There is one little section of grass that wasn't getting water and it was because the sprinkler was being covered by the neighbors creeping plant. I have a good relationship with my neighbors so I pop my head over the fence, and say:

me: Hey XXX...Do you mind if I trim back some of your plant over there [I point] about 5 inches so that the sprinkler can reach the grass?
her: That is okay. How are you? [random neighbor talk]
me: Thanks...

Today, I get home from work and see that she removed 95% of the plant and left the part that was covering the sprinkler! LOL. So now there's just dirt to replace her plants.

You have any interesting neighbor issues?


Kendra said...

oh my gosh, that is awesome! why in the world would she do that? are you sure that you have a good relationship with her?

the last place i lived, the roommates did not get along with the neighbors. it was always an on going fued that was just awesome!

Sam said...

I thought so. She's always trying to feed me. :) But now I have two new neighbors since the houses in front of me sold.

deafknee said...

poor plant!