Lunchroom Madness

It seemed like a huge party today in the lunchroom. Evidently it was a huge birthday party Filipino style! It looked like a Thankgiving Feast in there. The birthday girl grabbed my hand and pulled me into the lunchroom and "forced" me to dig in. At first I felt awkward since I'm the new guy in the area, but they made me feel welcome real quick...I'm stuffed and I swear they want to fatten me up. It doesn't help that my work area is RIGHT NEXT to the lunchroom. :)

Imagine what the party will be like for the end of year Sept 30th. Watch out!


Arlene said...

That's our year end too, and we're already starting the festivities! We had ice cream today :-) Yum!

Sam said...

We had several cakes but no ice cream. That was a surprise.