88 Mb Free

Sam with No PCI headed to SPAWAR (SPAY-WAR) to get my CAC this morning. The guy was surprised that I had all my paperwork in order, and it made it pretty quick. I get back to the office and activate my PC after someone verifies my identity to the guy on the phone. Then my PC is unlocked, but nothing is working since I noticed that the PC only had 88 mb free on the HD. I laughed to myself - what else could I do? Since the PC's are locked down tight, I called NMCI to open a "trouble ticket." They couldn't fix it remotely, so somebody is going to come to my desk and erase some stuff. Luckily I have my laptop. :)

Drink Water
There's my plain government issue phone. No caller id so all you'll get is the "Good Morning, this is Sam." :)

A half a gallon of water on my desk with a little yellow cup. Somebody Week Supply of Watergiving me a hint, huh?

I wander around the whole floor trying to figure out where this came from and lo and behold, I found the culprit.

Not only that but I found out who has all the cool candy dishes, and other goodies in their office.

PandisolI even found somone that brings in pandisol everyday with all the fixin's. A little dish for money is near the food for the contributions.

The lady said that I could get whatever I wanted, but I declined since I had just eaten lunch. I thanked her, and took a picture. She laughed as I went to the next cubicle.

Quitting TimeWhere you guys going?

Do you have a candy dish in your cubicle? If so, what do you have?


MB said...

I have a candy jar full of chocolate stuff and lollipops. Yummy!!!

Kate said...

Not on MY desk! That would make me fat! I wander around and eat off every one ELSE'S desk

Anonymous said...

oooh sam, i have more than just a candy dish at my desk... HA HA HA

Sam said...

mb: I need to visit your desk!

Kate: I guess walking to everyone's cubicle IS exercise :)

jyankee: Like what? Come on!

Arlene said...

Great picture!
I keep candy hanging outside my cube for others to eat...little candy bars. Its safe because I don't like them :-)

Sam said...

Thanks! :) I'm stopping by and gonna take all your candy bars :)