Wanna Play Chess?

Chess Set I'm taking my chess board to work so that I can play someone at lunch. No tournament match, just some speed chess.

I remember when I was five and I got my first chess set. A plastic set that my dad had given me for Christmas. He taught me the rules and we played our first game. I got slaughtered and I remember just having my king wandering around the board until I was cornered and checkmated.

I remember saying, "Again!" and the same result. We played about four or five more games that day, and got soundly defeated each time. Not just that day but for the next few weeks. Eventually my dad didn't want to play.

Fast forward to I'm 13. One day, I bring out the chess board...."Wanna play?" My dad smiles and says, "sure." I wasn't into the capturing every piece tactic. Early on my dad knew that I had improved since we last played. I won easily and then he immediately wanted a re-match. Same result. "Ok, 3 out of 5?" My dad lost that final game also.

The next day, I got home from school and a man was in our house and the chess board set up and ready to go. My dad brought in a guy to play me. I was scared and felt ambushed, especially when he wanted to play for $100 - I declined since all I had was $32 and I wasn't about to give it to him. The guy was very good, and kicked my butt. He asked if I wanted to play again, and I said, "I know when I don't stand a chance..." The guy told me that I was good and not to be discouraged since he was a highly rated player. I thanked him for the game and went into my room.

My dad and I never played chess again...

Do you play chess?

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Jean Pierre Chevrier said...

Yes ( France )