Wireless at McDonald's

Wireless at McDonald's I didn't plan on doing anything but went out and looked for some more work clothes. I wanted some THIN pinstripe shirts, but didn't find what I wanted so I didn't buy any. When I was on my way home, I decided that I wanted a caramel sundae from the McDonald's near my exit. As I drive up, I notice the sign that says that there is now a wireless hotspot in the restaurant. LOL

I got my sundae and sat down. I was listening to a group of people laughing at a "big" guy because he ordered a LARGE Big Mac value meal and then asked for the diet coke. They didn't understand why the diet coke. Isn't it obvious 540 (Big Mac) + 570 (Large Fries) + 440 (XL Drink) = 1680 calories. But, without the regular coke and having a diet coke instead it's 1240 calories. Simple math guys... The lesser of two evils.

Wireless at McDonald's - Good/Bad, Who cares?


Lynn said...

haha, I still get my wireless from starbucks :=)

Arlene said...

The diet coke with a supersized meal hurts me. Seriously.
I think everywhere should have wireless! That means, no matter where I am, I can have NET!!!!!