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Sam's watch Time flies... Go to work, come home, do whatever you're supposed to do on "X" day, and then sleep and repeat cycle. Wait for weekend, and repeat weekend routine...

I've been in my new department for a week arriving at the most stressful time of the year, which is government year-end (Sept 30th) and people are coming in on weekends to close out fiscal year 2007. But, it really seems like a day for me and I'm not stressed not one bit.

Our all-star team party is on Sept 29th, the same weekend that Mariah has a tournament. Well, everyone will get their National Championship trophies and embroidered sweatshirts, but they'll enjoy just hanging out with friends the most. I bet there will be some tears since most the girls won't be playing together anymore after all these years, or maybe not. It will have been a month and a half since everyone was together as a group. It should be interesting.

Time flies...So you gonna do something about it? Or look back and say, "I wonder ... "

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