First Rain

It rains a little and there's an accident on the freeway, and the "real" rain isn't supposed to show up until going home time or tomorrow. I'm leaving way earlier tomorrow.

To the girl in the blue mini cooper (on the I5) that plowed into the F250. Did you really think you had a chance? :)

Do you have drivers in your area that don't know how to handle "the weather?"


Mary Anne said...

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight - it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Obviously, you have never heard of this phrase before, Sam. lol.

Sam said...

Girl! I have tooooo. Her car got all squished and his truck looked like it had a grocery car go into it. Tonight I'll post a picture that best exemplifies that saying...It's from someone else's blog, but it made me laugh.

JYankee said...

oh yeah..ALL the time. Well you Californians can't drive in there...nyaah nyaah nyaahh

Kendra said...

oh gosh, yes i totally remember california being like that. one little rain causes accidents like that from a blizzard on the east coast! ;)