A Great Excuse

It really is compilingOne of my friends e-mailed this to me and asked if I had ever used this "excuse." I laughed because it's NOT AN EXCUSE. It's a reason! :)

Some of my programs take 30 minutes, to "build" and link all the stuff that needs to be packaged to create an install. What are we computer guys supposed to do while this is happening? :)

Oh, and when the hourglass is doing it's thing and you think that it's calculating/doing stuff while the hard disk light is flickering off and on violently...it's not! We just do that to mess with you! muahahha :)

You better be hiding your candy dish, cause I'm gonna make the rounds, especially if I know you have some reece's :)

What kind of "excuses" do you have?


Lynn said...

That my computer is acting up or my e-mail being broken

Dr_COMPUTER said...

Hmm ... "Compiling" is a VERY GOOD excuse, I liked it

I like to put all the blame on my computer and its hard desk.

"Give me an hour!!! My computer is a slow machine" my excuse! ;p