Chargers Get Spanked

I watched the game at home, but was picking on my friend while on-line. She was already mad that I kept saying that they'd get blown out before the game started. After each score, she'd say there is still time left...Uh huh, for it to get worse!

Did anyone see the Raider -v- Bronco game? It just made me think how the OT rule needs to be changed. I'm offering a suggestion: Give the other offense an opportunity to try to score. If one team scores a TD/FG in 5 plays, then the other team must do the same or better, or lose! In a case of them tying, you just keep going until the quarter is over.

If after five quarters, you're get that 1 in the T column in regular season. This may not be the perfect solution but it's definitely better than the who wins the coin toss method they have now.

What do you think would work for OT?

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Arlene said...

I love picking on people for liking teams :-) I enjoy watching it, but I don't really have a fav team...