New Season

We had our first softball league board meeting for the 2008 season which doesn't start until Feb 16th, but we have to start planning now. It's Heather's final season, before she moves onto High School Volleyball, and Softball. We have a lot of new members but not to the league. Many of us are leaving so it's kind of preparing for the changing of the guard sort of speak. It was very productive for the first meeting, finalizing all the dates, fees and things we want to accomplish...

After I ate my carne asada burrito at Lolita's down by the golf course, I stopped off at Heather's and helped her with Spanish homework, how could I resist when she says, "Daddy, will you help me 'con mi EspaƱol?. I never "give" her the answer or tell her what to put down, but make her think out the answer.

She's on her day 3 of her 365 photo project...She's doing well :)

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