I'm driving to work and I always see the car pool violators on 94 W on the on-ramp. Well, today, they had a surprise waiting for them. A CHP was waiting at the very end next to the light. He was physically standing at the light looking in people's cars. He pulled over a red car...and had his ticket book ready.

You ever go in the car pool lane when you aren't supposed to?


Irene said...

It must be the cold medicine I am on. In Chicago we don't have HOV lanes and when you said 94W I was thinking that you were referring to the 94W in IL.

Sam said...

Irene: That would be a long drive for me all the way to IL everyday :)

Arlene said...

I'll use it to pass sometimes, but I typically stay out of it unless I have the right number of people with me. I mean, really, I get plenty of tickets as it is!