Charger Pre-Game Prediction

Chargers 28 Chiefs 10

[3:56] Can you say, "Self-Destruct!?"

30-16 Final...Chiefs win. Ugh.

Team Party

National Championship TrophyThe All-star games ended on August 5th, but the "official" end is the team party. The trophies finally came in and the girls were each acknowledged for their contribution to the team and handed their National Championship Trophy along with the rest of their goodies (Embroidered sweatshirt, photos, medals, newspaper clippings, etc...)

We had Mexican food catered for the party (carne asada, quesadillas, grilled chicken, pork, rice, etc..), and got to socialize with everyone that we hadn't seen for a long time. The girls got to play basketball, ping pong, swimming, listen to music, watch the Padres lose, and just hang out.

Talk of the next 2008 All-Star season was a topic, geez. Heather is eligible for the team for two more years, but it's too early to think about that, in my opinion. Midland, Texas won the bid for the 2008 14 and Under National Championships. We know not what the future holds...let's just get through this first Renegade tournament. :)

Do you like Mexican Food?

Chester Stiles Wanted For Rape

Chester Arthur Stiles This man is wanted for the rape of a three year old little girl. Last night we were talking about this guy and what should happen to him if this is true. He videotaped himself assaulting her about four years ago and the tape was turned in by Darren Tuck.

Tuck, who also allegedly showed the tape to others prior to giving it to police, faces a possible 10 years to life sentence for exhibiting pornography and another one to six years for possession of child pornography - cnn.

We both were upset about the story, but I was upset that the news stations were showing the picture of the little girl unblurred. I understand why they did it originally to help find/identify her, but after they had, continued to show her photo along with her name, etc...Hmmm. Come on guys

What do you think should happen to him, if he is convicted?

The Official Date

I went back to the post date that we agreed upon, but i didn't find anything that I noted about it. Maybe because I didn't know what this would be, huh?


Hail to the Queen

LOL. You were right! You knew exactly what she would do.

Here's the it when the first e-mails/calls/communications started, when your first date, kiss, "I love you", etc...or when you say, "we're a couple," that marks the beginning of the relationship (for anniversary purposes)?

Someone said it was the first contact...The other half said, "yup."

I'm gonna go blind

Checkered Floor What were they thinking when they laid this down? The entrance to the "secret" computer room. This is how they disorient visitors so they can't remember how to get back in! :)

Do you think it will work?

Early Birthday Gift

My birthday isn't until late next month but someone let me know yesterday that they wanted to give me something that night! Thank You! :)


Cleaning UpWe had the luncheon today, and my job was to get the nachos supreme! On my way back, I barely made it past the gauntlet of people. Everyone wanted to sample the goods. :)

We used an empty cubicle for the "thanksgiving style" line and the I suggested using the conference room for the meal. I think everyone's favorite was the spicy meatballs and flan. It was amazing how quick everyone split before the clean-up though...
I have to run more, cause I'm gonna get fat eating at all these luncheons! Oh, my work computer is finally fixed :)
Do you help clean up or do you bail as soon as you finish eating?

Ready to Retire?

RustOver the past week, about six people that I know have retired from my work. It feels a little weird because I remember when I first started there, and seeing them around the department. The "hey kid!" "you guys will be running this place," comments while I was in college, etc...

I spoke to one that isn't retiring and how she "came on-board" a year after I did. We talked about the career decisions we made, and how things would have been if I had stayed (an interesting alternative -Department Director?). She laughed because it seems they just can't get rid of me, and programs that I've written 10 years ago are still being used...But acknowledged that I have done well on the route that I did end up taking. However, I feel that I've not lived up to my full potential...

Tomorrow, we're having a retirement luncheon for one of my friends...I look forward to the roasting, always fun! :)

You happy with the career choices you've made?

Would you want to know?

If you could know the EXACT date and time of your death, would you want to know?


There is one little section of grass that wasn't getting water and it was because the sprinkler was being covered by the neighbors creeping plant. I have a good relationship with my neighbors so I pop my head over the fence, and say:

me: Hey XXX...Do you mind if I trim back some of your plant over there [I point] about 5 inches so that the sprinkler can reach the grass?
her: That is okay. How are you? [random neighbor talk]
me: Thanks...

Today, I get home from work and see that she removed 95% of the plant and left the part that was covering the sprinkler! LOL. So now there's just dirt to replace her plants.

You have any interesting neighbor issues?

Phone Prank

LOL. Who is gonna fess up to the phone prank? I must say that it did make me laugh. But, you know that this calls for a massive retaliatory response; as soon as I find out who did it!!! :)

Do you play any type of pranks on people?

Charger Pre-Game Prediction

31-17 Chargers over the Packers!

[11:09] Uh...Maybe not. THAT WAS A PUMP FAKE!!!
[11:58] Okay. They can still make it happen. A field goal and a TD!
[12:38] Forget about the spread, just win it. :)
[12:46] But can they get it out?
[12:52] Ugh. 21-24. 2:00 minutes to score a field goal or win it.
[12:59] Crap. Game over.
[01:11] Officially over. 31-24, Packers. Plenty O' Season left.

Hmmm...what's for lunch?

USC Wins

Come on...You knew they were gonna win, it was just a matter of how many points. :)

This song (which never gets old to me) reminds me of when I was in High School, and a group of us took a trip up to USC to watch them play the Oregon Ducks. Well, the game was secondary to checking out the school, but it felt like the primary reason :) The girls that came up with us, got a little upset that we focused too much on the cheerleaders. What can you expect, huh?

It's Raining in San Diego

RainingIt's finally raining. I love the rain! I'm laying in the backyard with my laptop watching/listening to it rain. I had turned off my sprinklers a couple of days ago and my plants and grass will get plenty o' water. :)

Do you like the rain?

Alone on a Hill

Sam following the lights I was out and about last night, and got home about 10:00 p.m. I noticed these spot lights shining from Coors Amphitheatre.
I remembered that it was the street scene and had an idea. Normally they have street scene downtown San Diego, so this was new for me.

I parked my car, got my camera, tripod, and walked over. I was wearing black so I don't think anyone saw me. I took this shot before I went on the BIG HILL. I tried taking some pictures of the venue from the hill but the spotlights were just too bright. I vegged out on the top of the hill and clearly heard the music. :) I thought it was fun...

What was the last concert you went to?

Late Dinner

I was on Bonita Road and stopped at a local taco shop. A customer in line recognized me and gave me a hug. I asked where her mom was and she told me that she was getting her hair done next door. LOL. While I waiting for my order, I went to say "hi." Luckily, I knew her well or she would have had a fit.

Went back to get my order and decided to eat it there. Nobody was there and the lady started talking to me. Wanted to know if I got a degree in photography, what I did, if I'd eaten there before, etc...So pretty much, I got to know a complete stranger while eating. She asked me my name, and said, "till next time." I headed home...

I think this whole thing was interesting because I had just written about that guy hitting on the cashier, but in my situation, I wasn't. Wonder what she said when she went to the back...

Red Bull Air Race 2007

Boats in the BayAll the boats are lining up to watch the airplane races that are about to start. I think today they hold the qualifiers at 2:30 p.m.

Several of the people here at work are leaving early so that they can see the races up close ( ya gotta pay) , but this is a pretty good view in my opinion.

I'm standing up with my laptop at a 45 degree angle down so I can look out and type at the same time. :) Those guys are noisy!!!


Gloria NOT sharing her sushiDenisse had asked me if I could give her a ride to work this morning since her car is being looked at, she's the one that I fired as my running partner, if you remember. I said, 'sure.' I get to her house at 6:30 a.m. and she has me drive to a Mexican bakery right by her house. The place was packed! She bought a treat for me for giving her a ride. :)

Since today was Friday, a group of us: Me, Denisse, Gilda, and last minute Gloria (Angela couldn't make it) head off to get some sushi downtown. I pulled up the car so they didn't have to walk all the way to Pluto (that's how far my car is in the parking lot). Gloria wore tennis shoes just incase.

We all order and for some reason, Ms. MegaSpaz Gloria gets her sushi first. The waiter puts out several little dishes for us to share, and she blurts out, "Oh hell no, I'm starving and not sharing!!!" That's all her food right there in the picture (a 4x4), plus that salad, miso soup, and EAT YOUR NAMI.

We'll, Gloria couldn't finish her sushi and then wanted us to help her finish it...LOL, "Oh hell no, Choke on it!!! Oh, and you'll be needing those tennis shoes!" I get my chop sticks and help Gilda (that's her arm) finish off hers. We get back to work all stuffed.

You're a Big Boy

You're a Big Boy I told my friend that I'd post this. Sometimes I might ask because I don't want to make a unilateral decision and make assumptions.

My mom got this waaaay back (corner of Broadway and 'H') and I plan on keeping him. He got a bath finally, after I don't know how many years!

She always had him in the china cabinet. :)

What do you think he's smiling about?

Dating Fast Food Style

I went to a fast food restaurant tonight because I was lazy to make something at home. I always talk to the cashier and address them by their name in this case her name was Jessica. Maybe 18 or so. I got my food, sat at a table and watched the entertainment.

Jessica: How can I help you?
Guy: I want to get...blah blah blah.
Jessica: Anything else?
Guy: Oh, can you add ... blah blah blah?

So, she totals him up, and he gives her his debit card. It gets declined. So, he keeps taking stuff off his order until the card finally goes through. At this point she has her arms crossed. Then the really fun part:

Guy: Say, do you have a boyfriend?
Jessica: Yes. Do you have a girlfriend?
Guy: No.

Jessica starts to get his order and he gets really brave.

Guy: You know I can give you my phone number, just in case your boyfriend don't be treating you right, you know.
Jessica: Okay. You can leave your number.
Guy: It wouldn't do me no good to leave you my number if you ain't gonna call it right?
Jessica: [smiles politely at him, then looks over at me.
Guy: [looks over at me]
Jessica: Here ya go, oh and don't forget your card.
Guy: You know, I have a cousin that lives close by and I'll be back and if your boyfriend don't treat you right. You know. I'll be back. [he gives me the guy nod as he leaves]
Jessica: bye.

After he leaves, she goes into the back and tells all her work buddies what just happened. Everyone laughs and runs up to the counter to check the guy out as he leaves. Jessica looks at me and asks me if I saw the whole thing. I grin and tell her that she doesn't know how hard it is for a guy.

Smooth Operator, yes or no?

Growl Really Loud

Gonna eat the Taco Bell Dog This is for Mary Anne, in reference to my first rain post.

Sometimes you have to pick which fights to fight and which to save for another day...

You think Señor "Yo quiero Taco Bell" is gonna get his booty kicked?

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Logo What do you think of the new Photoshop Logo?

Lunchroom Madness

It seemed like a huge party today in the lunchroom. Evidently it was a huge birthday party Filipino style! It looked like a Thankgiving Feast in there. The birthday girl grabbed my hand and pulled me into the lunchroom and "forced" me to dig in. At first I felt awkward since I'm the new guy in the area, but they made me feel welcome real quick...I'm stuffed and I swear they want to fatten me up. It doesn't help that my work area is RIGHT NEXT to the lunchroom. :)

Imagine what the party will be like for the end of year Sept 30th. Watch out!

First Rain

It rains a little and there's an accident on the freeway, and the "real" rain isn't supposed to show up until going home time or tomorrow. I'm leaving way earlier tomorrow.

To the girl in the blue mini cooper (on the I5) that plowed into the F250. Did you really think you had a chance? :)

Do you have drivers in your area that don't know how to handle "the weather?"

Girl Parking

Clear a path!Ooops.  I'm I close to the line yet?I decided that I wanted some Jamba Juice down near H-Street in Chula Vista. I parked my car and saw something funny. A girl was backing her car into a parking spot with no cars around. It took a little bit (actually several minutes), and I sat in my car until she finished. This is the end result.Smile!

How many of you girls out there back your car in?

The Planes!

I can't concentrate. All I see and hear are the planes buzzing the bay! My blinds are open and everyone is coming into my area to watch the acrobatic planes zoom around. Noisy but looks like fun. They are scheduled to race Friday, so that means ... I'll leave that up to you to figure out.

Already planning Friday's lunch!

Homeless Doggy

Homeless DoggyI was almost home when I saw a "new" homeless person at the corner near my exit. There are the regular guys that live under the bridge but this guy had a dog.

He had a sign that he wanted to feed his puppy. Can you see him in the basket? I waited till the guy passed my car before taking this picture.

Do you give money to homeless people?


I'm driving to work and I always see the car pool violators on 94 W on the on-ramp. Well, today, they had a surprise waiting for them. A CHP was waiting at the very end next to the light. He was physically standing at the light looking in people's cars. He pulled over a red car...and had his ticket book ready.

You ever go in the car pool lane when you aren't supposed to?

Chargers Get Spanked

I watched the game at home, but was picking on my friend while on-line. She was already mad that I kept saying that they'd get blown out before the game started. After each score, she'd say there is still time left...Uh huh, for it to get worse!

Did anyone see the Raider -v- Bronco game? It just made me think how the OT rule needs to be changed. I'm offering a suggestion: Give the other offense an opportunity to try to score. If one team scores a TD/FG in 5 plays, then the other team must do the same or better, or lose! In a case of them tying, you just keep going until the quarter is over.

If after five quarters, you're get that 1 in the T column in regular season. This may not be the perfect solution but it's definitely better than the who wins the coin toss method they have now.

What do you think would work for OT?

Daily Stuff

Again, up at 5:00 a.m. or so. I went downstairs on turned on the TV. Nothing much on except infomercials :) Can't wait for the stuff to start arriving. :) No, I didn't buy anything.

I did end up getting my haircut, hitting up Walmart, doing the lawn/edge (front and back), washed the car, applied stickers, ate out (Huge surprise, huh?), vac'd the house, laundry (machine does the work), dishes, tried out the new 40D under the watchful eye of Gloria, watched the Chargers lose (I predicted a blowout), and talked to some friends on-line.

I can't wait for Heather's first tournament on her new team. I'll get some pictures, but more than likely just of her and not an every game kind of thing.

Seemed like the weekend went by just sooo fast.

I'm so lucky

I can't believe how I started my day! I checked my e-mail and found out that I won the lottery several times, from all over the world, even Bill Gates will be presenting me with a check. See, I really don't need the money, because some anonymous friends always send me stock tips and of course they always are about to explode!!!

But, on a sad note, I found out that a long lost relative died in an accident in Africa somewhere. Mr. Boutomocambo assured me personally that I am the only known kin that will be receiving the 25 million USD (my kin had a mine of some kind), of course minus his "processing fee." I only need to send in my SSN, bank account number, and full contact information to his secretary. Sweet deal, huh?

Since I've been single, many women from all over the world have found me, and all I need to do is help them with some money (btw, I won the lottery) because for some reason all of them have a mom that needs emergency surgery of some sort. Oh, can't forget the plane fare they need to "be with the man of their dreams!"

I guess I'll be ready for when she visits because I know of an online pharmacy that can deliver at the lowest rates and can help me increase the size...of uh, you know. Plus, I'll be all muscular in only 5 minutes a day, twice a week with this "Muscle Cream," that's scientifically proven by some MD in Sweden.

Of course, I can buy us a new house for us with no money down, no job, no credit check, bad credit,it's all OKAY! I qualified for a mansion on a 75 year loan.

iPod NanoSo, here I'm sitting with my feet up in the air, and a sweet sounding girl tells me I just won an iPod Nano, cause I'm the one millionth visitor to their website. That's the one they are giving me to the left. Can't get any better than that!

Random Images

You've probably seen blogger's new Recent Uploaded Images feature that shows a slide show. Just be careful though because some stuff does come through! I have it in the corner of my screen and every now and then click to see who just uploaded "that picture." Try it out...

What do you think?

Danger Will Robinson

Lost in Space Robot I used to watch "Lost in Space" after school while doing my homework. The show was in re-runs but I still liked it especially the robot. My favorite episode was when the robot was tipped over and it grew huge and Will was able to go inside the robot like a building. Too bad it started to shrink on him later on.

While googling I stumbled across a company that actually sells full-size robot for a "mere" $25,000. Buy your own robot! As a kid, I wanted a model of the robot...but, that just wasn't gonna happen. No mula.

Lost in Space: The Jupitar 2Oh, I always had questions about the Jupiter 2. Notice the little stairs to go into the ship. Well, that ship from what I remember, had three stories, and room for a chariot the size of a Lincoln Navigator, a mess hall, sleeping quarters, engines, food, on and on. etc...Where did it all fit?

New RobotI just watched the Lost in Space movie that came out in 1998, one of the channels. The movie reviews weren't all that stellar, though, but I still saw it in the movie theater when it came out. I tried to find a clear image of the robot from the movie, but this was all I was able to find. If anyone finds one will you send it to me?

Heather likes, "Crush, Kill, Destroy." I don't think she's ever seen any of these movies. :) Someday she'll find out where it came from. YouTube Tribute

Why the post on this, you ask? Yesterday, someone at work asked me if I knew anything about an error message that popped up on a program that I wrote in 1997 (they are still using it). I asked what did the message say? I was told it said, "Danger, Will Robinson! Unexpected System Error. Engage life support systems IMMEDIATELY!" OMG. I never expected that it would actually ever appear, and this person looked up the error in my documentation. Of course they didn't find anything. :)

What TV Series do you most relate to your childhood?

Happy Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday! I called her from work this morning and then later in the evening, to see how her day had gone. My dad took her out and got her the tamales she had been craving. :)

She asked if I finally got my work computer taken care of then she surprised me by saying, "Maybe somebody filled it up with prOn - Someone with a major addiction."

I'm supposed to fly up to San Francisco and see my parents one of these weekends, but I don't know which. Even if it's not soon, she's just happy to hear from me on a regular basis.

Do you talk to your mom/dad regularly?

88 Mb Free

Sam with No PCI headed to SPAWAR (SPAY-WAR) to get my CAC this morning. The guy was surprised that I had all my paperwork in order, and it made it pretty quick. I get back to the office and activate my PC after someone verifies my identity to the guy on the phone. Then my PC is unlocked, but nothing is working since I noticed that the PC only had 88 mb free on the HD. I laughed to myself - what else could I do? Since the PC's are locked down tight, I called NMCI to open a "trouble ticket." They couldn't fix it remotely, so somebody is going to come to my desk and erase some stuff. Luckily I have my laptop. :)

Drink Water
There's my plain government issue phone. No caller id so all you'll get is the "Good Morning, this is Sam." :)

A half a gallon of water on my desk with a little yellow cup. Somebody Week Supply of Watergiving me a hint, huh?

I wander around the whole floor trying to figure out where this came from and lo and behold, I found the culprit.

Not only that but I found out who has all the cool candy dishes, and other goodies in their office.

PandisolI even found somone that brings in pandisol everyday with all the fixin's. A little dish for money is near the food for the contributions.

The lady said that I could get whatever I wanted, but I declined since I had just eaten lunch. I thanked her, and took a picture. She laughed as I went to the next cubicle.

Quitting TimeWhere you guys going?

Do you have a candy dish in your cubicle? If so, what do you have?


I finally got my badge today, although I had to go to another base (Sub Base) so I got a nice drive around Point Loma. I can't get my CAC (Common Access Card) so that I could log on to my computer without a base badge, they didn't say it had to be MY base :) The CAC has a smart chip on it that you insert into the keyboard, and it lets you log on, digitally encrypt/decrypt e-mail, use programs, etc... Don't walk out of your office without your card. :)

I have an appointment at SPAWAR tomorrow to get my CAC now that I have the two CURRENT government issued ID's so all should be well - About time!!!

The lunch lady had promised me that she would make nachos (carne asada, guacamole, jalapenos, etc...) for me today just the way I like them and she did! She asked why I wanted nachos and I answered, "Porque hace mucho que no como nachos." Someone else gave me a cup of strawberries for dessert :). At least part of my lunch was healthy, right?

A group of us are planning on going to either Karl Strauss, or somewhere in the Gaslamp for "Easy Hour," tomorrow. We have all day to think about it. Night...

Do you go out with your co-workers to happy hour?

Just Stuff

Sam's watch Time flies... Go to work, come home, do whatever you're supposed to do on "X" day, and then sleep and repeat cycle. Wait for weekend, and repeat weekend routine...

I've been in my new department for a week arriving at the most stressful time of the year, which is government year-end (Sept 30th) and people are coming in on weekends to close out fiscal year 2007. But, it really seems like a day for me and I'm not stressed not one bit.

Our all-star team party is on Sept 29th, the same weekend that Mariah has a tournament. Well, everyone will get their National Championship trophies and embroidered sweatshirts, but they'll enjoy just hanging out with friends the most. I bet there will be some tears since most the girls won't be playing together anymore after all these years, or maybe not. It will have been a month and a half since everyone was together as a group. It should be interesting.

Time flies...So you gonna do something about it? Or look back and say, "I wonder ... "

Early Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is 9/11. Although, nobody has said anything at work, I know they're going to do full ID checks, and maybe more guards. I don't personally think that anything will happen especially since it's not an important year like, 1,5,10 etc...It's the sixth year anniversary. So, I'm going in a little early tomorrow, and if all goes smooth, then I can take a longer lunch :) Wanna join me for lunch on the bay?

Chargers Beat Da Bears

Chargers beat Da Bears Did you watch the game? It was ... boring. A game full of errors, but the Chargers won, 14-3,
and in the end it doesn't matter except for the W/L/T. I predicted 27-20 Chargers before the game.

One of my friends is going to the concert tonight at Coor's. They want me to go up the hill and listen...I wonder if they could see me at the top of the hill (the running hill) if I sat up there?

Who's your favorite football team?

Wireless at McDonald's

Wireless at McDonald's I didn't plan on doing anything but went out and looked for some more work clothes. I wanted some THIN pinstripe shirts, but didn't find what I wanted so I didn't buy any. When I was on my way home, I decided that I wanted a caramel sundae from the McDonald's near my exit. As I drive up, I notice the sign that says that there is now a wireless hotspot in the restaurant. LOL

I got my sundae and sat down. I was listening to a group of people laughing at a "big" guy because he ordered a LARGE Big Mac value meal and then asked for the diet coke. They didn't understand why the diet coke. Isn't it obvious 540 (Big Mac) + 570 (Large Fries) + 440 (XL Drink) = 1680 calories. But, without the regular coke and having a diet coke instead it's 1240 calories. Simple math guys... The lesser of two evils.

Wireless at McDonald's - Good/Bad, Who cares?

No Plans This Weekend

Naval Station On our way home, we stopped off at the Navy Exchange down at 32nd Street. Somehow I knew that they wouldn't have what they needed but that's the downside of carpooling (doing side stuff after work).

We talked and I think that we're just gonna do the FREE gym (MUSSELS) at work afterwards. I can't believe that the gym is right next to the elevators, seriously. We can then run around my house later on in the day, because she's just not gonna change - That's just the way it is.

My sister called and wanted to know why I wasn't out or doing something this Friday night and I mentioned that I just didn't feel like doing it's my solitude time. :)

What are you doing this weekend?

A Great Excuse

It really is compilingOne of my friends e-mailed this to me and asked if I had ever used this "excuse." I laughed because it's NOT AN EXCUSE. It's a reason! :)

Some of my programs take 30 minutes, to "build" and link all the stuff that needs to be packaged to create an install. What are we computer guys supposed to do while this is happening? :)

Oh, and when the hourglass is doing it's thing and you think that it's calculating/doing stuff while the hard disk light is flickering off and on's not! We just do that to mess with you! muahahha :)

You better be hiding your candy dish, cause I'm gonna make the rounds, especially if I know you have some reece's :)

What kind of "excuses" do you have?

My Vornado

Sam's Fan - Don't touch! A couple of the women have come into my area and introduced themselves, but I think that they had their eye on my vornado! You see, everyone here has a "blizzard" on their desk and I chose something different at Bed Bath and Beyond - used my 20% off coupon. At least I know exactly where to go hunting if it's missing. :) Hmmmm, I wonder if they have lojack for that?

I got the clip version because it seemed more convenient to just clip and rotate then to have it sitting on something.

I like it.

Do you have a fan or heater in your space?

Can't Be Late Already!

I have fired my running partner! Two days in a row, and she hits the "dismiss" button on her cell phone. I'm up and ready to go. She's just not a morning person and it's also her turn to pick me up. Well, I drive regardless of who's car it is while she does the girly make-up thing on the way, anyway.

It's 6:40 a.m. and she's not at my house. What's up with that? She finally shows up at 7:00 a.m. and I'm about to get into the passenger side when she says, "You're not gonna drive?" We switch, and I head off with three women in the car.

Maybe this isn't a good idea. I tell her that I'm breaking up with her and she just stares at me. The girls in the back look at us. You can break-up with a friend, you know! everyone laughed. Just then, I get a text message that made my day: "Good Morning Sunshine :)" As you will learn, simple things keep me happy. A second later, she asked who it was. I responded that it was a friend that knows what's on my mind as of late.

Are you a morning or night person?

New Season

We had our first softball league board meeting for the 2008 season which doesn't start until Feb 16th, but we have to start planning now. It's Heather's final season, before she moves onto High School Volleyball, and Softball. We have a lot of new members but not to the league. Many of us are leaving so it's kind of preparing for the changing of the guard sort of speak. It was very productive for the first meeting, finalizing all the dates, fees and things we want to accomplish...

After I ate my carne asada burrito at Lolita's down by the golf course, I stopped off at Heather's and helped her with Spanish homework, how could I resist when she says, "Daddy, will you help me 'con mi Español?. I never "give" her the answer or tell her what to put down, but make her think out the answer.

She's on her day 3 of her 365 photo project...She's doing well :)

I'm a Morning Person

at 5:15 a.m.

Her: Sam...
Me: Yes?
Her: I just woke up...I'm sorry.
Me: I figured. hehehe. See you when you get here.
Her: We can run tomorrow morning?
Me: Uhhh Huuuuh. :)
Her: See you soon.
Me: k.

I predicted three days before the first call, but on day two? LOL. We might have to change the exercise schedule to after work. And yesterday morning went pretty well despite only have three hours of sleep.

Wife Beaters

Sam in his wife beater I got home and was about to jump in the shower and took a picture of myself wearing my wife beater. I've always worn them under my dress shirts instead of the full t-shirts since they don't get me as hot.

I used my little fan at work today...nice and cool! :)

Anyone out there wear "wife beaters?"
un-timed, Day 22

Can You Read This?

When you're IMing people, do you go back and correct every mistake you make in spelling, transpositions, and grammer? Do you point out the error on the next line with an asterick? Do you assume the person can't figure it out? Just an observation, but see how fast you can read the next paragraph.

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt

Were you able to read and understand it?

Wanna Play Chess?

Chess Set I'm taking my chess board to work so that I can play someone at lunch. No tournament match, just some speed chess.

I remember when I was five and I got my first chess set. A plastic set that my dad had given me for Christmas. He taught me the rules and we played our first game. I got slaughtered and I remember just having my king wandering around the board until I was cornered and checkmated.

I remember saying, "Again!" and the same result. We played about four or five more games that day, and got soundly defeated each time. Not just that day but for the next few weeks. Eventually my dad didn't want to play.

Fast forward to I'm 13. One day, I bring out the chess board...."Wanna play?" My dad smiles and says, "sure." I wasn't into the capturing every piece tactic. Early on my dad knew that I had improved since we last played. I won easily and then he immediately wanted a re-match. Same result. "Ok, 3 out of 5?" My dad lost that final game also.

The next day, I got home from school and a man was in our house and the chess board set up and ready to go. My dad brought in a guy to play me. I was scared and felt ambushed, especially when he wanted to play for $100 - I declined since all I had was $32 and I wasn't about to give it to him. The guy was very good, and kicked my butt. He asked if I wanted to play again, and I said, "I know when I don't stand a chance..." The guy told me that I was good and not to be discouraged since he was a highly rated player. I thanked him for the game and went into my room.

My dad and I never played chess again...

Do you play chess?

New Department

Sam Getting Badged!I arrived early so that I could get all my stuff in order, but to no avail. Since this was a new contract, I had to re-do all my stuff like a "new hire." That means getting a new badge, new phone number, new everything. I spent practically the whole day just getting this signed or that signed and taking training classes such as "information security, "prevention of sexual harrassment," "phishing attacks," "security clearances, " etc...
They looked me up again in their national background check databases and voila....I was there, surprise, surprise! This made things easier, but looks like I might have to upgrade mine. A seven year background check upgrade - joy!

My Bay ViewI got a window with a view to the bay, and the weird thing is that I have a photo of the bay that I took several years ago, little did I know that I would actually have that view from my window! This is photo from my window taken with my cellphone, but I'll post the "real" camera photo later.

It was very hot today, I'm glad that one of the ladies, loaned me a fan, since the A/C just happened to be broken today. I ended up using my 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon on a vornado for work. :)

Heather had a great day at school (First Day of 8th), and got to see all her friends. She mentioned that she likes her teachers too so that's a plus. I really like her new haircut that she just got, it's really cute! I can't believe that in three months she'll be a teenager...

The saga continues...Park 6:20 p.m. About an hour.
Day 21


It was 9:13 a.m. and I received a call that I wasn't expecting. I was asked if I could meet them somewhere. I suggested a spot but we ended up at a mutually agreed upon location instead. They actually beat me there and I was surprised when I parked my car to see them already sitting on a bench.

I already knew what the nature of the meeting was so I was prepared, but still wanted to see how things would play out. It was already hot so we moved under a tree with barely enough shade for the both of us. Overall it was a pleasant talk and all I can say is that I hope things work out the way that they want them to.

Lack of Geography Knowledge

In the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant, the following was asked of Ms. South Carolina...

The Question:
Recent polls have shown that a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?

The Answer:
"I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because uh some people out there in our nation don't have maps. And ... uh, I believe that our education, like such as in South Africa and the Iraq, everywhere, like, such as ... and I believe that they should ...Our education over here in the US should help the US ... or, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries ... so we will be able to build up our future... for our [children]." - Miss South Carolina.

I'd wonder how we would react with a microphone shoved in our face answering a random question. Here's the actual video:

Finished Yard Work

No more weeds! My friend came over and did the side while I cleaned the exterior, and adjusted the sprinklers. Since the grass was wet, I didn't mow - oh darn! Every now and then I had to accidentally spray the hose on someone :) I don't they they really minded since it was pretty hot. Later, we hit up a little Mexican food place and then just vegged out. That's it!

Hope your holiday weekend is more eventful :)

Seemed Really hot

Fixing the SprinklerToday was finish up stuff outside day, and it sure seemed hot. I started with replacing the sprinkler head. For some reason I had to really pry that sucker out. You can clearly see the lawn mower marks on the broken head, and I looked over to see where my neighbor was to make sure he wasn't going to turn on his sprinklers. :) I have one more replacement, let's see how long before I need to use it.

About an hour later....he decides to mow.
un-timed, Day 19