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Again, up at 5:00 a.m. or so. I went downstairs on turned on the TV. Nothing much on except infomercials :) Can't wait for the stuff to start arriving. :) No, I didn't buy anything.

I did end up getting my haircut, hitting up Walmart, doing the lawn/edge (front and back), washed the car, applied stickers, ate out (Huge surprise, huh?), vac'd the house, laundry (machine does the work), dishes, tried out the new 40D under the watchful eye of Gloria, watched the Chargers lose (I predicted a blowout), and talked to some friends on-line.

I can't wait for Heather's first tournament on her new team. I'll get some pictures, but more than likely just of her and not an every game kind of thing.

Seemed like the weekend went by just sooo fast.

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