New Department

Sam Getting Badged!I arrived early so that I could get all my stuff in order, but to no avail. Since this was a new contract, I had to re-do all my stuff like a "new hire." That means getting a new badge, new phone number, new everything. I spent practically the whole day just getting this signed or that signed and taking training classes such as "information security, "prevention of sexual harrassment," "phishing attacks," "security clearances, " etc...
They looked me up again in their national background check databases and voila....I was there, surprise, surprise! This made things easier, but looks like I might have to upgrade mine. A seven year background check upgrade - joy!

My Bay ViewI got a window with a view to the bay, and the weird thing is that I have a photo of the bay that I took several years ago, little did I know that I would actually have that view from my window! This is photo from my window taken with my cellphone, but I'll post the "real" camera photo later.

It was very hot today, I'm glad that one of the ladies, loaned me a fan, since the A/C just happened to be broken today. I ended up using my 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon on a vornado for work. :)

Heather had a great day at school (First Day of 8th), and got to see all her friends. She mentioned that she likes her teachers too so that's a plus. I really like her new haircut that she just got, it's really cute! I can't believe that in three months she'll be a teenager...

The saga continues...Park 6:20 p.m. About an hour.
Day 21

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