I finally got my badge today, although I had to go to another base (Sub Base) so I got a nice drive around Point Loma. I can't get my CAC (Common Access Card) so that I could log on to my computer without a base badge, they didn't say it had to be MY base :) The CAC has a smart chip on it that you insert into the keyboard, and it lets you log on, digitally encrypt/decrypt e-mail, use programs, etc... Don't walk out of your office without your card. :)

I have an appointment at SPAWAR tomorrow to get my CAC now that I have the two CURRENT government issued ID's so all should be well - About time!!!

The lunch lady had promised me that she would make nachos (carne asada, guacamole, jalapenos, etc...) for me today just the way I like them and she did! She asked why I wanted nachos and I answered, "Porque hace mucho que no como nachos." Someone else gave me a cup of strawberries for dessert :). At least part of my lunch was healthy, right?

A group of us are planning on going to either Karl Strauss, or somewhere in the Gaslamp for "Easy Hour," tomorrow. We have all day to think about it. Night...

Do you go out with your co-workers to happy hour?