Dark Knight Rises Tickets

So, did you buy tickets for the Dark Knight Rises movie and wait in line for the midnight show?  The tickets sold out and the line started about 5:00 p.m.  Several theaters were dedicates strictly for the movie and people were camped out waiting.  I saw pizzas, iPads, games, folding chairs, and kids playing cards for the 6-7 hour wait.

What movie would you wait in a long line to see at midnight?

Boost Your SASS Skills at WUSS 2012

I saw this flyer for the WUSS 2012 conference and immediately wondered why anyone would name a conference - WUSS.  If you look at the definition in Urban Dictionary it's not a very desirable thing to be called.  Was this on purpose?  But I guess it worked because it gets a double take.  Or are we giving them a little too much credit?

Are you going to WUSS 2012?