Alone on a Hill

Sam following the lights I was out and about last night, and got home about 10:00 p.m. I noticed these spot lights shining from Coors Amphitheatre.
I remembered that it was the street scene and had an idea. Normally they have street scene downtown San Diego, so this was new for me.

I parked my car, got my camera, tripod, and walked over. I was wearing black so I don't think anyone saw me. I took this shot before I went on the BIG HILL. I tried taking some pictures of the venue from the hill but the spotlights were just too bright. I vegged out on the top of the hill and clearly heard the music. :) I thought it was fun...

What was the last concert you went to?


Arlene said...

You didn't say who the music was??
I love concerts! And music in general :-)
My last concert was Leann Rimes...loved it!!

MB said...

I went to Rascal Flatts a couple of weeks ago. It was GREAT! :)