Texting Bus Driver Crashes

It is against the law to text while driving in California but people still do it anyway.  This bus driver from San Antonio was caught on video texting and getting into a traffic accident on the freeway.

Do you text while driving?

The Swine Flu

Are you concerned about all the coverage on the swine flu? I've seen reports of people buying up masks and hand sanitizers.  I think that people are going to flood the emergency rooms soon at the slightest sign of the flu just to be safe.

Will the standard measures: washing your hands, covering your mouth if you cough, and practicing standard hygiene, work in this situation?

Quick, Quick...what company makes Tamiflu?  Not that anyone would try to profit off this.

The Chase

I know what I'm having for dinner!

Air Force One Low Flying Stunt Goes Bad

Fom the  AP Story 
Why the Defense Department wanted to do a photo op right around the site of the World Trade Center catastrophe defies the imagination," Bloomberg said. "Poor judgment would be a nice ways to phrase it. ... Had I known about it, I would have called them right away and asked them not to."

Would you have authorized this?

Chat With Strangers

I heard about site that allows you to chat with strangers. The purpose is:
Omegle is a brand-new service for meeting new friends. When you use Omegle, we pick another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like.
There is a  New York Times article about it so I tried it out.  The site randomly picks one of the 2400 anonymous people that were online at the time and asks you to say, "Hi."  I went through several chats and found out that that it is exactly what you would expect from a random anonymous chat.

At least it makes it much easier to disconnect from the chat since your name is: "Stranger."  You don't have to worry about going invisible or blocking anyone.  This might be good for a post secret type of thing if you need to get something off your chest but that's about it.

What does this mean to you?

Is anyone even surprised by any of this? Imagine what it truly means when your kid says, "I'm bored!"

Fart Loading

I went to Wings N Things for lunch and noticed that the place was packed with many people standing even though there was a seat by the window!  How lucky of me, so I took a seat after ordering.  After a few seconds, I look up and see a big guy sitting in front of me and then notice what his shirt says, "Fart Now Loading..."  Now I know why nobody wanted this seat.

Should I have moved?  Luckily, nothing was in the air!

Instant Tan

"Honey, the bottle says, 'natural looking tan.  Nobody can tell the difference!' Whatcha think?"

Have you ever used a "bronzer?"

Huge Rat Attacks Park

How would you react to the huge rat?

Optical Illusion

Tell me what image you see on the left.  Don't answer too quickly as you might miss something! :)

I haven't done one of these in a long time and my daughter likes these so don't be surprised if you see more on here.

thepiratebay.org crew found guilty!

All those in the torrent scene were waiting to see what the verdict would be in the thepiratebay trial.  Although polls by those that use torrents overwhelmingly thought they would be found not guilty, they were found guilty in Sweden.  Of course nothing really earth shattering happened and here's the press release from the pirate bay.

The four:  Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and Carl Lundstrom were sentenced to a year in jail and to pay about 3.6 million USD.  The huge media companies celebrated a big win since this service has almost 4 million users.  A never-ending cat and mouse game between the media giants and file-sharing community.

Note that the pirate bay doesn't have any copyrighted material but downloading a file from the site allows those using p2p to get the desired copyrighted material.

The case will be appealed, and this will drag on.  You can still get to http://thepiratebay.org/.

... is too long a word. Try using a shorter word.


I was trying to see how many entries there were for 1 followed by a bunch of zeros by using google.com. That number you see above is 1 zero short of the max before you get the error: "... is too long a word. Try using a shorter word."

There are now 51 people with that number indexed. Yes, I'm the 51st. See what I resort to when I'm bored?

Ashton Kutcher versus CNN

In the blue corner we have Ashton Kutcher, and in the red corner we have CNN. Who will be the first to get 1 million followers?  I thought so, you don't care either!  :)

I think that Ashton has a good chance for being a single entity and not a giant media company but I guess the internet is a great equalizer, right?

Do you have a twitter account?

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Did you hear about Susan Boyle? She's a 47 year old that hadn't been given the chance to be a singing star so she went on the TV show in Britain, Britains Got Talent with that Simon guy from American Idol.

She's never been kissed and self-proclaimed ugly duckling. The reaction from the audience before she starts singing is "Ewwwww." But just watch what happens after she starts singing! Check out her performance here (YouTube) The song is: "I dreamed a dream", from Les Miserables.

Tell me what you think.

How to File for an Extension

IRS LogoThe April 15th filing deadline surprised you this year and you're wondering how to file an extension.  What to do?  You can go to the IRS website and download form 4868 (Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) and mail it in.  That's it.

There are several e-file methods that you can use and most will let you do the 1040 basic stuff for free but charge you to send in your state forms.  All require you set up an account and fill out the basic information.  Information easily transfers to other forms including the extension.  You'll get a confirmation that your filing was sent and you should go back to the site you used to e-file and confirm that the IRS accepted it.

If you're in the state of California then you can get an automatic extension until Oct 15th, 2009 to send in your forms.

If you owe money, then you better pay by April 15th, because you're still required to pay up regardless of the extension.  I'm not a tax professional so don't blame me because you waited to the last minute!

Easter Eggs

I can't really remember going on an Easter Egg hunt but this year, I helped fill some eggs for the kids.  Somehow a few sports eggs managed to sneak into the basket!  Can you spot them?

My girlfriend used this photo as her phone wallpaper.  :)  Are you or did you go to an Easter Egg event this year?

Out of Bounds Photography

I stumbled across this website, Out of Bounds.  If you like photography and photoshop then you'd appreciate how cool this is.

I have enough photoshop skills to do this so I'll have to round up a photo and try it for myself.

What do you think of the gallery?

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

If anyone has taken this class, the one thing that you'll always remember is: "SELL THE CAR!"  I wonder how much this poor guy will get for his?  Or maybe he's driving this so that in 50 years by the time he's retiring he'll have 12.5 million dollars. $x.xxx invested at 12% compound interest for 50 years.  You'll have to take the class to see what I'm talking about!  :)

Do you drive a car you can't really afford to impress your friends or keep up with the Jones'?