Wash your hands before you abandon this place to return to work."

Didn't know I knew Spanish, eh?  The mentioning of bathroom or any other bodily functions has been left out, not even restroom.  So, remember to wash your hands before you abandon your restroom.  Oh wait, not restroom,  "this place."

Compact Car Parking

They're already marking off parking spots for cars of the near future.   But somehow I think this car is not compact enough for this spot!

If you were a cop, would you cite him?

Photoshop Beauty

Think about this the next time you see a magazine cover!