My Vornado

Sam's Fan - Don't touch! A couple of the women have come into my area and introduced themselves, but I think that they had their eye on my vornado! You see, everyone here has a "blizzard" on their desk and I chose something different at Bed Bath and Beyond - used my 20% off coupon. At least I know exactly where to go hunting if it's missing. :) Hmmmm, I wonder if they have lojack for that?

I got the clip version because it seemed more convenient to just clip and rotate then to have it sitting on something.

I like it.

Do you have a fan or heater in your space?


JYankee said...

definitely we have a fans a/c's ...the works

Lynn said...

I'm gonna steal your fan when you are not lookin :=)

Arlene said...

I have a fan that I stole from my boss. I'm guessing at some point she's going to want it back though ;-)
And the girls, yeah, they're after you hun, not the fan!